The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

What makes the pro boxers undefeated and unbeatable? What makes them so fast and b that they can break bones with only one blow? There is always a secret behind the superpower of a boxer.

Muhammad Ali has revealed the secret by saying: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

If you want to become an undefeated boxing champion, always consider this quote.

Whether you want to learn boxing to stay fit or to become a professional boxer, determination and self-esteem are the best combos that a boxer should learn in the first place. 

In this boxing training program, you will get to know about the boxing workouts for beginners. Moreover, you might have a lot of questions in your mind, we will answer all your questions comprehensively. This guide will also assist you in how and where to get started.

However, it’s just your start as a boxer and you have already begun to endeavor pro-level strategies. Don’t rush, take a start at a slow pace and increase it gradually. Before getting into boxing techniques and workouts, few things need to be understood.

Why Should You Start Boxing Today?

What does boxing bring to your lives? The simplest answer is: it transforms your personality. Although boxing is a sweet science it works with the farthest of the limits.

Boxing makes you ber not only in the ring, you get b for the real adventures of life. What else you can take from boxing, though it makes you ber both mentally and physically.

It pushes your limits and makes you more alive than ever. Boxing teaches you how to face defeat with calm and how to cheer up your victories wholeheartedly.

However, boxing is a brutal yet raw sport. It requires agility, speed, power, and endurance. All of them matter a lot and complete the essence of boxing.

If you lack any one of these that need to pervade. Otherwise, you’ll never find your real self as a boxer.  

Boxing as an Opportunity to Stay Fit

Nothing could be more effective than a hybrid sport, just in case. In the recent world, most people are suffering from physical and mental health issues.

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Boxing is the source that refills their spiritual pot full of liveliness and peace. Boxing is the way to rediscover your inner-self whilst staying calm.

According to the report results, many people are turning towards and the number is increasing gradually with every passing day. There is a reason behind this admiration of boxing, it is free.

Basic boxing doesn’t require you to spend even a single penny. You can make a start at your home, sparring with your friend and beating the heavy bag in your backyard, garage or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

Boxing as a Revolutionary Career

Except for the basic aim of fitness, boxing can be taken as a profession. However, if you are planning to become a professional boxer, multiple questions need to be answered before you start your quest.

In the past decade, around 2 million participants showed up for boxing competitions which makes the competition stuff out there.

However, to reach your ultimate goals you have to get started from somewhere. If you wish to make the boxing ring your legacy this ultimate guide is the right place for you to begin your journey.

Alright, beginners, without wasting any time, let’s converge to the escort.

How to do Boxing?

Similar to other martial arts or taekwondo, boxing is a sport that can be comprehended by anyone. With fortitude and desire, you can achieve your ultimate goals.

Firstly, we need to start with the boxing basics from a professional point of view. Later on, we’ll discuss each topic in detail in a series of blogs.

As mentioned above, this guide aims to perfect our fundamental techniques regarding how to box.   

Fundamental Techniques of Boxing

1)    Stance and Guard

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! The Boxing Legend – Muhammad Ali himself elucidates the importance of stance and movement. The basic boxing stance for beginners allows them to attack and defend themselves effectively.

Following are the fundamentals of boxing stance:

  1. Locate your front toe and back heel on the centerline
  2. Locate your dominant hand backward or keep your left hand behind the right if your left hand is the dominant one.
  3. Locate your feet diagonally at a distance, a little wider than your shoulders.
  4. Uplift your back heel.
  5. Your elbows should be descending, with your hands up.
  6. Your gloves should be backing your head, acting as a guard with your chin slightly down and your eyes over the gloves.
  7. Relax and take a chill pill.  

2)   Footwork

Footwork in boxing should not be undermined. Along with the stingy hands like a bee, footwork contributes equally and helps you to cover the distance.

Footwork is as essential as punching. To become an unbeatable boxer, you need to learn foot movements.

Balancing is the main course here. Learn to balance your weight that will help you to move back and forth conveniently.

A free tip: never stand quadrilateral with your opponent and do not spread out your feet too far from each other.

Following are the fundamentals of footwork in boxing:

  1. Take a step forward with your lead foot and drag the rear foot.
  2. Dragging and stepping footwork helps maintain a low center of gravity allowing you to attack or defend anytime.
  • Dragging the rear foot prevents you from getting off balance by preventing you from walking or crossing your feet.
  1. Step with your front foot and drag the back foot when moving forward, for attacking.
  2. Step back with your back foot and drag the front foot, for defending.

3)   Punches


Refraining from complexities would help you to stay focused. By taking one step at a time you’ll learn slowly but surely.

