15-Minute High-Intensity BJJ Workouts That You Can Do at Home

15-Minute High-Intensity BJJ Workouts That You Can Do at Home

BJJ is a martial art practiced by millions of people across the globe. It's a physically demanding sport that requires you to perform intense exerises if you're looking to improve your skills. This article will provide a list of 15-minute, high-intensity workouts that you can perform at home.

1. What is High-Intensity BJJ?

High-intensity BJJ is a type of training that includes doing difficult exercises that require short bursts of energy. This kind of training will help you increase your endurance and speed.

You'll need a barbell, bench, and a few dumbbells to do high-intensity BJJ exercises at home.

2. The Purpose of HIIT Workouts

HIIT exercises are an excellent way to improve your fitness and strength. As HIIT training involves short, high-intensity exercises, this can increase your heart rate and burn excess calories, improving your overall health.

When planning out your HIIT workout, you need to include exercises you can perform quickly and effectively. Make sure that you work out at a consistently, intense rate during your 30-second workout sessions.

If you're in search of HIIT exercises that you can complete at home, you can try the following:

Running: Sprint at full speed for 30 seconds, then stop to take a 30-second rest.

Plyometrics: Jump at a fast pacefor 30 seconds, then take a 30-second break.

Aerobics: Perform a set of aerobic exercises for 30 seconds, then take a 30-second break.

Weight Training: Perform weight lifting for 30 seconds, then take a 30-second break.

3. Pros of High-Intensity Training?

Training at high intensity has numerous benefits that will help you become a better combatant.

A significant advantage of high-intensity training is that it increases your stamina. This is because high-intensity training helps build muscle mass and burn more calories at a faster rate than low-intensity workouts.

Another benefit of high-intensity workouts is that your strength increases due to the heavy exertion forcing you to use more muscle fibers than in low-intensity wokrouts.

Finally, high-intensity workouts can increase your cardiovascular endurance as high-intensity exercises require more oxygen and your body becomes accustomed to extended exertion for longer periods.

4. How Can You Do Intense Training at Home?

If you're trying to improve your level of fitness but don't have the time to devote long hours at the gym, you can start with this three-minute, high-intensity workout.

  1. Begin by standing tall with your feet spread apart at shoulder-width.
  2. Bend your knees slightly as you lower yourself in a squat position. Keep your back straight and engage your core. Maintain this position for two minutes before returning to the starting position.
  3. Step back a couple of steps before performing a squat. Place your hands on both sides of your body. Push your heels against the floor, then raise your body until you're standing upright. Repeat until you reach the desired number of reps.

5. The Various Types of Intense Workouts

Depending on what you hope to achieve, there are various types of high-intensity workouts at home that will help you fulfill your intended goals. Here are four famous examples of intense workouts:

  1. Circuit Training: This workout requires you to transition between exercisesin quick succession. It's an excellent way to raise your heart rate and burn excess calories.
  2. High-Intensity Interval Training: This workout trains your muscles in short burstsm followed by breaks that help them relax. This is excellent for burning excess fat and building muscle mass.
  3. Tabata: Tabata consists of eight 20-second sets of exercises followed by 10-second breaks. It's a challenging workout ideal for improving your cardiovascular health and jiu-jitsu skills.
  4. Powerlifting: Powerlifting concentrates on lifting heavy weights. that allows you to increase muscle strength and mass.

6. Why Do a High-Intensity BJJ Workout?

High-intensity BJJ workouts are challenging because they require lots of energy to complete.

To achieve the best results in a rigorous BJJ wokrout, you must adhere to the guidelines mentioned above. These guidelines will help you maximize the benefits of your training while minimizing the possibility of injury.

7. The 15-Minute High-Intensity BJJ Workout

7.1. How to Do a 15-Minute HIIT Workout

Are you looking to burn extra calories and lose weight without ever leaving home? A 15-minute HIIT workout can be enough to increase your flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. This workout is excellent for people with a busy schedule.

For this HIIT workout plan, you'll need the following:

  • A resistance band
  • A timer
  • An exercise mat
  • A pair of light weights

  1. Begin by warming up for five minutes by either doing light exercises or stretching. This will help your muscles loosen up and be prepared before you begin exercising.
  2. Slip the resistance band around your ankles.
  3. Spread your legs apart at hip width. Hold the weights in both hands.
  4. Begin walking forward with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed while pulling the resistance band as far as possible. When you fully stretch the band, plant your feet in place and inhale before taking the next step.
  5. When walking forward, make sure your knees are bent while lifting the weights.

7.2. What to Do During HIIT Training

Alternatively, you can do a 15-minute HIIT workout plan that focuses on intensly working your muscles within a short amount of time.

For this HIIT workout plan, you’ll need the following:

  • An exercise mat
  • Weightlifting equipment
  • A timer

  • Set the timer for 30 seconds. Begin with a smaller weight.
  • After you lift the weight, keep it elevated as high as possible for the remaining time left on the timer.
  • After the timer runs out, lower you arm and switch the weight to your other hand.
  • Reset the timer and repeat the process, alternating between the arm doing the lifting.

7.3. Cool Relax and Down After Your HIIT Workout

Following a workout, take a break so that your muscles can fully recover. Relaxing your muscles will minimize the chance of injury.

To cool down, you can walk around or stretch your muscles. This can help alleviate any pain or inflammation that may have developed during your workout.

After stretching, drinking plenty of water and consuming nutritious food is essential. This will allow you to replenish the energy your body needs to perform the next time you exercise.

8. Conclusion

BJJ is a martial art that can be utilized for self-defense and fitness. There are many BJJ exercises; this article focusing on the high-intensity exercises that you can practice at home. These workouts are simple to understand and can increase your endurance, strength, and flexibility. If you're looking for a challenging workout but don't have the time to join a gym, try out a 15-minute high-intensity BJJ workout at home!

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