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Amanda Nunes - UFC Lioness & Number 1 Ranked Women’s P-For-P Fighter

Amanda Nunes - UFC Lioness & Number 1 Ranked Women’s P-For-P Fighter

Table of Contents

1. Amanda Nunes’ Details

Amanda Nunes’ Details
Name Amanda Lourenco Nunes
Pro MMA Record 22-5-0
Nickname The Lioness
Born Pojuca, Bahia, Brazil
Date of Birth 30 May 1988
Age 34 Years
Nationality Brazilian
College/University N/A
Last Fight UFC 277 2022
Last Weigh In UFC Bantamweight
Stance Orthodox
Weight Class Bantamweight / Featherweight
Weight 61 Kg (134.5 lbs)
Height 5’8’’
Reach 69
Rank BJJ Black Belt
BJJ Head Coach Daniel Valverde
BJJ Belt Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Reyson Gracie -> Osvaldo Alves -> Daniel Valverde -> Amanda Nunes
Career Disclosed Earning Approximately $4 Million
Fighting out of Miami, Florida
Foundational Style Mixed Martial Arts, Sambo
Current MMA Coach Balbino Junior
Teams Team Carvalho (2003 - 2012)
AMA Fight Club (2010 - 2012)
MMA Masters (2012 - 2014)
American Top Team (2014 - 2022)

2. Amanda Nunes’ Biography

Amanda Nunes’ Biography

Amanda Nunes is the UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. She is a 2-time UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist. She is one of the top female mixed martial artists of all time. She is the first-ever woman to become a 2-time UFC Champion. She did not only win the UFC titles but also defended and retained them till this day.

2.1. Amanda Nunes’ Early Life

Amanda Nunes was born on 30 May 1988 in Pojuca, Bahia in Brazil.

2.2. Inspired By Her Mother

Amanda Nunes was the youngest child having 2 older sisters. She is the daughter of Ivete and Sindoval Nunes. When she was 4 years old, her parents split up. She then lived with her mother, Ivete. Her mother was a tough woman as she raised her daughters well while earning a living for them. She sold hot dogs and beauty products as a part-time job while being a school administrative assistant.

Amanda watched her mother working hard almost her whole life. Her mother is behind the stealth and determination that Amanda has.

 "I was afraid of her. I was scared to death. My mother was always a tough person, very strict, she just looked at me and I was already freezing. I had and still have a great deal of respect for her".
(Amanda Nunes)

Amanda’s mother is the driving force behind Amanda’s athletic performance. She was the one who wanted Amanda to enter sports and then later on started grappling and then transitioned to Mix Martial Arts.

2.3. Amanda Nunes At Soccer and Other Sports

Amanda’s mother was clearly aware of her daughter’s energy so she encouraged her to get involved in sports. Amanda’s father was not so supportive of her participating in various sports. But it was her mother who supported her from day one.

Amanda was an active capoeira player when she was only 5 years old. When Amanda turned 7, she started practicing karate.

Amanda wanted to become a professional soccer player. She competed in the local Pojuca team and then the Salvador soccer team. In high school, she even got the chance to fight for the Vitoria football club but she did not avail the chance. It was because Amanda’s mother wanted her to focus on her studies as soccer was taking much of her time. Amanda being an obedient child, did what her mother wanted and pursued her studies.

2.4. Married Life

Married Life

Amanda Nunes is the first bold lesbian UFC Champion. Her spouse is the former UFC Fighter, Nina Nunes. Nina Nunes was the former UFC Women’s Flyweight fighter. They have a beautiful daughter, Raegan Ann Nunes.

Married Life

3. Amanda Nunes BJJ Career

3.1. Started BJJ

At the age of 16, upon Amanda’s sister's request to visit a BJJ gym, Amanda started training in BJJ in 2004. It was also because of her mother, as Amanda had seen her mother boxing.

“My mother used to box, and I followed her footsteps into training. She loves fighting. My uncle used to fight Vale Tudo, and my mother even cornered him in some of his fights. She always says, ‘the first strike has to be yours. She can’t touch you before you touch her. You have to intimidate her’”.
(Amanda Nunes)

3.2. Trained in Judo and Boxing

Along with BJJ, Amanda started training in Judo and boxing. She instantly became a better fighter. Being a female fighter, she defeated male fighters during training.

