Learn Combat Sport BJJ Software - Smoothcomp

Learn Combat Sport BJJ Software- Smoothcomp

1. Introduction

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Smoothcomp is a unique piece of software that provides a page for combat sports. It took years to shape this software. Smoothcomp is software that provides a platform for extensive organizational skills. It is designed for martial arts competitions that keep the organizers, instructors, and fighters on the same page. Moreover, it is an effective and time-saving solution. Now, it is considered a must-have for every jiu-jitsu fighter. 

2. Smoothcomp Service Platform

Smoothcomp is a platform that provides the podium for martial arts competitions, The main objective of Smoothcomp is to unite countries. Moreover, its goal is to organize the tournaments with the notion of peacefulness.

It is a self-based service program that provides flexibility at the same time. It gives you endless possibilities with the variations in weight divisions.

In addition, it shows the competitor list, and the brackets, it is displayed after the bird registration. It provides a list of the tournament protocols with hundreds of possibilities. It offers the smoothest way to follow the BJJ tournaments with a click. The best part is that it provides coupons, allows a refund policy, and also accepts late fees. 

2.1. Smoothcomp Developer

Smoothcomp Developer
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Martin Janson is a 44 year old 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Janson joined martial arts in 1996, he has Swedish nationality. In the year of 2005, he dedicated his passion to the BJJ. Janson became the black belt in jiu-jitsu in 2009, he runs his academy located in Stenungsund. He organizes the Swedish Open in BJJ each year.

He introduced Pixelstore in 2005, Martin Janson developed martial arts competition software with Ricard Carneborn and his team, the application of Smoothcomp shows the experiences of Martin Janson in the martial art of jiu-jitsu. It is the most logical and user-friendly system that avoids all of the unnecessary steps. This software boosts the positive experience of the users that starts from the grapplers and reaches towards the organizers. 

3. BJJ Event Finder

Smoothcomp is the first software for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It is the best event-finding software that is designed for BJJ fighters.

It is tournament software for the combat sport of jiu-jitsu. It empowers the world of exceptional jiu-jitsu competitions, where the top contenders can square off against each other.

Smoothcomp software provides a platform for well-known martial arts that include:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Judo

  • Thai boxing

  • Karate

  • Wrestling

  • Taekwondo

  • Boxing

  • Mixed martial arts

  • JJIF Jutsu

  • Sambo

  • Wushu Sanda

  • Folkstyle 

3.1. Big Step for Athlete Community

Smoothcomp went a step further, and with the efforts of multiple years, it has become the most demanding tool that provides ease with the maximum possibilities. Every event is sorted by the date and also provides the distance from the specified location.

This software helps you find a particular event from the comfort of your home. It has now taken the shape of the largest event calendar; about 200 events accept registration from across the world. In this way, this platform is increasing steadily. 

3.2.Time-Saving Solution

Time-Saving Solution

Smoothcomp is the event searcher that navigates the location, and you can also adjust the radius in the map.

If you are a competitor or the organizer, it will work with everyone in one place. You can find out about martial arts events not only at your location but across the world. Fighters can save time with the special privilege of viewing upcoming tournaments.

This software provides a platform where the coaches can schedule upcoming events, go for online payments, and handle bracket creation. It helps the instructors by saving their time, as they can now find the best fighter and can do the registration and payment process in one place. 

3.3. Provide Constant Updates

This platform comes with a variety of system upgrades, and this software changes the records instantly. In addition, it shows the live stream of the tournaments, with information on the top contenders, and displays the leading team.

Smoothcomp displays every category of jiu-jitsu, including the weight brackets and the age divisions. This software shows the results of every category including adults and junior division. It also displays the clubs and team records. 

3.4. Protocols for the Tournaments

This software from Smoothcomp is designed with a specified set of rules that provides innumerable opportunities for its users, including fighters, coaches, instructors, and event organizers. This easy-to-use software gives an incredible experience, which provides one for the various martial arts. With the diversity of the platform, it unites not only the martial arts in one place but also the countries.

Smoothcomp has a wide variety of opportunities for everyone, which also provides the tournament protocols. For the martial art of jiu-jitsu, it has a specified submission ruleset. It offers hundreds of possibilities for the BJJ competitors, this software can provide an unforgettable experience with tremendous awards.

The tournaments of Brazilian jiu-jitsu are played under the standard rules of ISOF and EBI overtime or double elimination. The organizers held the BJJ tournaments with a wide set of age and weight divisions that included the categories of adults, teens, and youth. The rules of the different categories are defined according to the skill set, weight, and age division. 

3.5. Registration Method

With the easy-to-use registration method, the user can book their online registration. It comes with a different prize set and also provides the benefit of a discount for those who register early.

You can follow up on the dates and deadlines for the BJJ tournaments. From the category of kids to the adult division, there are unlimited opportunities for the GI and No GI competitions.

In addition, if the fighter wants to quit, with the refund policy, they can get the payment before the closing of the registration for that specific event. 

4. FAQs

4.1. Who are the users of this software?

The software Smoothcomp is used by martial arts fighters, instructors, and event organizers. As an event organizer platform, it has been used by various BJJ federations, including the Swedish BJJ Federation, Abu Dhabi Combat Club ADCC, the Swedish Submission Wrestling Federation, and the martial arts events of the UK, USA, and Russia. 

4.2. How do we purchase it?

The users are required to set up the account and follow the steps for purchasing. The main benefit is that you are not required to pay any yearly fee or sign any contract, all you need to do is pay for the things you use. 

4.3. Is there some similar software in the market?

This platform is very easy to use, and the organizers claim that this software has avoided every unnecessary step. This is the comprehensive system that is organized around the particular sequences of martial arts competitions. It provides convenience for every jiu-jitsu fighter. Moreover, it provides convenience with reliable software. 

5. Final Words

Smoothcomp is a time-saving software that provides continual upgrades. This software in the BJJ community, became the most popular tool, as it comes up with unlimited benefits in one place. It is a magnificent place for the event organizers, fighters, and event finders. In addition, it offers the facility of online registration and minimizes the work of the organizers and the instructors at the same time. Smoothcomp is a smart platform that unites not only nations all around the globe but also fighters, instructors, and event management.

The best part is you need to pay for the facilities you have utilized, there are no yearly charges.

The instructors can do all of the registrations instantly. It offers maximum opportunities for the jiu-jitsu fighters.

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