10 Best BJJ Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

10 Best BJJ Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

Kettlebell workouts are considered golden training for BJJ beginners. These workouts are short and simple but their effect is massive and long-lasting. Instead of doing heavyweight exercises first, it is better for beginners to start with kettlebell training as it is more beneficial.

Different types of kettlebell workouts can be adopted as all of them work on different parts and areas of the body such as muscles and ligaments.

1. Importance of Workouts For BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a submission grappling combat sport. It focuses on the strength of the practitioner, not on the body and muscle size. It instructs self-defense techniques that are pretty much applicable in real-life scenarios. It teaches techniques that a grappler with a small body size can apply and gain victory over a larger-sized opponent.

BJJ is all about techniques, awareness of the whole body, and strength. To gain immense core and grip strength, BJJ practitioners perform workouts. These workouts range from high-conditioning training to low-conditioning training. These workouts are the source of strength training for the practitioners.

2. Why Are Intense Workouts Part of BJJ?

Intense workouts are a part of BJJ because they not only enhance strength but also induce flexibility and body coordination. Different types of workouts are performed for strengthening the particular area of the body. It improves the overall BJJ technique and game of the BJJ practitioners.

Having a great body also increases the confidence of practitioners. It gives them a sense of validation.

3. BJJ Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts are the prime source of strength and conditioning for BJJ practitioners. It helps you to gain physical strength. Kettlebell workouts are high-intensity workouts. They can burn more than 400 calories in only 20 minutes.

A kettlebell looks like a cast-iron cannonball with a handle on it, from where the BJJ athlete grabs the kettlebell.

4. BJJ Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

For BJJ beginners, strength is essential. For that purpose, they perform workouts along with their BJJ training. No doubt, BJJ training is the most essential element in becoming an accomplished fighter. With BJJ rolling and sparring sessions, beginners perform different types of workouts to gain strength that is crucial for their better performance.

Kettlebell workouts are the source of physical endurance and strength. They are efficient, especially for a BJJ beginner who is focusing on gaining immense grip and core strength.

By doing the same exercises daily, the higher chances are, you can get exhausted by the same routine. So, if you are a BJJ practitioner, kettlebell exercises can work wonders for you.

Following are some best kettlebell workouts for beginners:

4.1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Kettlebell goblet squats are excellent for increased hip mobility and great strength in the legs and thighs of a BJJ beginner. As the practitioner balances the kettlebell in front of his/her body, it becomes easy to go for the squat. It works on your muscles, specifically your glutes. It even increases the blood flow to the upper body of the beginner. These squats play a major role in injury prevention. Most beginners are exposed to injuries as they are not skilled. These squats help you to prevent yourself from unnecessary injuries.

It is different from a normal squat so it adds a new exercise to your workout. It basically teaches how to do a simple squat efficiently. It instills elasticity in beginners as they can go for different techniques that require great flexibility.

To perform kettlebell goblet squats:

  • You must stand with your feet wider than the hip width.
  • The beginner grabs the kettlebell with his/her both hands.
  • Your shoulder must be down and your chest should be raised.
  • After that pull yourself down to the point that your elbows touch the knees.
  • And then grip yourself to come up to the standing position. Squeeze your glutes at the top position.
  • You must go down in such a way that your heels dig into the ground and your glutes are tightened.

Number of Reps Time
1-3 reps each side 60-90 seconds

Your legs should not be too wide because then it would be difficult for you to go for the squat. And even if the legs are too close, you can not bend enough to complete your goblet squat. So the distance must be your hip-width apart. Your feet must be turned in the outward direction between 5 to 12 degrees. You can squat down and shuffle your feet so that the exercise would not be difficult for you.

4.2. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are great for cardiovascular fitness and strength in BJJ beginners. Kettlebell swings are one of those kettlebell workouts that are actually of high intensity but are low impact. It is because they burn a significant amount of calories in a short time.

Kettlebell swings specifically work for the strength of the quadriceps, trapezius and deltoids. They target the weak points of beginners and work on strengthening them.