3.3. Trained at the Edson Carvalho Academy

Only a year after Amanda’s BJJ training, in 2005, she moved to train at the Edson Carvalho Academy in Salvador. There she trained under Ricardo Carvalho. Along with BJJ, she started training in judo at the Edson Carvalho academy.

3.4. Resided in the BJJ Gym

In Salvador, she lived with her sister. But as her apartment was far away from the gym, Ricardo Carvalho offered her a place in the gym. Amanda quickly accepted the offer. She then started living in the gym and helped with the gym chores.

“I slept on the mat. I woke up at about 4:30 am to clean the whole gym with the coach. There were some other athletes who lived in the gym as well, but there was only me as a woman. We woke up very early to leave the gym clean for the first jiu-jitsu class, which started at 6 am. I used to live there, so why not help the coach? That is also a part of a fighter's life. Today, when I look back, I think it was very worthwhile to go through all of this. I really liked living at the gym, because it was facing Porto da Barra, facing the sea, so I trained, took a shower, went for a walk on the shore, and stayed there. It was perfect for me”.
(Amanda Nunes)

3.5. How Amanda Nunes Got Her Nickname?

There were other fighters who lived in the gym but apparently, Amanda was the only woman who lived in the gym. Edson Carvalho academy had 2 lions in its logo, Amanda was called “Leoa”, a lioness in Portuguese. She was the only woman who lived there and defeated every man in the training sessions. And that’s how the lioness became famous. It was also because of her fierce game. Like in her hometown, Amanda remained the female fighter who dominated even men during the sessions.

3.6. Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship

In 2008, Amanda started competing in BJJ. She won the gold medal at the Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship while being a Blue Belt.

3.7. IBJJF World Championship

Next year, in 2009, Amanda competed in the IBJJF World Championship as a Purple Belt. She won a Gold medal.

3.8. North American Grappling Association (NAGA)

In 2012, Amanda became the World Champion of NAGA in the absolute and lightweight divisions.

3.9. Black Belt in BJJ

Amanda Nunes is currently a Black Belt in BJJ and holds a Brown Belt in Judo. She was promoted to Black Belt by Daniel Valverde.

4. Amanda Nunes’ MMA Career

Amanda started her MMA training during her BJJ career. She trained in MMA at Edson Carvalho Academy. She then moved to New Jersey and trained at the AMA Fight Club. After some time she moved to Miami and trained at the MMA Masters.

4.1. Professional MMA Debut

Amanda made her professional MMA debut at the Prime MMA Championship 2 on 8 March 2008. She competed against Ana Maria and lost the fight by an Armbar submission in just 35 seconds in the first round. It was Amanda’s first appearance as an MMA fighter.

4.2. Won 5 Consecutive Fights

After her first MMA loss, something in Amanda just triggered and she trained even harder than before. After one month, she again appeared in an MMA fight and won the fight against Paty Barbosa via TKO Corner Stoppage. After that, she won the next 4 fights. It was her consecutive 5-fights winning streak. She won the fights either via punches or corner stoppage.

Amanda’s boxing game was too strong for any fighter to tolerate. She is not only a tremendous grappler but an all-rounder when it comes to fighting. Her punches are so deadly that fighters can’t stand them.

Her whole life, Amanda had seen her mother struggling for the better future for Amanda and her sisters. And that is where Amanda got her inspiration to become a warrior.

4.3. Amanda Nunes’ Strikeforce Career

Amanda made her Strikeforce debut in 2011. She competed against Julia Budd and won via knockout in only 14 seconds in the first round. Amanda was set to compete with Julie Kedzie at the Strike force: Overeem vs. Werdum in June 2011. Unfortunately, Amanda suffered a foot injury so the fight was canceled.

After a few months, Amanda competed against Alexis Davis at Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov. Amanda lost the fight via TKO punches in the second round. In the first round, Amanda dominated the fight. Her chances of victory were way too high. In the second round, Amanda became a little tired due to the application of deadly and forceful punches in the first round. Alexis saw the opportunity and struck Amanda. Amanda initiated a takedown but Alexis quickly reversed the whole situation and took the dominant position. She then landed strikes on Amanda and won the fight.

