Master Romero Cavalcanti: The Last Black Belt of Rolls Gracie

Master Romero Cavalcanti: The Last Black Belt of Rolls Gracie

1. Romero Cavalcanti Details

Romero Cavalcanti Details

Name  Romero Cavalcanti
Nickname Jacare
Date of Birth October 17, 1952
Age 71 years old
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Last fight N/A
Weight Division N/A
Career Disclosed Earning N/A 
Fought out of Brazil
College/university In US
Foundation Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Rank 8th Degree Red 5 White Coral Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Rolls Gracie -> Romero Cavalcanti
Team Association Alliance Academy
Favorite Position/ Technique Balão Sweep

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2. Romero Cavalcanti Biography

2.1. Who Is Romero Cavalcanti?

Master Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti is an 8th-degree Red and White Coral Belt holder. He is one of the best instructors in BJJ. In his prosperous coaching career, he has trained hundreds of successful and leading fighters. The most famous of them are Comprido, Ricardo Vieira, Rodrigo, Leonardo Vieira, Alexandre Paiva, and Fabio Gurgul.

Master Romero is one of the founders of Alliance Jiu-Jitsu. In 1995 Romero relocated to the US from Brazil. In the US, he gathered and prepared the team for international-level competitions. Romero Jacare was also awarded the title of “Instructor of The Year'' in 2009.

2.2. Romero's Early life

Romero Calvanti was born in Recife on October 17, 1952, in Reife, Brazil. His family relocated to Rio de Janeiro in his infancy. He got early BJJ training from Jaildo Gomes. He was the brother of elite Vale Tudo fighter Ivan Gomes. Romero continued his early Jiu-Jitsu training from Jaildo Gomes till the age of 18.

After 18 he changed his training institute and joined Carlos Gracie's Affiliate Academy, managed by Toninho, a Brown Belt at that time.

2.3. Blue Belt

When Romero achieved his Blue Belt, Toninho decided to level up Romero’s training and started to take him to Gracie Academy which made him train with elite grapplers.

2.4. Romero Stopped Practicing BJJ And Moved to America

In 1972, Jacare moved to New York for study purposes and stopped training for two years. During his stay in the US, Rolls Gracie used to visit him and they became good friends.

2.5. Back To BJJ Training With Rolls Gracie

So, at their return to Ro de Janeiro in 1974, Romeiro decided to resume training under the best BJJ coach of that time, Rolls Gracie. (Late)

Under the best coach on the field, Romeiro excelled at an incredible speed and developed an all-around offensive and defensive BJJ techniques. Romeiro considered Rolls Gracie a fatherly figure and a role model. Under a new coach, new environment, and with the company of all-time best grapplers and coaches like Carlos Gracie Jr. Rickson Gracie, Mauricio Gomes, Marcio Stambowsky, Paulo Conde, and Ricardo Azoury.

3. Romero Black Belt Achievement

Under the intense and expert guidance and training of Rolls Gracie, Romero Cavalcanti earned his Black Belt in 1982 from the legendary Rolls Gracie. Romero was also the last BJJ fighter awarded a Black Belt by Rolls Gracie.

In 1982 the unfortunate event of Rolls Gracie’s demise happened. After that saddening event, the younger brother of Rolls Gracie, Carlos Gracie Jr. started to manage the Academy but he has plans to open his own academy in the Barra da Tijuca área.

Amid all these events, Romeiro decided to train with Rickson Gracie’s Academy which was located in the Humaita area of Rio de Janeiro.

4. Start of Jacare Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Romeiro spent enough time at Gracie Academy and decided that it was time to start his own academy. It was the start of the Jacare Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Who knows that this academy will sprout fighters, leaders, and coaches of sublime caliber.

These are some of the renowned products of Jacare Jiu-Jitsu Academy: IBJJF Hall of Famer, Fabio Gurgel, Roberto Traven, Jamelao, and many more. In early 1993 Romeiro and some other fellows of the same caliber decided to start something that can channel their combined potential and produce something greater than they can achieve individually. They founded an academy known as Alliance.

Amid the progression of Alliance, Romeiro decided to level up the skills of his team and moved to the US. They stayed in Miami for some time and settled in Atlanta.

5. Foundations of Alliance Team

This is how the legends are made. No one knew the historic importance and the impact that Academia Alliance will be going to make in the near future.

5.1. Turnaround of Unexpected Events for Alliance in 2000

Due to peer pressure and some internal affairs, the majority of Alliance Black Belts chose to join other academies. Alliance experienced the biggest setback. But Alliance had Romero and Fabio Gurgel and one thing they learned and taught throughout their entire course of training and fighting period is “Never Quit”.

5.2. Persistency of Master Romero

He always believed that a comeback is always greater than a setback. After a few years in corrections away from the IBJJF. The passion, experience, and fortitude of Roemeiro combined with the sublime experience of the “General '' Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre ‘Gigi” Paiva. They were also the leading Alliance team. Together, they have built the stronger foundations of the Alliance team by producing world-class grapplers and winning the most World Championship Titles. 

5.3. Achievements of Alliance Team

  • 13 World Titles in Eight Years, from 1998 to 2022
  • Two World Titles - 2022, 2023

6. Romero Cavalcanti Techniques

VERY RARE Alliance Jiu Jitsu Technique Demonstration Romero Jacare, Leo Vieira & Fabio Gurgel

LEGENDS of Alliance Seminar

Romero "Jacaré" Cavalcanti and Fabio Gurgel BJJ seminar at World Master 2016

Photo Credit: @masterjacare & @mike_anderson_bjj

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