8 Benefits of Boxing with Weights: A Must-Read Guide

8 Benefits of Boxing with Weights: A Must-Read Guide

Whether boxing is an adequate and complete body workout, itself. Including weights in your boxing workouts opens you to a whole new universe of possibilities.

However, for fitness fanatics, boxing with weights is a great way to increase cardio, burn excess calories, and tone the arms, while also learning important self-defence skills. Whatever your goal is, once you add some lightweight dumbbells in your boxing workouts it opens up a whole extra world of benefits. 


One of the golden laws of shadow boxing with weights is to keep it light, with each dumbbell weighing no more than 3 pounds. Anything heavier than this won't provide you the same range of motion you'll need to develop your punching endurance.

What are the Benefits of Boxing with Weights?

Increase Punching Power

If you desire to punch harder, practicing boxing with dumbbells is a great way to achieve it. By repeatedly throwing shots with dumbbells in your hands, your body will develop accustomed to punching with the larger weight and will become ber to handle the added load.

After dropping the dumbbells off, that will be an extraordinary experience of feeling the utmost power in your arms but lighter hands. You’ll build up the extra strength when your hands are free of the additional weight.

However, it is important to note that shadowboxing with dumbbells won’t turn you from a soft puncher into Mike Tyson. Though it will help you to potentialize your punching power so that you can reach the maximum power in the strikes that your body is capable of.  

Increase Punching Speed

A powerful hit should be rapid enough also and that can be your K.O hit that will break down your opponent standing. Though, boxing workouts with weight encourage your punching speed. Punching with a heavier weight and then releasing it will help you punch harder. Moreover, it will help you to punch faster following the same principle.

Your body gets used to the heavier weight and it starts to punch faster with that weight. When you leave the weight releases, your punches are faster than when you started. Again, it will not make you Manny Pacquiao, if you were a slower puncher, but it assists you to potentialize your punching speed.

You might believe that if a 3-pound dumbbell makes you faster and more powerful, a 5-pound dumbbell will make you even faster and more powerful. The difficulty is that utilizing a heavier weight will cause your technique to break down, and you won't obtain the same results.

Excellent Cardio

Boxing is the best cardio workout on its own or as part of a full boxing workout. When you add light dumbbells, it makes the exercise more challenging that allows you to increase your aerobic capacity even more.

Adding up other aerobic exercises like jumping rope or hitting the heavy bag, shadowboxing with weights becomes a key component of a full boxing workout. Increased cardio is essential for boxing, but it will also assist you if you participate in any other sport. Boxing is a popular training ground for athletes from a variety of sports.

Builds Arm Endurance

In the first session, every newbie to the sport of boxing will observe how quickly their arms become tired. Increasing the amount of time, you can throw punches is a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Even if you're a good amateur or have your sights set on fighting or winning titles, improving your arm endurance should be at the top of your to-do list.

Adding weight to your punches makes your shoulders, lats, and arms work a little harder, and if you keep going for 3–5, 3-minute rounds with dumbbells, you'll improve your punching endurance for boxing. This will help you last longer when throwing big shots, whether in training or in a fight.

Builds Muscle

When we undertake acts that require us to push our muscles to their limits, we build muscle. Small tears in the muscle occur as a result of this, but the muscle recovers ber and is better prepared to cope with the stress if it is faced again.

Shadow Boxing with weights won't make you big, but it will help you create lean muscle and a b physique.

Tone the Arms

If you want to look beautiful, toning your arms is just as vital as growing your muscle mass. What good are huge arms if all of the muscles are hidden by fat? Shadowboxing with weights is one of the most effective techniques to remove fat from your arms and shoulders and show bulging muscles that have been hidden beneath.

If you want to get in shape for the holidays, shadowboxing with weights is a terrific method to do it. Fast straight punches for a number of rounds within a time limit of 1 to 3 minutes would be great if toning your arms is one of your main aims.

Burns Fat

Shadowboxing with weights not only burns fat in the arms but also helps to burn fat in the legs and belly if you tilt your hips into the punches and incorporate additional boxing techniques like rolling under punches and stooping down to throw body blows.

You can accomplish excellent fat loss throughout your body if you integrate shadowboxing with weights as part of a full boxing workout that you can undertake in the comfort of your own home.

Lose Weight

Shadowboxing is a wonderful cardio workout that can help you lose weight since it requires your body to work harder and burn more calories when you use little weights in each hand. If you stick to your workout routine and eat a healthy diet, you should be able to lose weight steadily over time.

The secret to reducing weight is to eat fewer calories than you consume. That is, our bodies burn more calories than they take in. Shadowboxing with weights burns calories, and if you restrict the amount of food you eat, especially carbs, which quickly turn into sugar and then fat, you can accomplish good and long-term weight loss.


How Many Calories Do Shadow Boxing with Weights Burn?

As with anything it depends on how much effort you put in your boxing workout with weight. However, a one-hour workout can burn upwards of 600 calories and that could go up to 1000 calories as part of a full boxing workout.

Can I Shadow Box Using Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands could be taken as a perfect alternative to light dumbbells as they also serve the same benefits. Boxing specific resistance bands will have two handles and the unit will wrap around your back to use as a base.

However, different bands have different strengths. So, it’s perfect for choosing a suitable band according to your level as you are doing boxing workouts for beginners or pro boxing workouts. The resistance band is definitely something worth trying out to see which you like better or combine both.

Dumbbell Uppercuts Benefits

The uppercuts will engage your back and the bicep muscles more than the shoulders and triceps like straight punches.

Uppercuts with dumbbell punches can help you get those areas lean, toned, and muscular.

What Muscles Does Shadow Boxing with Dumbbells Work?

Boxing is a complete body workout so it should work all of your body as you walk around with your feet and throw punches with your hands.

Throwing straight punches with dumbbells will primarily work the front head of your shoulder, your lats, and your triceps. The movement will start at your feet, go through the hips, through the back, and extend through the arms.

Uppercuts will primarily engage your biceps and the lats in your back. It is a great way to add power, speed, and endurance. 

Shadowboxing with ankle weights

The idea is well-liked, boxing is 50% footwork and 50% depends on the fundamentals of hand techniques. So, it makes sense that if you can improve by adding weight to your hands then you can also improve your footwork by adding weight to your feet.

However, if you’re wearing ankle weights, it is important to maintain balance and keep the proper angles while moving in and moving out from the target and pivoting.

You could also do your entire workout wearing ankle weights to build up your calves, quads, and glutes while adding power and speed.

Floyd Mayweather Shadow Boxing with Weights

Floyd Mayweather incorporates weights in his shadowboxing as it is a part of his rigorous workout routine.

Along with throwing basic punches with dumbbells in his hands, he also practices his punching combinations with weight in his hands to make his technique firmer while increasing his punching power and speed.

Final Thoughts

Boxing is an Elite Sport and already an effective form of exercise, incorporating weights adds resistance to this. This extra resistance helps to maximize our potential in speed and power, gets us ripped, increases our aerobic endurance, and adds a little muscle.

Conclusively, a boxing workout with weight is a very effective workout that should be incorporated by fitness enthusiasts and boxers for both amateurs and professionals for its many benefits.

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