They are basically the hip hinge that is a ballistic movement. It allows the practitioners to move their hips to a broader range so that they can learn and apply more BJJ techniques. These swings work on your speed hence, making you a fast and fierce fighter. Even your cardio is increased due to this workout.

To perform kettlebell swings: 

  • You can also call these swings, the pendulum swings. Pendulum swings connect your inner forearms with your inner thighs.
  • You can take a kettlebell and lift it right beneath your legs. Move the kettlebell in a to-and-fro motion just like a pendulum.
  • You actively throw the kettlebell between your legs and then it comes back on its own because of the thrusting force.

Number of Reps Time Rest
15 reps each side 5 minutes 60 seconds

4.3. Turkish Get-Up

Turkish get-up is an amazing part of the kettlebell workout for beginners. It builds the isometric strength of beginners. It is one of those kettlebell workouts that reduces the risk of injuries. Turkish get-up requires great strength as you have to lie on your back and then go for the standing position.

It also builds the endurance of beginners which is a must for them.

To perform a Turkish get-up:

  • At first, you have to lie down on the ground with one arm close to your body as if it's stuck to your chest. Your elbow must touch your ribs at a 90-degree angle.
  • You must grip the kettlebell with both hands at first but when you are starting to get up using your other hand for support.
  • You must then lie straight on the ground while using your other hand to help you stand up.
  • Move your knees as you start to stand up.
  • Once you reach the top position, come back to the starting point with the exact sequence.

Number of Reps Time
2-3 reps each side 60-90 seconds
Repeat 3 circuits

4.4. Russian Twists

Russian twists with a kettlebell target the obliques. It helps in strengthening the beginner's core. Not only the obliques but also targets the hip flexors and scapular muscles of beginners. It eventually helps in the strengthening of the whole body.

To perform Russian twists:  

  • Sit on the ground and hold the kettlebell by its horns in front of you.
  • You must raise your feet above the ground while your knees must be bent to a slight degree such that your feet are in the air.
  • Bring the kettlebell to one side of your hips and then take it to the other side.
  • Your upper body must be in a stiff or contracted position with your back flat and straight.

Number of Set Time
2-3 sets 1 minute

4.5. Kettlebell Sit-Ups

Kettlebell sit-ups are good for the chest and muscles of the lower back. The most important region on which kettlebell sit-ups work is that they work on the lower lumbar region. Improving body posture is one of the goals of kettlebell sit-ups.

To perform kettlebell sit-ups: 

  • You can sit on the mat with your heels on the ground while your knees are bent.
  • Lift a kettlebell and keep it in front of your chest.
  • Sit straight and then lie on the ground while keeping the kettlebell close to your chest.
  • After that, come back to your original position and repeat the procedure.
  • You can extend your hands above your head to increase the intensity.
  • Also add an overhead press by lifting the kettlebell above your head. It engages your shoulder to a greater extent.

Number of Reps Time
10 reps 60-90 seconds

4.6. Kettlebell Front Squat

It is basically a double kettlebell squat. They not only increase strength in the beginner but also help to enhance overall growth. It also makes the metabolism fast which shreds the unnecessary fats from the body.

To perform kettlebell front squats:

  • Grab 2 kettlebells in such a way that they are touching your forearms.
  • Keep your legs at hip distance and go for the squat.
  • Keep the kettlebells above your chest as if they are close to your face.

Number of Reps Time
10 reps & 3-5 circuits 60 seconds

4.7. Kettlebell Clean & Press

Kettlebells clean and press condition your shoulders and enhance the flexibility and endurance in your forearms.

To perform a kettlebell clean and press workout,

  • The kettlebell should be between your legs with your legs and hips distance apart.
  • Bend down to lift the kettlebell, your other hand must be at the back flat.
  • After lifting the kettlebell, rotate it to the side as if it's touching the back side of the hand.
  • Press the kettlebell over your head and your other arm should be straight and flat in the air.

Number of Reps Time
5 reps per side 10 minutes

4.8. Kettlebell Bent Over Row

Kettlebell bent over the row targeting the back of your body. It maintains a good body posture for the beginner which is extremely necessary. The targeted areas of this workout are the trapezius, lower back, and lats.