At the Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Healy, Amanda signed to fight against Cat Zingano. But unfortunately, the fight got canceled as Gilbert Melendez suffered from an injury so he couldn’t fight against Pat Healy.

4.4. Amanda Nunes’ Invicta FC Career

The first fight Amanda had at Invicta FC 2: Baszler vs. McMann was with Milana Dudieva. The fight got canceled because of Milana's illness. Amanda was then to fight with Leslie Smith. Smith suffered from an injury so she pulled out of the match. Amanda Nunes then fought against Raquel Pa’aluhi in 2012. Amanda submitted Raquel via a Rear Naked Choke in the first round.

In January 2013, Amanda had another fight at Invicta FC. She faced Sarah D’Alelio and lost the fight via unanimous decision.

5. Amanda Nunes and the Ultimate Fighting Championship

After having an amazing Strikeforce and Invicta FC career, Amanda Nunes went into the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

5.1. Amanda Nunes’ UFC Debut

Her first UFC debut fight was with Sheila Gaff at UFC 163. The fight was scheduled on 3 August 2013. Amanda won the fight via TKO Punches in the first round. After Amanda’s first victory, she became an MMA icon. Her unique fighting style made her one of the best MMA fighters. This fight symbolized Amanda Nunes' struggles in becoming such an avid fighter.

The spectrum of victories did not overwhelm her, rather it was the emblem of her upcoming successful UFC career.

5.2. UFC Fight Night 31

The same year, 2013, Amanda returned to UFC to fight against Germaine de Randamie. At UFC Fight Night 31, Amanda won the fight via TKO punches only in the first round. It was impossible to defeat Amanda as her rigorous training had made her the strongest fighter.

She had clung to a sentence that her mother had said a long time ago, that she just be the first to strike her opponents. She was so keen on winning that she struck her opponent before her opponent hit her. She definitely had her mother’s boxing skills in her which was evident in her fights.

5.3. The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale

At the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale, Amanda competed against Shayna Baszler but was named the injury replacement for Shayna Baszler against Sarah Kaufman. Amanda left the match with a thumb dislocation.

5.4. UFC 178

At UFC 178, Amanda competed against Cat Zingano in September 2014. Amanda dominated the first round but got exhausted in the second round. Later in the third round, Cat won the fight via TKO punches.

5.5. UFC Fight Night 62

On 21 March 2015, Amanda Nunes competed against Shayna Baszler at UFC Fight Night 62. It was the most anticipated match after Amanda’s thumb dislocation in the Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale. Amanda won the fight via TKO punches in the first round.

5.6. UFC Fight Night 73

At UFC Fight Night 73, Amanda fought against Sara McMann on 8 August 2015. Amanda submitted Sara via a Rear Naked Choke in the first round. It was Amanda’s punches that knocked down Sara which led to her submission.

5.7. UFC 196

In March 2016, at UFC 196 Amanda Nunes defeated Valentino Shevchenko via a unanimous decision.

6. UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion

In July 2016, Amanda was scheduled to compete at UFC 200. It was Amanda’s first title fight after her 3 consecutive UFC win streak. She was scheduled to fight against Miesha Tate. Amanda submitted Miesha via a Rear Naked Choke before busting Miesha out with her punches.

Miesha Tate is an American mixed martial artist. She is the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Amanda Nunes was the challenger for Tate’s UFC Bantamweight Champion title.

The fight looked like Amanda was fully aware of Tate’s fighting style. She escaped Tate’s punches and bewildered Tate with her kick. Tate took Amanda down but Amanda easily escaped it. At one point Tate held Amanda’s leg, Amanda escaped it and replied with a sharp punch.

Tate tried to punch back but Amanda had already unleashed herself on Tate. Amanda was so determined to win the championship title that she eventually won the fight by submitting Tate to a Rear Naked Choke. That night Amanda became the UFC Bantamweight Champion.

