Nick Rodriguez to Take on Elder Cruz at WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho on January 21

Nick Rodriguez to Take on Elder Cruz at WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho on January 21

Nick Rodriguez and Elder Cruz are ready to make their novice appearances at the WNO stage in Dallas, TX on January 21. Both heavyweights will square off in a match that’s sure to consume every inch of the mat space.

Checkmat’s "El Monstro," has been winning Pans and No-Gi titles, following a silver at the IBJJF World Championships after having a breakout year at brown belt. At the ADCC North American Trials 2021, he took part as a runner-up in the 88 kg division. His association with wrestling has helped him hone his style of smashing his opponents and taking them down.

The no. 5-ranked heavyweight champion, Nick Rod, is expected to be the toughest challenge for Cruz. With only a few years of experience, he has been honing his game alongside Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan, Ethan Crelinsten, and others on the B-team. In his fight WNO debut against Yuri Simoes, Nicky Rod exhibited his development in-game, using his body lock to pass Simoes’ guard twice.

Although he has groomed his techniques since his ADCC debut in 2019 and is still on his way to development, there is no place for fleshiness and explosiveness in his sports arsenal. To bring Rodriguez’s athletically-charged side into sight, the upcoming matchup with Cruz will prove to be a recipe to bring his potential to the forefront. Pulling the guard and staying back longer than necessary are not the traits of any of them.

The demonstration of their skills is not going to count any less. Both fighters have been associated with wrestling, which will add extra spices other than their heavy collar ties and powerful shots. Anything can be expected from these two natural wrestlers, though they have become increasingly sharp submission artists.

This bout has all the makings for a memorable night on a card full of exciting matchups.

Craig Jones vs. Pedro Marinho will take place on Friday, January 21, 2022, in Dallas, TX.

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