To perform, the kettlebell is bent over the row:

  • Bend down to lift the kettlebell with your one hand.
  • Bend over in such a way that your back is flattened. Do not create a hump in your back.
  • Left the kettlebell to your hips and keep your other hand on your back.
  • Repeat the process on the other side with the same procedure.

Number of Reps Time Rest
3 sets of 10 reps 60 seconds 20 seconds

4.9. Kettlebell Military Press

It activates muscle mobility and strength in your body by increasing the blood flow. When myoglobin reaches your muscles, it provides them with an increased amount of energy. Your cardio enhances as your heart rate increases. It also conditions your shoulders, working on your triceps and biceps.

To perform the kettlebell military press: 

  • Lift a kettlebell between your legs and give it a swing.
  • After the wing, quickly lift it to one side of your forearm and have a tight grip on it.
  • Keep the kettlebell between your thumb and the index finger.
  • Keep your wrists straight while holding the kettlebell.
  • Contract your glutes and lift the kettlebell above your head.
  • While lifting the kettlebell over your head, hold your breath and release your breath when you bring the kettlebell to your chest level.

Number of Reps Time
10 reps each side 40 seconds

4.10. Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell deadlifts are effective for building strength in the hamstrings and quadriceps of beginners. Especially the muscles of the back become flexible because of this workout. The practitioner picks the kettlebell (weight) from the ground without exerting any pressure or force upon his/her own back. Hips are hinged the most in this workout.

To perform kettlebell deadlift:

  • Place the kettlebell directly between your legs keeping your legs apart.
  • Now go down for lifting the deadlift by pushing your hips back as if you have to touch them on a surface.
  • Keep your hands close to your body.
  • After lifting the kettlebell, put it on the ground by again pushing your hips back.
  • This increases the degree of movement of your hips and you can establish a great BJJ game.

Number of Reps Time
1-2 sets of 5-12 reps 60-90 seconds

5. Importance of Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

5.1. Grip Strength

Grip strength is very important for beginners. For the most basic moves in BJJ, the practitioner must have a good grip. It increases the rate of his success. It also boosts confidence. As you have to hold the kettlebell tightly, it keeps your phalanges strong and safe from abrasion.

5.2. Core Strength

Having great core strength means that the beginner can easily get his BJJ belts by defeating other fighters without much difficulty. You can even defeat a fighter who is bigger than you just because you have a massive core strength.

5.3. High-Intensity Training

Kettlebell workout is not a time-consuming workout. It is short but the effects it has on BJJ practitioners are evident. It is a high intensity training where the beginner can strengthen his body without doing other workouts. This workout is enough for beginners.

5.4. Heals Your Injuries

The recovery rate of a BJJ practitioner from doing this workout is greater than any other workout. It not only makes the body strong to prevent injuries but also heals the previous one. It increases blood circulation and the formation of proteins in the body.

5.5. Pull Strength

As we all know, BJJ is a submission grappling sport. Pull strength is necessary because you have to go for takedowns and sweeps in BJJ. This pull strength helps you to force your opponent into submissions.

6. FAQs

6.1. What is the Goal of Kettlebell Workout?

A Kettlebell workout is performed to increase the core integration in the body. It indulges almost every muscle in the body.

6.2. Along With Strength, What is the Main Focus of the Kettlebell Workout?

The main focus of kettlebell workouts is on the glutes of the practitioner. Strengthening of glutes powers up beginners and makes their BJJ game an explosive one.

7. Conclusion

For a BJJ beginner, strength is the most important thing. The main source of strength is a kettlebell workout. It does magic for the beginner by elevating his power level so that he/she feels undefeatable. Kettlebell workouts such as goblet squats, swings, Russian twists, etc are performed to increase endurance in different areas of the beginner’s body.

Strength is the key point for BJJ practitioners. Kettlebell workouts aid to gain that strength that is a prerequisite to making your BJJ game exceptional. They not only enhance endurance but also prevent injuries.

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