Mackenzie Dern Gets Invite to ADCC World Championship 2024

Mackenzie Dern Gets Invite to ADCC World Championship 2024

Super victorious 3rd-degree BJJ black belt and UFC strawweight competitor Mackenzie Dern is all set to return to ADCC mats. The contender of UFC won the tournament of ADCC in the year of 2015. Mackenzie has been regarded as one of the most successful fighters of the generation. She had the privilege of winning the IBJJF and ADCC championships in 2015. She has marked her name in history by competing among the top contenders and putting together a record of 13-5-0 in the UFC until March 2024. Dern is one of the top BJJ fighters who competed in UFC and won multiple fights via submissions.

Mackenzie Dern and ADCC announced the exciting news through an Instagram post: 

“ADCC 2024: ADCC Champion Mackenzie Dern steps back on the mats as she goes for another title in the new -55 kg division”

The news gave a jolt to the fans that Dern is ready to be part of ADCC 2024. Previously, at the onset of the year, Dern showed her desire to be part of professional grappling. In a trace, she said at the press conference that she hoped to receive the invitation to ADCC 2024. Mackenzie Dern boosted an imposing outcome by grabbing multiple titles in the IBJJF competitions. She won many fights over fierce and vigorous contenders like Michelle Nicolini, Tammi Musumeci, and Gabi Garcia.

This year Dern will compete in the 55kg division. Dern is a high-profile veteran, who secured an ADCC invite out of 12. She became the third female fighter who entered the ADCC 2024. The first two competitors are Margot Ciccarelli and Ana Rodrigues , the third person on the list, is Mackenzie Dern. After 7 years, she would appear on the platform of professional grappling. She had gained a huge opportunity to become the first female fighter in the ADCC to win in two different regular weight classes.

The ADCC World Championship will be held on August 15th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: @adcc_official

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