Bianca Basilio - Fearless Young Star of BJJ

Bianca Basilio - Fearless Young Star of BJJ

1. Bianca Basilio Details

Given Name Bianca Barbosa Basílio
Nickname   Bia Basílio
Born São Paulo, Brazil
Current Residence Franca, Brazil
Date of Birth Feb 2, 1996
Nationality Brazilian
Last Fight March 9, 2022 in BCF
Weight Class  Featherweight
Weight 58kg
Height 5'3"
Reach 66.0"
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
Fighting out of Bahrain, Brazil
Foundational style Brazilian Jiu-Jisu
FavoriteTechnique  Well-Rounded
Pro MMA Record 1-0-0 (W-L-D)
Rank   Black Belt
Awarded By Caio Almeida
Head Coach Caio Almeida
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Carlos Gracie Jr -> Ryan Gracie -> Gabriel Vella -> Caio Almeida -> Bianca Basílio
Team/Association Almeida & Team Bahrain

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2. Bianca Basilio Biography

2.1 Who is Bianca Basilio?

Biance Basilio was born on Feb 2, 1996 in the state of Franca Brazil. Her parents relocated to the other state of Itaquera in Sao Paulo. She received her initial education there and developed interest in martial arts. Bianca started learning gymnastics around 2004 and continued practicing for three years. Bianca joined the kids-jiu-jitsu training in 2008 when Diango Almeida started kids jiu-jitsu class. Bianca was 12 years old when she started training jiu-jitsu under Diago and received an orange belt. After receiving the belt she started training under the legendary Caio Almeida, who is a co-founder of Almeida Jiu jitsu Academy. Bianca explained:

“At first this was always my father’s dream, I remember that we stayed up until dawn waiting to watch the main UFC fights because we didn’t have cable TV to watch all the fights. My father always wanted to be a fighter but life took him to another path in his youth and so he put all his energy into encouraging my brother and me. We started a Jiu Jitsu social project aimed at children in the community with Professor Diogo Almeida and after a few months we won a scholarship at the Almeida Jiu Jitsu academy to train with his brother Caio Almeida who formed us into black belts. My father always considered the possibility that I was migrating to MMA but before I didn’t feel it was the moment”.

2.2. Early Life and Amature Fights

Bianca Basilio was young when her family moved and settled in Itaquera. In her teenage years she started fighting and training with boys in the streets. Basilio started practicing BJJ at the age of 11. Her father encouraged Bianca and her brother Raul to put energy into martial arts. While achieving reverence in jiu-jitsu, Basilio considered switching to Mixed Martial Arts. Basilio said once that she used to stay up until dawn to watch UFC fights with her father. Furthermore, she added that her father wanted to be a martial art fighter but life chose another path for him.This encouraged Biance and her brother to practice martial arts.

She won her first world title at the age of 15 in 2011 as a blue belt juvenile division. At this stage she has developed a strong urge of becoming a professional athlete of jiu jitsu. Basilio has proved herself as an elite competitor in Brazilian Jiu jitsu but she is down to earth and a humble person and a role model for female practitioners of martial arts. She is a multiple time World Champion in Colored belts. Considered as the most devoted fighter in Almeida's team. After consecutive wins in the world championship grappling competitions, Basilio was awarded a Black Belt by her coach Caio Almeida in 2016.

Basilio’s favorite quote is given below:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

2.3. Training under coach

Basilio trained under Caio Almeida, who is one of the best instructors of jiu jitsu. Basilio was given the rank of black belt under Caio Almeida. Basilio performed well in the high level grappling events of BJJ like Pan American, South American, and European jiu-jitsu championships. Caio Almeida started his program with his brother to develop highly competitive fighters, Bianca Basilio in one of those fighters. Almeida is known as the Co-Founder of the Almeida jiu jitsu academy, one of the biggest grappling stables in the Brazilian states of Sao Paulo.

2.4. Seminar at Level Up BJJ

On September 7, 2018 Bianca Basilio hosted the seminar of level up Brazilian jiu-jitsu at west Los Angeles. However, the Level Up BJJ seminar was very exciting, beneficial and Basilio showed her tremendous techniques with professional athletic upbringing in the martial art world.

