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Renato Tavares - Top BJJ Competitor & Coach

Renato Tavares - Top BJJ Competitor & Coach

1. Renato Tavares’s Details

Renato Tavares’s Details
Name Renato Tavares
Nickname The Wizard
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Birth 20th January 1968
Weight Division Featherweight
Last Weigh-in N/A
Weight 145 lbs / 65.77 kg
Height 5'4"
College N/A
Rank 6th Degree Black belt
Last Fight        2022
Fighting Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Position N/A
Head Coach Carlson Gracie
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Renato Tavares
Fighting out of Vero Beach, Florida
Team Association American Top Team Academy
Facebook Logo Instagram Logo

2. Renato Tavares’s Biography

2.1. Who is Renato Tavares?

Renato Tavares is a former and highly professional fighter of the Carlson Gracie Team. Tavares is a 6th-degree black belt holder under Carlson Gracie Jr. Tavares is majorly renowned due to his top coaching abilities.

2.2. Renato Tavares Early Life

Renato Tavares was born on the 20 January 1968 in Rio de Janeiro. Tavares first entered the BJJ world after his doctor’s recommendation as he was facing some breathing issues. Tavares was just 6 years old when he started practicing jiu-jitsu.

Tavares learned the various top grappling techniques under top instructors but Elias Martins and  Geni Rebello are at the top of the list. Tavares was trained under their supervision at the “Academia Serrana” located in Teresopolis.

2.3. Training at Carlson Gracie Institute

When Renato Tavares was a purple belt, he moved to Rio de Janeiro and enrolled himself in Carlson Gracie gym. Under the supervision of Carlson Gracie Sr, Tavares learned various advanced grappling submission techniques and successfully applied them to secure victory in various top tournaments.

2.4. Teaching at Kentucky

In 2002, Jeff Davis, one of the best students of Renato Tavares invited him to come to America and teach at Kentucky. Tavares immediately accepted the offer, moved to the USA, and taught there for 1 year. Then after some years, Tavares became interested in MMA and decided to build his career. He also competed at the World Extreme Fighting 12 Championship in Ohio. But this golden era ended after his father's death as he returned to Brazil along with his mother due to their financial crisis.

2.5. Training at American Top Team

In 2003, Renato Tavares moved to the USA and started his training at the American Top Team. Conan Silveira, Marcelo, and Ricardo Liborio were his main training partners.

2.6. Renato Tavares Association

Renato Tavares also developed his own BJJ institute which is referred to as Renato Tavares Association. The main instructors include Fabricio Bicudo, Renato Tavares, and Melissa Bentley.

More than 15 academies are successfully teaching and spreading the global jiu-jitsu art. Renato Tavares Association has produced various top competitors who amazingly competed at various top championships. Tavares taught jiu-jitsu in an amazing manner that ultimately took the BJJ to a pro level in Parana. Within just three years of his teaching career, Tavares’s teaching capabilities were proved best when one of his students stole the limelight by becoming the first World Champion from Curitiba.

In the Renato Tavares Association, highly professional and skilled instructors taught the best programs to the students. The environment is also productive as it is equipped with all facilities such as the best equipment, the best training mats, and the desired space.

2.7. Renato Tavares’s Achievements

The grappling record of Renato Tavares is extremely impressive and inspiring as he showcased his grappling skills for about 3 decades.

Tavares has been competing in tournaments for more than 31 years. Similarly, his training period is about a total of 37 years. He started competing in tournaments at the age of 8.

At the time of his blue belt rank, Tavares was very competitive as he participated in 23 different BJJ Championships and won 18 among them with the second division. Tavares was also trained with some top BJJ athletes which include Crezio Chaves, Murilo Bustamante, Marcelo Alonso, Carlson Gracie Jr, Ricardo Liborio, Dela Riva, Ze Mario Sperry, and many more. Renato Tavares secured various winning titles in top tournaments including the World Championship, European Championship, and Pans Championship.

2.8. Promoted To Black Belt Rank

In 1995, Renato Tavares secured the black belt under his top instructor, Carlson Gracie. Then after 16 years, Renato awarded his 16 students with the black belt. Among them, 5 students are in Brazil while 11 are in the USA.

3. Renato Tavares’s Top Historic Fights

3.1. Renato Tavares vs Alexander Bergman

In 2009, ADCC Swedish Wrestling event, Renato Tavares competed against Alexander Bergman. In the initial phase of the match, Bergman attempted various takedown techniques but Tavares overcame them. Tavares displayed his mesmerizing fighting capabilities and secured the victory against Alexander Bergman based on the Referee's decision.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2009 ADCC Swedish Wrestling Event Alexander Bergman Win Referee Decision Finals Open Division

3.2. Master Renato Tavares vs Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa

In 2016, Fulton Brew-Jitsu event in Minneapolis, Renato Tavares faced Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa. Both fighters resisted hard to prevent the submission. Tavares attempted Sweeping and Guard Pass techniques but in the last few minutes, Torregrosa applied the Cross Collar Choke and won the match.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2016 Fulton Brew-Jitsu Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa Loss Cross Collar Choke N/A N/A

3.3. Renato Tavares vs Rafael Mendes

In the 2009 World Pro Championship, Renato Tavares faced Rafael Mendes. At the start of the battle, Mendes took control of Tavares and attempted various choke techniques. Tavares resisted Mendes’s strategies but at the end of the match, Mendes was declared as the winner based on the points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2009 World Pro Rafael Mendes Loss Referee Decision SF Featherweight

4. Renato Tavares’s Professional Record Breakdown

4.1 Renato Tavares’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Matches Wins Losses
By Points 0 1
By Submission 0 2
By Decision 3 2

4.2 Renato Tavares’s MMA Professional Record Breakdown

Matches Wins Losses
Others 2 0
By Submission 0 1
By Decision 0 1

5. Renato Tavares BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Marlon Medeiros W Referee Decision JitzKing Miami N/A N/A 2020
Saulo Ribeiro L Submission BJJ US Nationals N/A N/A 2009
Alexandre Soca L Points IBJJF World Final Match Featherweight Final 2014
Ulpiano Malachias W Referee Decision IBJJF Dallas Open Featherweight Final 2012
Ryan Hall L Referee Decision Super Fight 2 N/A N/A 2008
Rafael Mendes L Referee Decision World Pro Championship Featherweight Semi-Final 2009
Marcos "Yemaso" Torregrosa L Rear Naked choke Fulton Brew-Jitsu N/A N/A 2016
Alexander Bergman W Referee Decision ADCC Swedish Wrestling Event Open Division Finals 2009

5.1. Renato Tavares MMA Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Billy Vaughan W N/A Florida Regional N/A R1 2007
Masakazu Imanari L Heel Hook Deep 17 Impact N/A R2  
Eric O'Brien W Other Absolute Fighting Championship N/A R1 2004
Brian Geraghty W Other Freestyle Combat Challenge N/A R2 2003
Nick Spencer L Refree Decision World Extreme Fighting N/A R3 2002

6. Renato Tavares’s Fights

Saulo Ribeiro vs Renato Tavares 2009 BJJ US Nationals

MMA Travis Calanoc vs Renato Tavares

Submission #282 - Victor Estima vs Renato Tavares

Alexandre Soca vs Renato Tavares - 2014 IBJJF World Final Match

Jiu Jitsu Tournament - Fight Sports v Renato Tavares BJJ - Major League Jiu Jitsu 1st Semi - Ep 5/7

Photo Credit: @renatotavares1

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