Amanda Nunes was previously famous for being lesbian. After her victory, she became the first lesbian UFC Champion. Amanda won the “Performance of the Night” award.

6.1. Bantamweight 1st Title Defense

For Amanda’s first title defense, she competed against Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey is an American MMA fighter and Armbar Queen of UFC. She is the former UFC Bantamweight Champion. This was the most anticipated fight. Amanda won the fight in just one round via TKO punches. She completely knocked out Ronda. For defeating such a bigger opponent, Amanda received the “Performance of the Night” award.

6.2. Bantamweight 2nd Title Defense

For the second title defense, Amanda had to fight against Valentina Shevchenko on 8 July 2017. But before the defense title fight, Amanda competed against Valentina at UFC 196 and won the fight by unanimous decision. Amanda suffered from severe sinusitis and was hospitalized on the morning of the defense title fight. The fight then got canceled.

Amanda Nunes then competed against Valentina Shevchenko on 9 September at UFC 215. The fight was an intense one. Amanda won the fight via a split decision.

6.3. Bantamweight 3rd Title Defense

On 12 May 2018, Amanda fought against Raquel Pennington at UFC 224. Amanda won the fight via TKO elbows and punches. During the fight, she cornered Raquel in the octagon and knocked Raquel with punches. It was the third time that Amanda Nunes defended her Bantamweight Champion title.

6.4. 4th Bantamweight Title Defense

For her 4th Bantamweight title defense, Amanda fought against Holly Holm on 6 July 2018 at UFC 232. It was after Amanda became UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. She defeated Holly with head kicks. She defended her Bantamweight title and also won the “Performance of the Night”.

6.5. 5th Bantamweight Title Defense

Amanda fought against Germaine de Randamie to defend her bantamweight Champion title for the 5th time. She won the fight by unanimous decision. Amanda has the most fight-win rate as she kept on defending her UFC championship titles.

7. UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion

On 29 December 2018, Amanda Nunes became UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. She fought against Cris Cyborg and won the fight in just 51 seconds of the first round. Amanda became the first woman to hold UFC Championships belts in different weight categories. She even won the “Performance of the Night” award.

Cris Cyborg is the former UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. In UFC 232, Amanda Nunes was the challenger for the UFC Featherweight title. Cyborg has an MMA record of 21-2-0.

Being a UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion, Cyborg was a strong fighter. Later on, she punched Amanda so hard that she was shaken for a moment. Amanda then took down Cyborg and knee-butted her. Amanda punched Cyborg’s head and this was the moment when Amanda won the fight. Her next punches just cemented her victory.

Cyborg’s punches did not stop Amanda, rather she became more determined to win the fight and landed punches at Cyborg. Cyborg went to her knees due to the blows. Amanda took the stance and won the fight via KO punches.

Upon being asked what Amanda Nunes felt after becoming double champion, UFC Women’s Bantamweight and UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion, she answered “Incredible”.

7.1. UFC 250

Amanda was scheduled to compete against Felicia Spencer in May 2020. But the president of UFC, Dana White, himself postponed the fight. The fight, later on, was rescheduled in June 2020. At UFC 259, Amanda won the fight against Felicia via unanimous decision.

7.2. Featherweight Title Defense

In March 2021, Amanda fought against Megan Anderson to defend her Featherweight title. This was a rescheduled fight. It was postponed earlier because of Amanda’s injury. Amanda defended her Featherweight title by submitting Megan with a Triangle Armbar in the first round.

7.3. Lost UFC Bantamweight Champion Title

It was the 6th time that Amanda had to defend her Bantamweight Champion title. Her fight was against Julianna Pena at UFC 265. Unfortunately, Amanda suffered from Covid-19 because of which the fight was canceled.

The fight was conducted again at UFC 269 on 11 December 2021. Amanda was way too dominant in the first round and it looked like she was going to retain her champion title. But she became exhausted in the first round which gave Julianna the opportunity to strike Amanda hard. Julianna then submitted Amanda via a Rear Naked Choke. Amanda Nunes lost her Bantamweight Champion title and it made her really upset.