2.5. Pro BJJ Career

After practicing gymnastics for a few years, she started learning BJJ. In June 2022, Basilio became the 2022 World Jiu Jitsu Champion by winning against Amanda Canuto by advantages 0-0, 3-0. In 2019, Basilio won the gold in ADCC submission fighting World Championship, the most prestigious tournament in this combat sport.

2.6. Pro MMA Career (1-0-0)

During the training, Basilio admitted that there was a yearning for practicing MMA and the challenge of mixed martial arts. Basilio stated that her father wanted to consider the possibility of shifting towards MMA but I didn’t feel like joining because at that time I was establishing my career in jiu-jitsu. In the pandemic period, Basilio weighed up her father's decision and switched to MMA in 2021.

In 2022 Basilio fought in the amateur MMA category after transitioning from the BJJ. She joined the IMMAF Super Cup. Basilio applied grappling techniques with precision and secured her first and historic MMA victory against Shohona in the opening round by Armbar. Furthermore, team Bahrain won the MMA Super Cup Championship after defeating the Ireland team in the final. Basilio established a winning career from the start in MMA. Bianca said:

“I rethought many things about my personal life and career. In a meeting at my father’s house where we were talking about MMA, I decided that same day that I would start training to compete and I started boxing training with Leo Moraes in January 2021. I started training mma with professor Udi Lima, former professional wrestler. Today, this is already part of me and I want to keep training to evolve and become a complete fighter just like I am in Jiu Jitsu”. 

Opponent Vanure Event Result Weight Method Time
Shohona Ghozoeva Khalifa Sports City Arena MMA Super Cup Quarter-Finals  Win 135 lbs Armbar 1:03

2.7. Bianca Basilio’s Instructorship

Currently, Basilio is working as a full-time coach at the Almeida Jiu-Jitsu Academy. She is training young athletes the art of jiu-jitsu and promoting them to the ranks.

3. Historic Fights of Bianca Basilio

3.1. Bianca Basilio vs Amanda Canuto IBJJF World Championship 2022

Amanda Monteiro Canuto is a multiple times IBJJF World Champion and a highly skilled black belt fighter. This bout was held in the World Championship Finals of the featherweight category. Both fighters seemed very cautious for initiating the first move and Amenda knew that Bianca had a strong stand up game. Bianca dodged Amenda’s attempt to grab her legs and both fighters caught in head to head position while carefully calculating their next moves. At the end of the first round both fighters were given one point of penalty for the passive game.

In the starting minutes of the second round, Amenda unsuccessfully tried to grab the legs of Amenda. Basilio suddenly changed the level of her position and adopted a mixture of wrestling and judo style of up and down moving posture. Both were in head to head standing position, Amenda tried to imbalance the leg of Basilio but failed. Right when Amenda’s second attempt for the leg, Basilio pulled her left shoulder and used her left food to put the Amenda face down on the mat. Swiftly she transitioned into a back mount position and then side control while stretching the left arm of Amenda from under the right armpit. But Amenda managed to defend herself and went into full guard position. But Bianca was awarded three points for this flurry.

With a jump, Amenda went into a closed guard position with Bianca on top. In the last three minutes, both fighters showcased elite grappling skills at a high speed. Bianca remained dominant and Amenda’s efforts to gain an advantageous position were made futile by the acrobatic and impressive balance of Bianca. In the last minute Bianca was given one more penalty point but the time ended and Binca Basilio became the 2022 IBJJF black Belt featherweight Champion by points.

3.2. Ffion Davies vs Bianca Basilio

Ffion is a British black belt fighter. Both fighters started intense grappling from the start of the first round. Bianca remained on the ground in half guard position while controlling and defending against Davies. She tried to pull Bia up but she was clinched with the leg of Davies.

Third minute of the bout was ending and the score board remained the same as before the fight. Both fighters were in a 50/40 guard position. Suddenly Bianca transitioned from the down guard and applied an ankle lock on the right foot of Davies and she submitted. She won the semi final and secured her place in the finals.

