7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Boxing Class

7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Boxing Class

When you are a boxer, the first time you step inside the ring is the most memorable moment in your life. However, you cannot step inside the boxing ring without having proper knowledge and training for boxing. If you do this, you can get yourself hurt. First thing’s first, get yourself enrolled in a boxing training class and get trained for the moment of your life. However, this is not any other ordinary class, it's boxing and you need to know about it beforehand. Here are a few things that you must know before you go for your first boxing class:

1. You Don’t Need to Punch Anyone on The First Day

Going for a boxing class doesn’t mean you have to fight someone on your first day. Fighting with someone without proper training and knowledge can be harmful. That’s why during your initial training sessions, you can expect shadow boxing drills, conditioning exercises, and punching practice against a punching bag.

2. Wear Flexible Clothes

It is always recommended to wear something comfortable, preferably non-restrictive boxing gear. You surely wouldn’t want yourself to get caught by something because you were wearing loose, baggy clothes during training. Other than that obvious risk, you’re also going to be restricting movement and breathability.

We recommend you wear tank tops or something that allows you to move your arms freely. For the bottom, it is recommended to wear leggings, or shorts, whichever makes you feel comfortable. For shoes, nothing can match the ease of boxing or wrestling shoes, but a decent pair of training shoes can be enough in the start.

3. Grab the Right Gear

While it’s true that boxing is one of the cheapest combat sports for beginners to try, it is not necessary to drop cash on buying all the boxing equipment in the beginning. Only a few things are necessary when it comes to boxing gear.

First, you will need wraps to protect your wrists and knuckles with boxing tape. After that, having boxing gloves that fit your hands perfectly should be your priority. Once you have this, you’re officially ready to train for boxing at a gym. Worry about getting boxing shorts, shoes, punching bags, headgear and mitts for yourself later.

4. Expect A Lot More Than Just Throwing Punches

Boxing is not just about strengthening your upper body. It also demands a fair amount of lower body workout, along with cardio work like rope jumping. It’s safe to say that rope jumping is the most recommended activity for boxers as it helps improve their footwork, agility, and hand-foot coordination. So, double-knot your shoelaces to get ready for continuous roadwork and jumping.

5. Set Your Boxing Stance Right

From the very first class, the best thing to focus on is getting your boxing stance right. Having a balanced, solid boxing stance will set you up for reaching high in your boxing journey. The best way to do this is to start with your feet shoulder-width spaced out and take a large step ahead with your non-dominant foot. You will also need to engage your core, which allows you to stay in command during quick punches.

6. You Won’t Be Amazing at First … and That’s Ok!

Boxing is not just a physically challenging sport, but it also demands a calm and collected mental state. Boxing workouts usually demand a combination of punches and other movements that you will be needed to remember throughout the class.

While it’s easy to take your anger out on a punching bag, you can’t hope to last a sparring session if you’re not mentally in control of yourself and your emotions as well as actions.

It is not always easy to keep doing things in a straight order. You most probably will end up messing up a couple of times but you shouldn’t let it discourage you. Stay focused and keep trying. Remember, try not to get frustrated when you make a mistake. Experience should be fun. Take a deep breath, and start again. Keep learning about boxing every second you can and you’ll inevitably become indestructible.

7. Boxing Is Not Just a Sport... It’s a community!

In the same way that runners nod when they pass each other in the park, there is also a silent bond between all those who box. I had my gloves attached with my backpack when a retired pro boxer came to me and said, “Keep up the good work son.” It was such a good feeling. Still, if you are feeling nervous about your first class, ask one of your friends to join you. Who knows, you both might find your new favourite workout.

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