Generally, there are 4 main punches boxing contains and they are enough to get you the victory in the ring. These are:

  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Hook
  4. Uppercut

Jab: You can say, jab is the most basic punch in boxing. It is a quick punch that is enough to whittle your opponent. Distracting the opponent is the prior function of the jab and it is effective to create space to set up for powerful shots.

Here are few points that need to be remembered while performing a jab:

  1. Punch with your right or left hand from your basic stance
  2. Twist your hand a little that your knuckle pointing towards the ceiling
  3. The palm of your hand should point towards the floor when connecting
  4. As you’re about to reach your opponent, take a small step forward and shift your body weight in the front direction
  5. Once you’ve successfully landed the jab, take your elbow to its natural position i.e. in front of your face, and maintain your basic stance.

Cross: Cross punch comes from your dominant hand. Cross punch is more powerful as compared to the jab and is generally used to finish combinations. Ensure, your opponent is in a straight line when you throw a cross punch.

Here are the few points that need to be remembered while performing a jab:

  1. Your dominant hand will be used to punch
  2. Start the punch from your basic stance
  3. Synonymous to the jab, your palm should point towards the floor and your knuckles towards the ceiling
  4. Shift your body weight to the punch the moment you meet your opponent.
  5. Once the cross punch is landed, get back to your normal position


Hook: Unlike a cross or a jab, a hook throws out in a horizontal motion. It’s expected and that’s what makes it legitimate. A hook could be knock-out ammo in your boxing arsenal.

A hook is in fact, one of the most powerful punches and is arduous to defend against. It is thrown from the side angle and targeted towards your opponent’s body or head.

Here are few points that need to be remembered while performing a hook:

  1. Unleash your basic stance, move your legs in the clockwise direction while setting down the back heel and lifting your front heel
  2. Move your body as if it was a solid block
  3. Your lead arm must be at a 90-degree angle to your body
  4. Land the punch with a vertical fist
  5. Get back into the basic position once the punch has landed

Uppercut: Uppercut is one of the most legendary moves in fight sport. An uppercut requires rotation of the whole body and comes from the waist.

With the uppercut, your opponent’s chin would be your target. Usually, the uppercut is used in a combination to leave your opponent on the skids.

Here are a few points that need to be remembered while performing an uppercut:

  1. Start with your basic stance, though, do not transfer your body weight forward
  2. While rotating your feet clockwise, lift your front heel and drop your back heel.
  3. Bend your knees a little and raise your front elbow, with the fist moving towards the face
  4. As the punch connects with your opponent, add your body weight to the punch by transferring it.
  5. Once you have landed the punch, get into the basic position with your hands guarding your face.

4)   Defense

You could be banged up if your defense technique is not appropriate or weak. The quote “It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” is quite encouraging.

However, the relevance of this quote cannot be simply defined in regards to defense in boxing. It is so applausive if you stand tall still after being beaten up but that doesn’t work that way.

To stop the offensive attacks from your opponent it is crucial to defend yourself. By that means, except for courage and power, you need to be best at defense to handle the punches and attacks.

Talking about the defense, whether you are a conventional or an orthodox boxer, you’ll be utilizing the majority of your body including your

  • Head
  • Arms
  • Torso
  • Feet

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Nothing could be loveliest than the slip, a basic defensive technique. Basically, dodging your opponent’s punches by bending your waist is called a slip.

Except for this slipping technique you can also bob and weave to frustrate your opponent and make it hard for them to reach your head.


Although arms are the basic power source of punching, they can be used as a shield to block and absorb the punches.

Use your arms not only to defend but also set up counters. You can counter your opponent’s offensive efforts by extending your arm. To make it understood you can imagine your arms as a sword in a sword-fight and its application will seem pretty uncomplicated.


Torso can be used to slow down your opponent and can be defended by blocking. It would be a great tactic to slow down your opponent’s proceedings by using your arms and torso.

However, pro fighters use this clinching technique to take a breather by pushing their opponent away.


Do not forget to practice the maneuverability of your footwork because eventually, every action ends up in your footwork. Every little inch matter and a slight movement can save your face from getting quenched by your opponent.

Although, footwork fundamentally depends upon your body weight. What needs to be done in the first place is, taking control of your body weight.

Moreover, staying in a neutral stance with the weight of your body-centered provides you effective footwork. This helps you to move back and forth, and perform sidestepping and pullbacks conveniently.

Well, you can glide across the ring even-though by managing your weight back and forth as you move forward or away from your opponent.

5)   Sparring

Sparring is functional to help you find out your potential and skills. But sparring should not be effective to be done in front of the mirror or without a partner.

