Necessary MMA Gear for Beginner Training

Necessary MMA Gear for Beginner Training

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Either you are preparing for MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu or any other martial art sport, there is always some training gear that you would need to have before starting. No training is done without training gear because we are not animals! If you have never invested or bought any gear then it might seem a little overpriced but we make sure the investment is worth. The common ones you will need are MMA gloves, punching bag, hand wraps, jump rope, MMA shorts, mouth guard, shin guards, groin guard and let’s not forget the apparel: shorts and rash guards. Yes, it is right, there are many other items that might be on your list and they sure are important but the ones we are going to discuss below are the core of your training.

The Apparel

Coming back from work, what a hectic day it was and when you find gym clothes, well they are not clean and you do not want to wear dirty smelly ones either. So, having three of four pairs of shorts and shirts specified for the gym will be good. Additionally, normal t-shirts and shorts could be restricting and cause rashes due to constant rubbing against skin. To avoid that you can buy some great MMA apparel and gear here.

Mouth Guard

Teeth are things that cannot grow back unless you are a toddler. During the matches and sparring it is necessary to have a mouthguard in there. However, when training alone you can forget that and let the jaw relax a little.

Groin Protector

Just like the mouth groin is very important to protect and have protection for. Similar at another level, you only need groin protection when training with partners, sparing, or in a match, other than that let things relax a little. Finding the one in which you are comfortable can be tricky and could take time. Trying out different groin protectors until you find the best one is a way that most people adapt. Compression shorts or pants with a pocket for padding to protect the sensitive are a thing now. With those, you can add protection when needed.

Pair of Gloves

Nothing is better than a good pair of gloves and nice under gloves hand wraps or gloves. Because MMA is a contact sport that uses hands for almost all its attacks so your moral duty is to protect those first. Even before your face. Yes, gloves only do so much but hey this is a dangerous sport and 100% protection is nothing. Wearing gloves, you will still have injuries but not as severe as if you were not wearing them at all. Wrist protection is also very important so always wear gloves and buy those which have wrist protection. Also, make sure you are wearing the right size. Having trouble selecting why don’t you have a look at how to select perfect gloves, a blog of ours?

Shin Guards

Yes, shin is the toughest baddest bone in the human body but be informed that MMA is a sport dangerous enough that it puts your toughest bone to danger. Legs are used to defend the attacks so that is why we are going for it. Plus, you would not want to bear the pain if shin gets hurt. As it is just good to have protection and that is exactly what shin guards do. If not too much your legs would be protected from abrasion, scratches, and sweet pain. Most of the trainers will tell you that it is necessary because it is so just listening to them. Quality material will protect you for longer.

Heavy Punching Bag

Most of the gym has punching bags and you do not need to buy those. But if you want to train little more at home perfecting your kicks, punches and other techniques then why not have one at home. Again, for whatever gear, apparel or any martial arts gear you need Elite Sports is where the best prices and quality is.

We might have missed your favorite gear and protection guard so, take that with a grain of salt. Happy training, bye!

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