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One of the best things out there for today’s youth is boxing for kids. Many world champions started young at their local boxing clubs and in a way not many other sports do, youth boxing classes teach about hard work and determination. Often kids' boxing leads to success later in life in multiple areas. Our kid's boxing gloves are made for those learning the art of combat at an early age Elite Sports kid's gloves are suited for heavy use and were made to deliver the hits to the bag or the mitts during a young fighters training session. While more and more martial arts disciplines are embracing young athletes, hand-to-hand combat remains one of the best sports for kids, either on its own or mixed with other MMA training.

As a parent, nobody can blame you for worrying about your child's safety even in an art that they are passionate about such as boxing. Because unlike most other combat sports, boxing is much more restricted in its move sets, using just the fists, which means there’s an incredibly high intensity of impacts to the head and body, so a good pay of best boxing gloves for kids is essential. Whether your child first took interest in martial arts on their own or you introduced them to it, either way it's a fantastic idea to train them while they're young. It will not only help them grow up physically healthy but they will also learn a great deal of self-discipline and respect. We all realize that martial arts and boxing can be very dangerous, but those dangers can be reduced with premium equipment and proper training. A pair of good high quality kids boxing gloves is key for training safely, gloves that protect not only your child’s hands but also the body & face of his or her opponent/sparring partner. The unbeatable quality of our durable boxing gloves are not only limited to adults but are also available for the little warriors who also want the best combat gear available. Your children's hands are delicate and must be protected to the fullest extent especially in this high intensity combat sport. 

 Elite Sports has included the same level of precise craftsmanship and premium materials in youth boxing gloves as well. Constructed out of the same heavy duty PU leather with triple density gel for ultimate protection. These ultra-light gloves will offer an unbeatable shock absorption time and time again in day-to-day use whilst maintaining its structural and cosmetic integrity. Designed to continuously endure the even most intense sparring sessions and/or tournaments. Our elite kids’ boxing gloves prevent severe injuries and health issues. Elite Sports gloves have been pre-curved to fit around the hand so that it naturally forms a fist shape, with a layer of padding all over the whole of the back of the hand, fingers, and the thumb for ultimate overall comfort and protection. 

Also featuring an antimicrobial inner lining with sweat-wicking capabilities, our gloves will provide ultimate hygienic protection. Kids are usually distraught by the discomfort of damp, hot, and uncomfortable gloves experienced due to sweat, these boxing gloves for kids also come with a 3D cooling mesh that allows hands to remain cool & dry with proper airflow through the duration of the bout. Its sturdy velcro wrist closure straps will ensure the gloves fit snugly and securely without any slipping or looseness so that the main focus is on the fight. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your young one is equipped with top-notch combat gear for the best performance output potential.

Our kids’ boxing glove sizes range from 4 Oz - 8 Oz allowing young fighters of various sizes, and weight classes to enjoy these premium gloves. Color options for our gloves are abundant for various personalities & personal preferences such as black, gray, white, pink, orange, blue, brown, red, gold, and hi-viz yellow. All colors will have a black trim to compliment the design along with boasting our premium logo at the top of the fists and wrists. Our kids’ boxing gloves will offer nothing less than excellence for girls and boys who want to be the best and be equipped with the best.

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