Sparring with a partner allows you to examine your skills and it is a way to get to know what facing a real opponent feels like.

However, there are multiple techniques in sparring, all of them hit the different and particular parts of boxing.

By arranging up sparring sessions, you can work on your punching skills, improving your footwork, generating power and overall speed along with perfection. Generally, there are two types of sparring:

●      Low Contact Sparring

Low contact sparring concentrates on improving the ring pressure by polishing up your footwork and body movement.

●      Full Contact Sparring 

Full contact sparring is synonymous with an actual boxing match and helps you to test your skills in a real boxing match.

Through full contact sparring, you can manifest your newly found skills and get to know where you stand in terms of progress.

6)   Combinations

Although, this is a bit advanced for beginners this guide couldn’t wrap up without mentioning the combinations. 

Thus, what are combinations in boxing? These are the rapid punching techniques combined to cause maximum damage.

As a beginner, you can throw these combinations while practicing with a boxing bag, shadowboxing, and sparring with your partner.

Every professional boxer has his grip on these combinations and they have mastered it. So, if you want to learn combinations like pro boxers, you need to learn the number system below and practice it likewise. 

Number Move
1 Jab
2 Right Cross
3 Left Hook
4 Overhand
5 Left Uppercut
6 Right Uppercut
7 Body

Now let’s understand how it works. Suppose your trainer instructs you to hit a 1-2-3b combination. When he says this, he is referring to a jab followed by a right and left hook to the body.

Similarly, you can devise an uncounted number of combinations and find out what works out the best for you.

Well, here is the comprehensive list of some of the common boxing combinations, follows:

  • 1-1 (Jab-Jab)
  • 1-1b (Jab-Jab(body)
  • 1-2 (Jab-Right cross)
  • 1-2b (Jab-Right cross(body)
  • 1b-2 (Jab(body)-Right cross)
  • 1-1-2 (Jab-Jab-Right cross)
  • 1-2-1-1 (Jab-Right cross-Jab-Jab)
  • 1-2-3 (Jab-Right cross-Left hook)
  • 1-2-1-2 (Jab-Right cross-Jab-Right cross)
  • 1-2-3-2 (Jab-Right cross-Left hook-Right cross)
  • 1-2-3b-2 (Jab-Right cross-Left hook(body)-Right cross)
  • 1-2-5-2 (Jab-Right cross-Left uppercut-Right cross)
  • 1-6-3-2 (Jab-Right uppercut-Left hook-Right cross)
  • 1-2-3-2-1 (Jab-Right cross-Left hook-Right cross-Jab)

These are not the only combinations in boxing and no boxer is restricted to only learn these. You can make different combinations that you feel are right and worth winning. 

Essentials Boxing Equipment to Make a Start

When starting, you can do most of your things just by doing shadow boxing. Though, as a fighter, if you are looking to participate in a competition, you need boxing equipment.

However, when buying equipment, don’t just spill out every penny you got in your pocket. There is no need to buy unnecessary equipment because the market is full of options.

Just buy a few but quality products which are essential to make a start. Well, there are some vendors like Elite Sports that ought to provide the best quality products at affordable prices. Whether you are a beginner or a professional boxer, Elite Sports has everything aligned for you on its online store.

Anyhow, as your skills progress over time, you can shift to expensive and new gear. Be a good lad and save your own money or getting through winning the competitions is an alternate source.

Boxing Kit

Hand Wraps

Plays a vital role to protect your hands especially knuckles under the gloves. Mostly hand wraps are made of cloth and with enough practice, you’ll learn how to wrap your hands in no time.


Gloves are the signature of boxing and special for every boxer. A fighter adores his boxing gloves like none other.

However, boxing gloves differ based upon the sizes and weights for competition, sparring, and so on. There is a weight limit of boxing gloves that are chosen to participate in a competition.


Though headgear is not used in pro-boxing amateurs must wear headgear. However, get good quality headgear that fits perfectly.

Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard or staple is the equipment that prevents your teeth from crushing in case you get a punch in the face.

A mouth guard also prevents you from biting your tongue and allows you to breathe properly during the fight.


The grip is the most important factor in boxing. Boxing shoes are ideal to provide a firm grip for canvas. They are specifically designed to make sure feet and ankle stability when you clinch or budge around the ring.

Although, this footwear is not suitable for cardio or running, so you know they are boxing specific. 

Groin Protection

Either you are sparring or training with your partner, there is a chance that you and your partner miss a hit that can make you lose consciousness.

However, you never know which blow might turn your light off, thus it is always wise to take precautions.

