Proven Ways To Be A Good BJJ Training Partner

Proven Ways To Be A Good BJJ Training Partner

Simply playing the BJJ game is not enough as the main thing that matters is how you play the game or perform your BJJ training. Instead of just finding a good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training partner, you should also become a good BJJ training partner for others to help them with their training. You can get the best passion to compete in the BJJ fights if your BJJ training partner gives you everlasting support and guidance. The most important person in the BJJ training other than your coach is your BJJ training partner. If you want to make the drilling productive for you then must learn the basic things for BJJ training. This article will give you a vivid insight into the top ways that you can use to become a good Jiu-Jitsu training partner.

Cain Velasquez, a famous American professional wrestler once said:

‘’You need good training partners because you are only as good as your training partners, and a strong desire to always get better’’.

1. Compassion Toward Your Training Partner

When you are training with your BJJ partner, make sure that you smoothly apply your all fighting techniques. Always try to remain gentle to your sparring partner without causing any harm. Don’t consider your training partner as dummies and firm bags on which you can practice your punches. If you are going to play aggressively then make your partner aware of this first to avoid any kind of sudden troubles during the BJJ fights. Always communicate with your partner before applying your signature techniques during training sessions and also ask about their expertise. The best thing is to simply go with highly competent training partners. Always pay attention to the techniques that your head coach teaches you that you can apply to secure the winning position in battle.

2. Show a Piece of Respect

Whether you are playing martial arts, basketball, football, or any other sport, always consider the value of respect towards the game and your training partner. A good BJJ partner should be respectful and exhibit kind and gentle behavior. You not only play the game in just physical manner but also put your moral values into the game which affects the both game and your training partner. If you respect the opinion of your partner in the game regarding the drills and techniques then you will be surely considered the best training partner with whom everybody would love to work. A famous Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Relson Gracie said:

‘’The big strong tough guy goes to class, and he keeps getting tapped by the skinny, technical guy. It begins to change him. It makes him humble’’.

Avoid being disrespectful towards your training partners and simply focus on your underlying techniques to achieve your martial arts goals. Once Carlos Gracie Jr said:

‘’Jiu-Jitsu is never about being better than others but being better than you were yesterday’’.

3. Train in Diversified Conditions

If you do not just want to become a good BJJ partner but also want to secure victory in top BJJ tournaments then make sure that you have in-depth knowledge of all BJJ tricks as well as the varied body types. Always try to have your training sessions with different kinds of opponents. If one day you are drilling with the undersized athlete then make sure that on the next day, you will complete your training session with the tall oversized fighter. By doing this, you will be surely familiar with all diverse body types and your body will also get adapted accordingly.

4. Holding the Pads

If you are practicing striking then make sure that you are aware of the proper usage of focus mitts. They are padded targets that are tightly attached to the gloves. These specialized training equipment are used by the athletes. During the entire training, your partner holds them for you.  If your instructor is teaching you the appropriate way to hold the pads then pay close attention and learn the holding. If you are the person in the training gym who does not know how to hold the pad or use it during the fight, then there is a greater chance that people will avoid becoming your training partners which will negatively affect your training.

5. Sharing of Knowledge

If you have in-depth knowledge then also help others to light their candles in it. Sharing the technical knowledge of BJJ fights with your training partner is highly beneficial for best drilling. When your training partner’s skills improve then somehow you will also get the positive effect. So never hesitate to share your learning with your BJJ training partner and always give them ideas regarding the latest BJJ techniques. But make sure that you share the knowledge only after getting permission from your main instructor to avoid any unethical terms related to your institute’s rules.

6. Focus and Consistency

A good BJJ training partner always concentrates their time and energy on improving their jiu-jitsu skills. If you are highly focused during your training then your training partner will also benefit from your determination. If you don’t listen to the teachings of your BJJ training coach then you will be unable to apply the proficient techniques and your speed will also be slower during the process of drilling. Fewer but improved repetitions can generate positive outcomes for you and your BJJ training partner.

7. Be Confident to Tap out

A good BJJ partner always kept his ego aside from the game. So learn to say yes to failure and always stay ready to acknowledge your defeat during the drilling. Don't think a lot to tap out if you experience the submission of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Instead of getting any injury, especially during joint locks, it's better to tap out as accepting the loss is also considered as a symbol of respect for your sparring partners.

8. Last words

If you want to become a good BJJ training partner then make sure that you possess the above-mentioned qualities such as focus and determination to the game, training under varied conditions, and exhibiting gentleness and respect towards your training partner. You should be fair enough to tap out when required. Also, share the desired knowledgable concepts with your BJJ training partner so they will also get an advantage from it. So it is concluded that by acquiring all these factors, you will be surely recognized as a good BJJ training partner.

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