3.3. Ana Schmit vs Bianca Basilio World Championship 2019

Both fighters have never won the World Championship before. Schmit were runner up in the final of 2018. They have faced each other before in many tournaments. Everybody knew that this match was going to become a highly anticipated showcase of BJJ skills from both sides. The bout started and Basilio went into leg guard position and put her left foot under the armpit of Schmit. She was looking for her deadly ankle lock which she applied earlier in the Semi Finals to defeat british black belt Ffion Davies. Both fighters were issued three penalties by the third minute of the fight. There was no room left for any mistake or carelessness.

Bianca tried to clinch Schmit by a flying guard but in vain. Both fighters have 2 points on board. Bianca stood up with shcmit in closed guard position and they were back on the ground. Bianca tried to control the hip joint of Schmitt by stack pass. Cao Almeida was also there on the ground hoping to see the win of Bianca Basilio. In the last minute of the fight Bianca was awarded the advantage point that evens the score. But Ana Schmitt was awarded the victory anonymously. Bianca made some mistakes in the match and later improved her techniques and won the World Championship in 2022.

4. Bianca Basilio Accomplishment and Championships

4.1. Main Achievements Medals

ADCC World Championship

Year Medal
2019 Gold

IBJJF Pan Championship

Year Medal
2017 Gold
2018 Gold
2021 Gold

CBJJ Brazilian Nationals

Year Medal
2018 Gold
2019 Gold
2021 Gold
2022 Gold

CBJJ South American Championship

Year Medal
2017 Gold

AJB Abu Dhabi Pro Championship

Year Medal
2018 Gold
2019 Gold
2021 Gold

AJP Grand Salam, ABD

Year Medal
2019 Gold

IBJJF World Championship

Year Medal
2019 Silver
2021 Silver
2023 Gold

4.2. Bianca Basilio’s Main Achievements

IBJJF Pan Championship

Year Weight Class
2017,2018 58Kg
2021 ABS

ADCC World Championship

Year Weight Class
2019 60kg

CBJJ Brazilian National Champion

Year Weight Class
2019,2021,2022,2023 Light Feather Weight
2018 64kg

AJB Abu Dhabi Pro Champion

Year Weight Class
2018 62 Kg
2019 62 Kg
2021 55 Kg

4.3. Main Achievement (Belts)

Years Events Medal Belt
2012 IBJJF Juvenile World Championship Gold Blue
2013 IBJJF Juvenile World Championship Gold Blue
2013 IBJJF Juvenile Brazilian Nationals Gold Blue
2013 IBJJF Juvenile Pan Championship Gold Blue
2014 Place IBJJF São Paulo Open Gold Purple
2014 CBJJ South American Championship (2014 Gold Purple
2014 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Gold Purple
2014 IBJJF World Championship Gold Purple
2015 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Gold Purple
2015 IBJJF Pan Championship Gold Purple
2015 IBJJF European Open Gold Purple
2015 IBJJF World Championship Gold Purple
2016 IBJJF São Paulo Open Gold Brown
2016 IBJJF São Paulo BJJ Pro Gold Brown
2016 CBJJ South American Championship Gold Brown
2016 CBJJ South American Championship Gold Brown
2016 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Gold Brown
2016 IBJJF Pan Championship Gold Brown
2016 IBJJF World Championship Gold Brown
2017 CBJJ South American Championship Gold Brown
2014 IBJJF São Paulo Open Silver Purple
2015 IBJJF Brazilian Nationals Silver Purple
2015 IBJJF Pan Championship Silver Purple
2015 AJP Abu Dhabi Pro Silver Brown
2016 AJP Abu Dhabi Pro Silver Black
2014 CBJJ South American Championship Bronze Purple
2014 IBJJF Pan Championship Bronze Purple
2014 IBJJF World Championship Bronze Purple
2016 IBJJF Brazilian Nationals Bronze Brown

