Mikey Musumeci Defends Flyweight Title Again At ONE Fight Night 13

Mikey Musumeci Defends Flyweight Title Again At ONE Fight Night 13

Mikey Musumeci paved his way to success by defending his title once again. He defended his title three times this year. And this time he defended his title against Jarred Brooks via submission at ONE Fight Night 13: Alazov vs Grigorian held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 4th of August 2023.

As we know Musumeci is a top grappler as well as the reigning champion in MMA with a record of 21-3-0. On the other hand, Jarred Brooks, also known as ‘The Monkey God’ has a record of 20-2 in MMA. They started the match very unusually when Musumeci applied for the K-guard position and ended up with Brooks between his legs. At the same time, Brooks secured the top and a control position. Musumeci tried to be offensive with his guard position and attacked while Brooks defended in a much better way and escaped. Musumeci strangled his heel and then tried to apply an armbar. But Brooks once again escaped and took the top position.

Musumeci applied for a heel hook and then quickly took the back of Brooks. Musumeci controlled Brooks from the back and had a strong grip of his legs around him. Brooks struggled hard to escape but this time Musumeci’s grip was strong enough that he could not get him to escape. But Brooks was fortunate about ending the session and the referee set them to stand.

Musumeci aggressively applied for a guard position. Brooks was in the top position but Musumeci tried his best to use his legs and apply submission. He took a few minutes to apply the triangle. It was a quick and tight triangle that transitioned into an armbar triangle. A few seconds passed and Mususmeci got the tap and became the Flyweight champion once again.

In ONE Championship Musumeci has now made the record of 5-0. He submitted two top grapplers consecutively and one with the decision in the same year. The CEO and chairman of ONE Championship, Chatri Sityodtong gave US$50,000 to Musumeci for his splendid submission. Here is the link to the complete video.

Photo Credit: @ONE Championship

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