BJJ Coral Belts - Journey of Consistency

BJJ Coral Belts - Journey of Consistency

1. Adult Belt System in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The BJJ belt ranking system explains the progression of students' skills. If you are working and practicing hard on improving your skills, this will increase the chances of you being promoted to higher belt ranks.

These belts are worn as part of the uniform, serving as an indication of your ranking in a fight or in training.

There are eight belts in a BJJ adult belt ranking system. These include the following:

  1. White Belt
  2. Blue Belt
  3. Purple Belt
  4. Brown Belt
  5. Black Belt
  6. Coral Belt (Red/Black)
  7. Coral Belt (Red/White)
  8. Red Belt

2. What is the BJJ Coral Belt?

The BJJ coral belt is the rank following the black belt in the BJJ belt ranking. When a practitioner achieves this belt, he/she will have almost mastered the majority of jiu-jitsu techniques. The knowledge of BJJ is so vast that it is impossible to learn all the techniques and their variations. However, BJJ coral belt holders have dedicated most of their lives to jiu-jitsu.

3. Achievement of BJJ Coral Belts

Receiving higher-ranking belts is not an easy task. It will require a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful. BJJ Coral belts require almost dedication almost throughout your entire life.

Earning a coral belt gives you the credentials to open up your own jiu-jitsu academy. At this point, you have mastered many techniques that you can share with other students. It's the best time to show what you have learned from training in jiu-jitsu.

Moreover, you can conduct your own seminars and tournaments, or you can create instructional videos to make it easier to share information.

At this point, you tend to focus less on your self-growth and concentrate on helping the other jiu-jitsu students. The coral belt is one of the highest rank in the jiu Jitsu belt system and it comes with the most responsibilities.

4. Coral Belt Classification

The coral belt is a significant achievement for BJJ fighters. There are two types of coral belts in the BJJ belt ranking

4.1. Coral (Red/Black) Belt

It is termed a coral belt because it resembles the skin color of coral snakes, a red and black pattern. It is the seventh on the BJJ belt rankings, while in judo, the coral belt is the fourth belt in the judo belt rankings. Depending on the martial arts form, the coral belt can either be high or low on the rankings.

Coral (Red/Black) Belt
Photo credit: @wikimedia

Who Can Win the Coral (Red/Black) Belt

This belt is achieved by some of the most accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. There aren't any specific requirements for this belt, such as minimum time spent in all the previous belts, but the practitioner must have had a notable impact while learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

  • You have the potential to be a role model to younger practitioners.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is something you can promote.
  • You can improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills.

4.2. Red White Coral Belt BJJ

This belt is the eighth-level belt in the BJJ ranking system. It is a new addition to the BJJ ranking order. This coral belt became part of the ranking system in 2013 and was placed in between the red/black coral and red belts.

5. Difference Between the Red White Coral Belt and the Red Black Coral Belt?

You can achieve the BJJ red/white belt after receiving your red/black belt. The BJJ red/white belt is a higher rank than the red/black belt. The red/white belt represents the eighth-degree BJJ black belt, while the red/black belt represents the seventh-degree BJJ black belt. You will spend more time as a red /white belt than you will as a red/black belt.

6. BJJ Coral Belt Requirements

If you want to achieve a coral belt, you will need to train for 30 years as a black belt holder. This requires consistency and a lot of hard work, as well as a tough yet regular training routine that will get progressively harder.

This gentle art requires devotion for your whole life. For example, if you had achieved your black belt at the age of 40 and then stopped practicing for 20 to 30 years, you will not be eligible to get a coral belt. To get a coral belt, you should be actively practicing jiu-jitsu during these years.

Receiving a coral belt is a prominent achievement. These are given to a select few in a big ceremony. Moreover, you do not have to take a test to be eligble to receive a BJJ coral belt.

You are given the coral belts based on your progress and your previous fighting performances. Most fighters achieve their BJJ coral belt in their 60s.

7. List of BJJ Coral Belts

There are some fighters that are famous because of their coral belt achievements.

7.1. BJJ Coral (Red/Black) Belt Holders

Royce Gracie

One of the brightest fighters in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighting, Royce Gracier belongs to the famous founding family of BJJ, the Gracie family.