4.4. Bianca Basilio’s Recent Wins

Year Events Location Medal Weight Class
2022  World Champion California Gold 58.5 KG
2021 World Champion California Silver 58.5 KG
2021  Pan American Championship Florida Gold 58.5 KG
2021 Pan American Championship Florida Bronze Open
2021  Abu Dhabi World Pro UAE Gold 64 KG
2019 World Champion California Silver 58.5 KG
2019  Pan American Championship California Bronze 58.5 KG
2019 Pan American Championship California Bronze Open
2019  Abu Dhabi World Pro UAE Gold 64 KG
2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam UAE Gold 64 KG
2018  Pan American Championship California Bronze 58.5 KG
2018 Pan American Championship California Silver Open
2018  Abu Dhabi World Pro UAE Gold 64 KG
2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Brazil Gold 64 KG
2017  Pan American Championship California Gold 58.5 KG

5. Bianca Basilio Professional Record Breakdown

5.1. Grappling Record

Grappling Record Breakdown
143 Matches Wins: 105 Losses: 38
By Advantages 8 4
By Submission 59 10
By Decision 5 5
By Points 29 15
By OT 0 1
By DQ 4 3

5.2. Submission Record

Grappling Submission Record
Submission Method 59 Win 10 Loss
Cross Face 1 0
Botinha 0 1
Triangle 2 0
Triangle Armbar 0 1
Choke 1 2
Toe Hold 7 0
Advantage 0 0
Choke from Back 7 1
Submission 4 0
RNC 0 2
Mir Armlock 1 0
Straight Ankle Lock 14 0
Kimura 7 0
Bow and Arrow 2 0
Scissor Choke 1 0
Loop Choke 1 0
Body Triangle 1 0
Armbar 7 2
Ezekiel 1 0
Short Choke 2 1

5.3. MMA Record (1-0-0)

Year Opponent Method Event W/L Location
2022 Shohona Ghozoeva Armbar MMA Super Cup  Win Bahrain