Training Equipment

Heavy Boxing Bag

Well, calling it a frustration bag would be more appropriate. However, this bag helps a lot with boxing training for beginners.

A good boxing bag helps you to boost your overall stamina along with your punching power. There are multiple heavy bag workouts for beginners that can lead your strength and power to retrieve. 

Speed Bag

A speed bag does not just look fascinating, it is practically vicious too. Usually, speed bags are mounted on a platform that enables you to throw punches in an immediate manner.

Undoubtedly, a speed bag helps with improving speed, hand-eye coordination, precision, stamina, and footwork. There are numerous amazing speed bag workouts to enhance your boxing skills.  

Jump Rope

Possibly, the best cardio workout equipment for boxers. A jumping rope or skipping rope will examine your endurance and will help you build if you are lacking it. Being a beginner, it would be great to get started with the jump rope to improve your stamina. 


What makes your sparring partner stand tall even after being kicked so hard? Mitts or focus mitts are sparring pads that allow you to strike your sparring partner harder. These are a good way to improve your footwork, punching power, range, and target. 

Double End Bag

It is also a speed bag but tied up from both sides. A double end bag connects to the ceiling and floor with the help of a rope or a bungee.

This can be considered as a substitute for a speed bag. However, it allows you to practice numerous punching combinations just like the speed bag.

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Common Mistakes That Beginners Make in Boxing

Mistakes are common in sports but what makes a pro boxer different from an amateur is the fraction of these mistakes.

Right from the start, beginners must avoid mistakes as much as they can. To avoid mistakes you need to concentrate more and put your heart and mind into it, not just your body.

Below are the mistakes categorized into three types, which amateur boxers make when starting.

  1. Technique
  2. Training
  3. Fighting

Beginner’s Technique Mistakes to Evade:

  • Do not bend over your knees
  • Do not keep your body and fists tight when you are not punching
  • Do not list your feet when you throw a punch, that decrease your power and you lose balance
  • Do not cover your eyes while defending, your gloves should be below your eyes
  • Never get overconfident and also do not underestimate your opponent

Beginner’s Training Mistakes to Evade:

  • Starting training with an under-qualifier might be detrimental to your progress.
  • Stop thinking that you can achieve everything on your own. You need a coach, a trainer, or a sparring partner to guide you as a beginner
  • Choose your mentor and start following him. This will help you to stay encouraged and full of energy
  • Biting off more than what you can chew. Similarly, don’t get over your pace, do not try things that you cannot do as a beginner
  • Focus on power and neglecting balance, speed, accuracy, and endurance, you are dead already.
  • Think of shadowboxing as useless
  • You will only get exhausted by grinding 24/7. Give rest to your body and mind to regain the energy
  • Do not think of drill training as non-effective i.e. shadow boxing and punching bag workout for beginners and responsive training i.e. sparring and mitts are more effective

Beginner’s Fighting Mistakes to Evade:

  • Letting your hands down during a fight
  • Jumping around the ring instead of dragging
  • Losing your opponent from your sight
  • Avoid excessive hitting, throwing only 4-5 punches in a combination
  • Unfocused range and leaving the possible position to land the punch
  • Denying the importance of the jab and considering it ineffective

Drills to Improve Boxing

While there are speed bag drills, heavy bag drills, double end bag drills, in this section we’ll focus on basic boxing training for beginners.

So, you will see no boxing equipment here, instead just the exercises that you can do and improve upon as a beginner. Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning.

It would be inappropriate to push your limits to the maximum at the start, you might get injured and your career might end before it even starts.

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So, work on your skills and gradually increase your level up. Take small steps to achieve your main goal and this is how it works because slow and steady wins the race.

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Why Nutrition is Important in Boxing

You become what you eat is not a pun. It is a reality, in fact. In combat sports where your body needs to be in perfect shape and condition, you can’t just go out to sit anywhere and eat anything junk.

However, you don’t need to starve to death. As a boxer, you can eat anything you want but there is a limit to that.

Boxers need to keep a note on their diet plan like, what they can eat, what is good for them, and what can affect you which matters the most. Well, having said that, let us check what you are allowed to eat in terms of nutrients.

Here is an overview nutrition guide for boxers, let’s go through it:

Large Quantities:

  • Water: your real companion and survival need
  • Protein: accountable for your muscle growth
  • Carbs: helps in maintaining the energy level
  • Fats: vital for organs followed by energy

Small Quantities:

  • Minerals and Vitamins: helps in boosting your immune system, b bones, cell growth, and improved organ functions
  • Fiber: helps to improve your digestive system, keep your digestive system healthy with fiber intake.