Sergio “Malibu” Jardim

In 2011, Jardim achieved his coral belt from his instructor, Rickson Gracie.

Carlos “Caique” Elias

One of the very few fighters that does not belong to the Gracie family, Elias still worked hard and achieved the coral belt. He was given the belt by Helio Gracie.

Charles Gracie

Son of Robson Gracie, Charles was a popular BJJ, and MAA trainer. He started training at the age of five and is the creator of Charles Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Rolker Gracie

Rolker belongs to the fourth generation of Helio Gracie, prominent coach of Rio de Janeiro academy.

Carlos Valente

Valente received his seventh-degree coral belt from Robson Gracie in 2011.

Jorge Pereira

Pereira Earned his jiu-jitsu seventh-degree coral belt from Rickon Gracie in 1986.

Nelson Monteiro

Monteiro received his coral belt in 2019 from his mentor Carlos Gracie Jr.

Carlos “Bagana” Lima

After receiving his black belt from Carlos Gracie, Lima worked hard until he received his coral belt from Robson Gracie in 2018.

Fighter Awarded by Year
Royce Gracie Rickson Gracie  -
Sergio “Malibu” Jardim Rickson Gracie 2011
Carlos “Caique” Elias Rickson Gracie 2009
Rolker Gracie Rickson Gracie  -
Carlos Valente Robson Gracie 2011
Jorge Pereira Rickon Gracie 1986
Fabricio Martins Costa Osvaldo Alves 2012
Nelson Monteiro Carlos Gracie 2019
Carlos “Bagana” Lima Robson Gracie. 2018

7.2. BJJ Coral (Red/Black) Belt Holders

Carlos Gracie

Carlos Gracie established the IBJJF International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Jean Jacques Machado

Machado is a BJJ practitioner who started learning at a very early age. He received his eighth coral belt from Rickson Gracie in 2011.

Ricardo Murgel

Murgel is a professional instructor and creator of the Union team. He is now a 9th-belt holder and received his 8th coral belt from Flavio Behring.

Marcus Soares

Soares is the creator of the jiu-jitsu academy in Canada. He received his red/white coral belt from Carlos Gracie.

Carlos Machado

Machado received his coral belt from Carlos Gracie in 2020. Initially, he was trained by his uncle, Helio Gracie.

Rigan Machado

Machado is a popular BJJ practitioner with a highlighted record of 365 wins.

Luiz Palhares

An instructor at Jacksonville Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Palhares Earned his 8th-ranked belt from Carlos Robson in 2018.

Pedro Sauer

A passionate and devoted practitioner, Sauer started training in martial arts at the age of five. He received his coral belt from Rickson Gracie.

Marcio Stambowsky

Stambowsky was among one of the top BJJ fighters and coral belt holders in 2010. He is the founder of professional Bellator MMA fighter Neiman Gracie Stambowsky.

Fighter Awarded by Year
Carlos Gracie Rolls Gracie 2015
Jean Jacques Machado Rickson Gracie 2011
Ricardo Murgel Flavio Behring -
Marcus Soares Carlson Gracie  -
Carlos Machado Rigan Machado 2020
Rigan Machado Carlos Gracie -
Luiz Palhares Carlos Robson Gracie 2018
Pedro Sauer Rickson Gracie -
Marcio Stambowsky Renzo Gracie 2010

8. Youngest BJJ Coral Belt Holder

Carlos Antonio Rosado is a BJJ 9th-degree red belt and the youngest fighter to ever receive the nominal rank in martial arts. He is also the only red belt ever recognized by Carlson Gracie.

Although the journey to achieve his coral belt was not an easy task, Rosado was passionate and devoted. He competed in several different competitions. His performance was observed by the famous Carlson Gracie, who noticed his fighting skills. In 1979, he received his black belt.

After continuing to practice for 40 years after receiving his black belt, Rosado was awarded the honor of the youngest red belt achiever.

9. Conclusion

BJJ is a long struggle and you can only achieve a red belt if you devote most of your life to this martial art. Many BJJ legends devoted their entire life to this sport and their achievement of the coral belt indicates their hard work paid off. Moreover, if you want to start your  BJJ journey, keep in mind that consistency and patience are crucial to success.

Photo credit: @carlosmachadojiujitsumidcities

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