6. Bianca Basilio Fight History

Year Opponent W/L Competition Method Stage Weight
2022  Amanda Monteiro W World Champ. Pts: 0x0, Adv F 58KG
2022 Eduarda Lima W Brasileiro DQ SF 58KG
2022  Gabriela Fechter W World Champ. Body triangle SF 58KG
2022 Renata Paschoal W Brasileiro Kimura F 58KG
2021  A. Yanes W World Pro Pts: 1x0 RR 55KG
2021 Alexa Yanes W World Pro Pts: 11x1 RPC 55KG
2021  Alexa Yanes W World Champ. Toe hold 4F 58KG
2021 Amal Amjahid W World Pro Pts: 2x0 RR 55KG
2021  Amal Amjahid W World Pro Pts: 3x0 4F 55KG
2021 Anna Rodrigues W World Pro Referee Decision RR 55KG
2021  Anna Rodrigues L World Pro Pts: 4x3 SF 55KG
2021 Ariadne Oliveira W WP BR Qualifier Straight ankle lock F 55KG
2021  Beatriz Mesquita L Queen Of Mats Referee Decision SF 62KG
2021 Brenda Larissa W Queen Of Mats Pts: 10x0 3RD 62KG
2021  Duda Tozoni W Queen Of Mats Armbar RR 62KG
2021 Dulce Rosenthal W Big Deal Pro 3 Choke from back SPF N/A
2021  Dyna Sena W Brasileiro DQ SF 58KG
2021 Elisabeth Clay W Pan American Pts: 5x0 4F ABS
2021  Gabi McComb W Pan American Straight ankle lock F 58KG
2021 Gabriela Fechter W BJJ Stars Pts: 8x0 SPF 55KG
2021  Gabrieli Pessanha L Rio Open Choke from back SF ABS
2021 Gabrieli Pessanha L World Champ. Pts: 4x2 4F ABS
2021  Gabrielle McComb L World Champ. Pts: 2x0 F 58KG
2021 Jessica Caroline W Rio Open Triangle 4F ABS
2021  Larissa Campos W World Champ. Toe hold SF 58KG
2021 Leticia Yuka W BRA Qualifiers Pts: 1x1 RR 55KG
2021  Liisi Vaht W World Pro Armbar RR 55KG
2021 Liisi Vaht W World Pro Armbar 3RD 55KG
2021  Nathalie Ribeiro L Queen Of Mats Pts: 5x1 RR 62KG
2021 Sophia Flores W Pan American Kimura SF 58KG
2021  Swanny Batista W Brasileiro Scissor choke F 58KG
2021 Thaunay Correa W Rio Open Armbar F 58KG
2021  Victoria Ulrich W Fenajitsu Triangle SPF N/A
2021 Victoria Ulrich W Fenajitsu Kimura SPF N/A
2021  Yara Soares L Pan American Referee Decision SF ABS
2020 Amanda Monteiro W Grand Slam RJ Pts: 1x0 F 55KG
2020  Amanda Monteiro L South American Botinha F 55KG
2020 Anna Rodrigues L BJJ Stars Pts: 0x0, Adv SPF N/A
2020  Ericka Almeida W Curitiba SO Straight ankle lock F ABS
2020 Gabriela Fechter W Grand Slam RJ Pts: 1x0 SF 55KG
2020  Gabriela Fechter W South American Pts: 0x0, Adv SF 55KG
2020 Larissa Campos L European Open Triangle armbar SF 58KG
2020  Larissa Campos L European Open DQ 4F ABS
2020 Maggie Grindatti W European Open Straight ankle lock R1 ABS
2020  Mikaele Damaceno W Grand Slam RJ Pts: 7x0 4F 55KG
2020 Silvania Monteiro W Curitiba SO Kimura F 58KG
2019  A. Rodrigues W World Pro Pts: 2x0 RR 62KG
2019 Amal Amjahid W World Pro Pts: 4x2 RR 62KG
2019  Amanda Alequin W Pan American Straight ankle lock R1 ABS
2019 Amanda Monteiro L Las Vegas Open Pts: 0x0, Adv F 58KG
2019  Ana Schmitt L World Champ. Referee Decision F 58KG
2019 Ana Schmitt W BJJ Stars Straight ankle lock SPF 58KG
2019  Charlotte Baumgarten L European Open Pts: 2x0 F 64KG
2019 Christine Martin W Grand Slam LDN Straight ankle lock 4F 62KG
2019  Christine McDonagh W European Open Choke from back SF 64KG
2019 Dayane Bazzoni W Grand Slam AD Bow and arrow F 62KG
2019  Elsa Dromart W Las Vegas Open N/A SF 58KG
2019 Elvira Karpinnen W ADCC Pts: 2x0 SF 60KG
2019  Fernanda Mazzelli W Vitoria Open Pts: 2x0 F ABS
2019 Ffion Davies L Grand Slam LDN Pts: 8x0 SF 62KG
2019  Ffion Davies W World Champ. Straight ankle lock SF 58KG
2019 Ffion Davies W ADCC Toe hold F 60KG
2019  Gabrielle McComb L Pan American Pts: 2x0 SF 64KG
2019 Hope Douglass W Grand Slam AD Toe hold SF 62KG
2019  Katjusa Horman W World Pro Kimura RR 62KG
2019 Livia Giles W ADCC Cross face 4F 60KG
