Bia Mesquita Signs With First-Round Management For MMA Debut

Bia Mesquita Signs With First-Round Management For MMA Debut

Be ready to get thrilling news from the world of martial arts! Beatriz Mesquita, the queen of grappling, has just signed a super exciting contract with First Round Management to debut in MMA.

For those who are less familiar with her achievements, Beatriz Mesquita is a force to be reckoned with in the BJJ grappling arena. She has an astounding 10 IBJJF world championship titles under her black belt, she is among the top female competitors of BJJ. In fact, she holds the record for the most world championship wins among female champions of her weight class.

Bia Mesquita is always ready to dominate the grappling circuit through her remarkable performance on the national and international levels. Apart from her remarkable and brilliant record in the BJJ Gi tournaments, she also has an excellent record of having 5 No-Gi championships and one ADCC title.

After setting an undeniable record in the grappling world, Beatriz Mesquita is now all set to embark on a new journey in the world of mixed martial arts with the aim of maintaining her legacy. And what better way to kickstart her MMA career than by signing with First Round Management, an organization that is renowned for providing sponsorship and marketing services to some of the biggest names in the MMA sport.

The news of Beatriz Mesquita's signing with First Round Management has sent shockwaves and curiosity through the martial arts world, with fans and fellow athletes eagerly anticipating her MMA debut. There is no doubt that Bia Mesquita's unparalleled grappling skills and determination, are poised to make a boom in the MMA world, just as she has done in the grappling world.

Photo Credit: @biamesquitajj

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