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Boxing Shorts

Elite Sports Star Series Sublimation Extreme Softness Black/White Boxing Shorts
Elite Sports Star Series Sublimation Flatlock Seams Black/White Boxing Shorts

Adults' Star Black/White Boxing Shorts

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The clothing you want to wear should be easy and should let The clothing you want to wear should be easy and should let you move easily. Elite Sports boxing shorts are designed in such a way that you can move and fight with ease. Comfort and durability are not the only things that you should look for, looks and style are also important. Not only our boxing shorts but also Muay Thai shorts and others cover all the things. The material used is soft, lightweight and durable that is made to last. These are not any cheap boxing shorts that you get. Even after the cheap price you get to have the best boxing shorts at Elite Sports. Complete your kit by buying all that you need from the boxing accessories and start training right away. These high-quality shorts have good stretch and optimized for many fighting styles.

Boxing shorts are another essential part of your boxing uniform. Your boxing shorts or boxing trunks function more for just covering you up. Boxing shorts are designed specifically for being worn while in a bout. You can't just walk into the ring with regular shorts, boxing trousers give numerous advantages that regular shorts cannot. We’ve all seen the big flashy high waisted boxing shorts worn on TV by the pros. They're usually splattered with sponsor logos, quotes, etc. they sure look cool but they also sure do more than that. The best boxing shorts are generally more loose and constructed out of thin, soft satin & polyester materials. The reason boxing shorts are loose is to offer a full range of motion. In boxing, you have to be quick on your feet and be able to move yourself around quickly. Having restrictive shorts will prevent a fighter from being able to avoid strikes, manoeuvre, or be combat effective in general. Boxing shorts are also loose to keep you ventilated and cool for you will be sweating profusely due to constant non-stop movement. Boxing shorts are also usually thin to keep them as lightweight as possible so that the fighter isn't slowed down in the ring. 

Elite Sports boxing shorts are premium combat effective shorts that are constructed out of the highest quality polyester to provide ultimate comfort & longevity. Its reinforced seams will prevent any types of abrasions should the fight get intense. Elite Sports boxing shorts are top-notch combat equipment for fighters who want only the best because they are the best. Our stylish and tear resistant shorts will endure the most intense training sessions and tournaments time and time again whilst retaining its structural and cosmetic integrity. Its lightweight material will allow you to float like a butterfly in the ring and its free range of motion will allow you to power up a punch that stings like a bee. Equipped with antimicrobial treated fabric, these boxing trunks will keep you protected from the microscopic threats of boxing. 

Our heavy duty shorts also come equipped with an integrated internal drawstring for desired fitting. These premium combat shorts will fit snugly and securely without any looseness or slipping so that the fighter can stay focused on the opponent's next move rather than constant readjustment. The waistband on our shorts are highly reinforced and durable at 4” in height. The bigger the foul protector, the better so that vital sensitive areas aren't harmed. The sizing range for our boxing shorts are from S - 2XL (waistlines 31” - 38”) so that combatants of various shapes and sizes can also enjoy the best boxing gear. Color options for our boxing trunks range from white, blue, grey, red, and white, all are complimented with a black design trim that boasts our elite brand.