7.4. Suffered from Knee Injury

After losing her Bantamweight Champion title, Amanda revealed that she suffered from knee injuries because of which she lost the fight with Julianna Pena. She fought against Julianna despite the injuries because that is what Amanda is. Nothing can make her stop once she has decided. Due to Covid-19, Amanda had lost much of her immunity and strength. Still, she practiced and fought Julianna.

"I always want to put in my head, ‘It's OK. I can do this. Fighters are like that, we want to go through whatever to step in that cage. The first fight fell through after I got COVID, and then I went through a couple of issues. I wasn't able to show up to the gym every day at 100 percent, but I didn't want to let that fight go again."
(Amanda Nunes)

7.5. Coach For The Ultimate Fighter 30

Amanda Nunes and Julianna Pena had an immense UFC record which is why both fighters were selected as coaches for The Ultimate Fighter 30. Women heavyweight and flyweight champions were highlighted at the event.

7.6. Regained Her UFC Bantamweight Champion Title

Amanda Nunes was so ready for this match. She had great respect for Julianna but she said that Julianna is not better than herself. Amanda had fought many historic UFC fighters which is why she was so confident in herself.

At UFC 277, Julianna appeared to defend her Bantamweight Champion title while Amanda was there to regain her champion title. The fight between Amanda and Julianna was a long one. It was a five-round fight and eventually, Amanda won via unanimous decision. It was the first time in the history of UFC that a fighter became a double champion two times. Amanda Nunes won the “Fan Bonus of the Night” and was paid in Bitcoin.

Amanda Nunes was so ready for this fight. She lost her UFC Bantamweight Championship to Julianna and now she was once again here to regain her championship belt. The start of the fight was quite overwhelming. Amanda landed punches on Julianna that shocked her and after Amanda’s knee-butting Julianna was shaken to her core.

In the second round, Amanda hit Julianna hard and the grueling fight turned Julianna bloodied. The ground dominant strategy of Amanda is what made her win the fight. She regained her championship title. And now Amanda Nunes is UFC Women’s Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion.

7.7. UFC’S No.1 P-For-P Fighter

Amanda Nunes is UFC’s number 1 ranked round for pound fighter. Being UFC’s Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion, Amanda Nunes is on top of the charts.

8. Amanda Nunes’ Historic Fights

8.1. Amanda Nunes Vs. Julia Budd

Female MMA Fighters   Julia Budd vs Amanda Nunes

Julia Budd is an American Kickboxer. She was the first Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion. Amanda Nunes and Julia Budd competed in the Strikeforce Challengers: Woodley vs. Saffiedine. Julia is famous for her submission attempts. She constructs her opponent using the submission technique and then holds the position at the end of the round. Julia Budd has an MMA record of 16-5-0.

The fight between Amanda and Julia was one of the most amazing finishes of Amanda. The fight started and Amanda was the first one to attack. She always attacks her opponent in the first place. She intimidates her opponent and gains the top position with only her deadly punches.

Amanda within seconds knocked Julia to the ground and defeated her with her savage punches. Amanda won the fight in the first round in just 14 seconds. Amanda just unleashed herself on Julia and won the fight.

8.2. Amanda Nunes Vs. Sara McMann

Amanda Nunes vs Sara McMann UFC Fight Night FULL FIGHT CHAMPIONS

Amanda Nunes and Sara McMann competed in the UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Saint Preux. Sara is an American MMA fighter. She competes in Bellator MMA. She even competed in Olympic wrestling and won a Silver medal.

As always Amanda hit Sara with her savage punches but Sara was well aware of Amanda’s hits, so she managed to escape them. Sara tried to take Amanda down, but Amanda was firm in her position and openly resisted the fall. Later on, Amanda hit Sara and Sara could not take the blow. She dropped to the ground and Amanda took advantage of the situation.

Amanda landed her fierce punches on Sara. Amanda took the back mount position and then submitted Sara via a Rear Naked Choke. Amanda won the fight within three minutes of the first round.

This is what Amanda’s game is. She does not give any time to his opponent. She seeks the advantage position and goes for it. She finishes her fight in just the first round. She does not drag her fights. Rather she finishes them asap.

