Here Is How to Stay Fit and Active with Martial Arts

Here Is How to Stay Fit and Active with Martial Arts

People want to train martial arts for various reasons like self-defense, mastering a skill, to pursue a career in it, while for others it is just a source of fitness which is completely fine. Just so you know, martial arts are as effective as any other workout for fitness, in fact, it might be better if a regiment is followed thoroughly. This is because in martial arts different muscles of the body are activated and another workout like strength, weight lifting, etc. are also practiced. Whatever the reason may be for you, the following are the martial arts that will keep you fit and active. 

Muay Thai

Muay Thai was developed in Thailand, obviously, and it focuses on clinching techniques and striking from standing position. It is also known as the art of eight limbs because one can use eight parts of the body for striking i.e. kicks, knees, punches, and elbows. This is a hand to hand combat sport which teaches much more than just protection. The attacks are ruthless and unforgiving and to master those workouts and training one goes through are also killer. These exercises work on the body and help you lose weight effectively which makes it one of the best martial arts for fitness.  Planning on starting, you will need Muay Thai gear so buy it now. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is more commonly referred to as BJJ, and it is a combat style martial art that has its focus on grappling and ground fighting. This added benefit of BJJ for ground-based fighting gives it a good ranking for self-defense martial arts. With time it evolved and became famous. BJJ is also great as a fitness workout. In this martial art form even if your opponent is bigger than you there still is a change. BJJ teaches how to take your body as an advantage and effectively neutralize a larger threat. To be able to do that just imagine the training and practice you must go through, so without any doubt, it is one of the best martial arts for fitness.

Aerobic and anaerobic workouts are blended in such a way that often is considered better workout than weight lifting or cardio. Of course, the combination is meant to focus and activate muscles that will be most needed in BJJ but it sure provides great workout nonetheless. 

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts call it whatever you like, it is very popular these days and only by the name one can tell that it uses several techniques of different martial art forms. The reason to form MMA was that one martial art that is as effective as all other combined and uses the best-selected techniques. It is no doubt great for self-defense but along with that, it is a tough workout. One of the most physically demanding to say the least. We would personally recommend MMA training whether your goal is fitness or pure martial arts. But before beginning, you should know what things you need for MMA training as a beginner. 


Wrestling is somewhat like MMA for combining different techniques from other martial art styles. Yet, MMA is better on the perspective but everyone has their preferences and likings. Wrestling training is very demanding too and it works on the body good keeping the emphasis on the artist’s speed and strength. takedowns, joint locks, and upper body control archiving and mastering these things automatically get the body ripped but then of course strength, cardio, and weight workouts are a part of the routine. 

The catch!

The bottom line is all these martial arts are great for both self-defense and fitness, you can choose either one. switching between one and others is also good, if learning different martial arts is the goal then MMA is a better choice. Apart from these, there are many other forms that you can have a look at.

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