2019  Luciane Silva W Brasileiro Toe hold F 64KG
2019 Luciane Silva W Grand Slam RJ Pts: 0x0, Adv R1 62KG
2019  Luiza Monteiro W Grand Slam RJ Straight ankle lock F 62KG
2019 Lunna Veira W Grand Slam LDN Toe hold R1 62KG
2019  Lysandra Sousa W Grand Slam RJ Pts: 5x0 4F 62KG
2019 Líbia Christal W Brasileiro Submission SF 64KG
2019  Michelle Nicolini W BJJ Stars Points SPF 58KG
2019 Nathiely Jesus L European Open Pts: 2x0 SF ABS
2019  Nathiely Jesus L Pan American Choke SF ABS
2019 Rose Sharouni W World Pro Kimura RR 62KG
2019  Ruthe Caten W Grand Slam RJ Straight ankle lock SF 62KG
2019 Thalia Vaughn W World Champ. Straight ankle lock 4F 58KG
2018  Amal Amjahid W Queen of Mats Pts: 0x0, Adv 3RD 62KG
2018 Amanda Monteiro L European Open Pts: 2x0 F 58KG
2018  Ana Schmitt W Brasileiro Pts: 0x0, Adv F 58KG
2018 Anna Rodrigues L Queen of Mats Referee Decision RR 62KG
2018  Beatriz Mesquita L WP Br Qualifier Armbar RR 62KG
2018 Beatriz Mesquita L EBI 16 EBI/OT F 61KG
2018  Catherine Perret W Grand Slam LA Pts: 4x0 3RD 62KG
2018 Emilia Tuukanen W European Open Choke from back SF 58KG
2018  F. Davies W World Pro Referee Decision F 62KG
2018 Gabrielle McComb L Grand Slam LA Pts: 0x0, Adv SF 62KG
2018  Georgina Staley W Grand Slam LA Pts: 6x2 RPC 62KG
2018 Jessica Swanson L Vitoria Open DQ F 69KG
2018  Julia Maele W World Pro Pts: 2x0 4F 62KG
2018 Juliana Simoes W Vitoria Open Choke from back SF 69KG
2018  Juliana Simoes W Vitoria Open Choke from back F ABS
2018 Karen Antunes L Pan American Armbar SF 58KG
2018  Kayla Patterson W EBI 16 Toe hold R1 61KG
2018 Kristin Mikkelson W Pan American Pts: 0x0, Adv 4F 58KG
2018  Larissa Paes W World Pro Pts: 15x8 SF 62KG
2018 Luciane Silva W Brasileiro Submission SF 58KG
2018  Luiza Monteiro W WP Br Qualifier Straight ankle lock RR 62KG
2018 Luiza Monteiro L Queen of Mats Short choke SF 62KG
2018  Mayssa Bastos W Queen of Mats Pts: 2x0 RR 62KG
2018 Michele Oliveira W Grand Slam RJ Referee Decision F 62KG
2018  Myriam Zitouni W World Pro Ezekiel R1 62KG
2018 Nadia Melo W WP Br Qualifier Pts: 4x0 RR 62KG
2018  Nathalie Ribeiro L World Champ. Pts: 6x2 4F 58KG
2018 Nathiely Jesus W Pan American DQ SF ABS
2018  Nikki Sullivan W EBI 16 Armbar SF 61KG
2018 Renata Melo W Grand Slam RJ Choke 4F 62KG
2018  Ruthe Cathen W Grand Slam RJ Submission SF 62KG
2018 Sophia Nordeno W EBI 16 Mir armlock 4F 61KG
2017  Ana Schmitt W Pan American Pts: 2x0 SF 58KG
2017 Ana Schmitt L World Champ. Pts: 2x2, Adv 4F 58KG
2017  Ana Soares W Brasileiro Choke from back 4F 64KG
2017 Andressa Souza W SP BJJ Pro Loop choke F 58KG
2017  Anidete Ferreira W Brasilia Open Submission SF ABS
2017 Beatriz Mesquita L Brasileiro Pts: 8x5 F 64KG
2017  Beatriz Mesquita L Grand Slam RJ Pts: 6x0 RR 62KG
2017 Bianca Mesquita L ADCC RNC F 60KG
2017  Claudia Doval L World Champ. Choke 8F ABS
2017 Claudia Doval L Brasilia Open DQ F ABS
2017  E. Karppinen W ADCC Referee Decision SF 60KG
2017 Emilie Thylin W Pan American Pts: 5x0 F 58KG
2017  Jackeline Rodrigues W South American Armbar SF ABS
2017 Juliana Maira W Grand Slam RJ Straight ankle lock RR 62KG
2017  Luciane Santos W South American Bow and arrow F 64KG
2017 Natasha Quiza W Brasileiro Points SF 64KG
2017  Talita Alencar W ADCC Referee Decision 4F 60KG
2017 Tayane Porfirio L Pan American Pts: 11x0 4F ABS
2017  Tayane Porfirio L Brasileiro Points 4F ABS

7. Video Links

Bianca Basilio v Thauany Xavier

Bianca Basilio v Elisabeth Clay / Pan Championship 2021

Baleias Breakdown: The Basilio "Botinha"

Pan Championship 2021

Brazilian National 2017

Photo Credit: @biabasiliojj

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