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The Black Belt Promotion of Youngest Gracie By Kyra Gracie

The Black Belt Promotion of Youngest Gracie By Kyra Gracie

The skillful son of Gracie legend, Ryan Gracie who was a 4th-degree BJJ black belt, Rayron Gracie is the youngest Gracie ever who was promoted to black belt by a Gracie woman instructor. Rayron Gracie excelled in every belt level on the way to his promotion. He won multiple medals in the colored belt divisions. He is the first-ever Gracie who won in the open class as a purple belt.

On June 18, 2023, Rayron Gracie was promoted to his long-awaited black belt promotion by cousin and instructor, Kyra Gracie. Kyra Gracie is herself the first woman Gracie black belt. She is a 4th-degree BJJ black belt under her uncle, Carlos Gracie Jr. The belt promotion ceremony was conducted by Kyra Gracie.

Being the only son, Rayron Gracie was attached to his father. It was his love for his father that kept him succeeding in the martial art. He published a 28-minute documentary “Letters to My Father” where he expressed love for his father.

“I don’t have any brothers, so he was the only one who I’ve ever really looked up to. He was my hero. And once he passed away, I had questions and wanted to find the answers. So I started writing letters as a kid, to somehow continue to communicate with him.”

Rayron Gracie won the World Championship at almost every belt level. He was ranked the number one blue and purple belt by IBJJF. Recently in the brown belt division, Rayron won gold in the open class, cementing his status. Rayron is the only Gracie competing in Gi BJJ, while other members of the Gracie family are building their names in MMA, UFC, and Bellator.

“My mission as a black belt is to honor Carlos and Hélio, as Hélio to fight fiercely for a legacy and teach the next generations to be exceptional fighters. As Carlos, to reignite the philosophy, the foundation of our family which guided us for nearly 100 years and make those fighters… exceptional humans.”
- ( Rayron Gracie )

Kyra Gracie took to her Instagram and welcomed the youngest Gracie black belt.

Photo Credit: @kyragracie

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