Sarah Galvao Wins Purple Belt Double Gold at IBJJF Pan Championship 2024

Sarah Galvao Wins Purple Belt Double Gold at IBJJF Pan Championship 2024

Sarah Galvao won double gold medals in the purple belt division. She showed sheer tenacity in her performance in the IBJJF Pan Championship 2024 event. Sarah is the daughter of legendary BJJ coach and athlete Andre Galvao who is a tremendous competitor.

A 17-year-old American young fighter was promoted to the purple belt division by defeating skillful competitors In the IBJJF World Championship 2023. Sarah won double gold medals as a juvenile blue belt. It was a prestigious moment for her to be promoted to purple belt rank by her parents, Andre and Angelica Galvao .

They made a post on their Instagram:

“Our juvenile team won once again the IBJJF World title!

We completed the Grand Slam in the 2022/23 season and now a new journey begins!”

“#1 We are the best juvenile team in the world.

Second: 3 of our juveniles were promoted to purple belt today: Sarah Galvao, Lillian Marchand, and Jadeya Reber.”

“Congratulations, girls! Very well deserved.’’”

Galvao has achieved an extraordinary milestone, as she set out her prowess at the platform of IBJJF majors and depicted phenomenal techniques on the gigantic stages of Jiu-Jitsu. She has now qualified into the purple belt division and began a new journey of success.

She has marked her identity through her remarkable performance by winning a tough lightweight division before absolute weight. Sarah is enthusiastic about the world of grappling and is a little away from receiving a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Galvao made a bout against the proficient athlete Vitor Gabriella. The ADXC 1 competition started and Galvao came up with a stunning submission victory. She praises herself with the words: 

“Vitoria is a very strong girl. I have great confidence in my jiu-jitsu skills, and I set out to showcase them. I emerged victorious in the end.”

She does not have the word stop in her dictionary, she competed for an additional super fight against Sabrina Lourenco at the IBJJF No Gi Absolute Grand Prix 2024. She had accumulated 11 points and forged her path towards victory. Sarah Galvao's meteoric rise evolved the landscape of jiu-jitsu, where young BJJ athletes are reaching the elite technical levels. She is preparing for her upcoming electrifying performances. 

Photo Credit: @sarah_galvao1 & @IBJJF

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