8.3. Amanda Nunes Vs. Ronda Rousey

Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey UFC 207 FULL FIGHT NIGHT

Ronda Rousey is an American wrestler. She is not just a name, rather she is a living legend. She is even called the best female MMA fighter on the planet. She owns an MMA record of 12-2-0. Only 2 champions are responsible for her defeat. One is Holly Holms and the other is the UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion, Amanda Nunes. Fyi, Amanda Nunes also defeated Holly Holms, which means Amanda is also a living legend.

It was a really important fight for Amanda. It was her first title defense fight after becoming the UFC Bantamweight Champion. The fight took the hype when it came to public knowledge that the fight is between former UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and Current UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes. Ronda Rousey, known for her Armbar, and Amanda Nunes, famous for her knockouts, were the most lethal combination for the spectators.

Amanda defended herself from Ronda’s kicks and pinned to the octagon with her punches. Amanda stunned and stupefied Ronda with her forceful punches. Initially, Ronda went for the punches but Amanda escaped them and gave Ronda no time to protect herself.

Ronda suffered so much from the punches that she did not protect herself and that’s how Amanda won the fight in the first round in just 48 seconds. And as a result, Amanda Nunes defended her UFC Bantamweight title.

8.4. Amanda Nunes Vs. Megan Anderson

Amanda Nunes vs Megan Anderson. Full Fight .HD. 2021

Megan Anderson is an American mixed martial artist. She is the former Invicta FC Featherweight Champion. She has an MMA record of 11-5-0.

It was Amanda Nunes’ UFC Featherweight title defense fight. Amanda held two UFC championship belts while Megan was the challenger for the UFC Featherweight belt. Amanda struck first by kicking Megan’s knee. But when Megan tried to kick Amanda, Amanda held Megan’s leg and punched her. Megan barely escaped that and somehow kept herself safe from the damage.

Amanda’s explosiveness distinguishes her from every fighter. She just unchains herself and goes as a whole for her opponent. Megan protected herself for some time during the fight but it was before Amanda caught her. Instantly, Amanda took her down and exhausted Megan with her punches.

Amanda got on Megan’s back and landed side punches on her face. And then submitted Megan by a Reverse Triangle Armbar in the first round in only 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Amanda successfully defended her UFC Featherweight Champion.

9. Amanda Nunes’ Championships

9.1. CombatPress.com

Year Award
2018 Upset of the Year
2018 Female Fighter of the Year
2019 Female Fighter of the Year

9.2. Equality California

Year Award
2016 Equality Visibility Award

9.3. World MMA Awards

Year Award
2016 Female Fighter of the Year
2018 Female Fighter of the Year
2018 Knockout of the Year
2018 Upset of the Year
2019 - 2020 Female Fighter of the Year

9.4. MMADNA.nl

Year Award
2016 Female Fighter of the Year
2018 Female Fighter of the Year

9.5. MMA Weekly

Year Award
2018 Knockout of the Year

9.6. Records

  • First Woman in UFC with the Highest Number of Wins
  • Most Consecutive Wins in the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division
  • 2 Times Women’s Bantamweight Champion
    • 5 Victorious Title Defenses
  • UFC Women’s Current Featherweight Champion
    • 2 Victorious Title Defenses
  • UFC’s First Female Fighter who Won 2 UFC Titles While Holding and Retaining them at the Same Time.
  • First UFC Fighter Who Held Championship Title for the Longest
  • Claimed Victory Over 7 UFC Champions
  • Performance of the Night (5x)
  • Leading Wins in UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division

10. Amanda Nunes’ MMA Professional Record Breakdown

27 Matches 22 Wins 5 Losses
By Knockout 13 2
By Submission 4 2
By Decision 5 1

11. Amanda Nunes’ MMA Fight History

Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko 2 Highlights (Evenly-Matched FIGHT)

Female MMA Fighters Julia Budd vs Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey UFC 207 FULL FIGHT NIGHT

Amanda Nunes vs Cris Cyborg UFC 232 FULL FIGHT Champions

Amanda Nunes vs Miesha Tate Highlights (Nunes DISMANTLES Tate)

Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm UFC 239 FULL FIGHT CHAMPIONS

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