You need to take track of your diet. A healthy diet helps in improving your performance and makes the best of you. Whereas, an unhealthy diet leads to illness, poor performance and also affects your health.

Benefits of Boxing

Alright folks, what made you read this article up till now? Haven’t we transformed our lives in the above paragraphs? If yes, then here is the treat for you beginners.

It is your dedication that took you so far till here. If you are looking for a reason to start boxing, here are multiple reasons as follows:

Keeps You Fit:

Boxing is undoubtedly the calories killer and there is no rocket science in it. According to studies, boxing workouts are the highest calorie-burning exercises that you can do. Hence proved, with just 15 minutes of sparring you can burn around 200 calories which is insane, isn’t it?

Improves Conditioning:

Boxing workouts are high-intensity workouts with interval training. These principles i.e. boxing HIIT workouts, are great to burn fat and boost cardiovascular conditioning in comparison to running and more pleasing for the joints.  

If you want to possess solid conditioning you should box.

Builds Strength and Improves Endurance:

Call whatever suits you, but boxing is a sport of endurance. Recall a match in your mind and think to analyze the strength ratio of both players.

What makes a boxer last longer in the ring is the strength to stand tall and do not run out of breathing. Boxing is not only the name of throwing high and powerful punches, you have to hang in there until the final bell rings.

Boxing drills like rope jumping and footwork are crucial. It also helps in strengthening your body as a result of which you will be able to stand longer in the ring.

Builds Confidence:

Be confident, that’s what makes you come through many problems but make sure you are not under the influence of it. Being over-confident would lead you to defeat really quick.

However, being confident means, you trust your abilities and become the best whilst respecting your opponent.

Remember, do not think of yourself as lower than others but do not think of others lower than you.

If you assume you have figured out everything after just learning a few drills and tricks, you are wrong my friend. There is always something that remains to learn.

Contrary to that, boxing helps you build confidence and an unbreakable self-belief if you train in the right manner. 

Improve Focus:

This is getting more interesting with every point passing, agreed? Well, boxing is a sport that forces you to improve your focus emphasizing techniques. A boxing workout is not only mitigating but also helps you to improve your mentality.

Moreover, the endorphins released from your body with a boxing workout help you get stress-free.

Self-defense Mechanism:

Unlike other fighting styles, boxing is another fundamental sport that can lead you to self-defense at times of worst. However, it is not meant for self-defense for sure, but at the moment of need, it can be your lifesaver.

You never know what or who you are facing and how bad it can be, so throwing a punch directly in the face could save your balls.

Alright, beginners, this is all for the basic boxing starter pack. Now is the time to help you find out your boxing style. Though this part is not crucial if you have already started boxing training your fighting style is the reflection that depicts your personality. 

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Understand your Boxing Style

What is the best boxing style? There is none…actually. As a beginner, the best boxing style for you is your natural style. Boxing does not restrict you, even it allows you to find out your real self and your real style.

As for the progress, you can follow some boxing superstars like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. But there is something that makes you different in your fighting style, how you behave and what is your signature hit.

Albeit, this all depends on time, the more you practice the more you learn. With every step ahead and progress, you will find out what the thing that makes you stand out of the crowd.

Once you learn your style, you can work on it and make it your best strike and polish it like no one else can do the same.

Even your shadow boxing workout is different from any beginner, amateur, and professional boxer out there. Work on your strategy and technique. Train like a champion and your style will ultimately follow.   

Law of Fist Boxing Training Workout Plan for Beginners

In this boxing training workout plan for beginners, we have divided the course into three parts:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Speed and Explosive Drills
  3. Boxing Specific

Let’s start with the strength training program:

Strength Training:

Speed and Explosive Drills

Boxing Specific


Shadow Boxing Workout

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Heavy Bag Workout

AB Workout


If you want to start boxing, here is all you need to make a start. We have done our part here, now is your turn to play your part. Whatever your age, take a start it is never late. You achieve what you want to get but it desires struggle and effort.

Hope this guide helps you with the basics of boxing and assists you to begin boxing. As a beginner, it would be hard or struggling to keep intact with the practice and routine. It is painful sometimes as well but whatever it takes, boxing makes you a legend. It Builds your personality and grooms you as an unbeatable asset.

Well, all the boxing workouts and exercises mentioned above are crucial. You cannot miss any of them. So do not underestimate the boxing drills and neither your opponent.

Show respect towards your opponent and this sport as well. Finally, to get it to the end I would make it more noteworthy by sharing a legendary quote, “You never lose until you give up.” – Mike Tyson.

So, stick to boxing and your routine. I can bet, you’ll never regret your investment in it. 

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