Lachlan Giles - Australian BJJ Black Belt Competitor and Coach

Lachlan Giles - Australian BJJ Black Belt Competitor and Coach

1. Lachlan Giles’s Details

Lachlan Giles’s Details
Name Lachlan Sven McDonald Giles
Nickname Velachiraptor
Born Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Date of Birth  June 17, 1986
Age  37 years
Weight Division Welter-weight
Last Weight-in  N/A
Height  5’6”
Disclosed Career Earnings  N/A
Rank  Black Belt
Last Fight N/A
Favorite Position  Crucifix Armbar/Inside Heel-Hook
Head Coach  Thiago Stefanutti
University  Ph.D. in Physiotherapy, La Trobe University
Lineage  Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Jr > Jean Jacques Machado / Rigan Machado > John Will > John Simon > Lachlan Giles
Fighting out of  N/A
Team Association  Absolute MMA
Facebook Logo Instagram Logo

2. Lachlan Giles’s Biography

Lachlan Giles is an admired Australian BJJ black belt under John Simon and has also worked extensively with Tyrone Crosse and Thiago Stefanutti. He is well-known for his no-gi success and his heel hook pedigree. Giles is the head coach at Absolute MMA and has been influential in developing exceptional athletes such as Livia Gluchowska (his wife) and Craig Jones. He is also considered the founder of K-Guard and the "outside sankaku" (50/50 or half guard) position. He is an outstanding technical coach and instructor with a PhD in physiotherapy.

2.1. Lachlan Giles’s Early Life

Lachlan Giles was born in Victoria on June 17, 1986, in a southeastern state in Australia. Giles started practicing kung fu during his teens, getting inspired by watching Jet Li’s martial arts transmission. About one year into his martial arts training, Giles watched a tape on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and was at once amazed by Royce Gracie‘s jiu-jitsu tactics. Believing this was his best form of self-defense, at the age of fifteen Giles joined a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, gradually distancing himself from kung fu throughout the following months to focus merely on his fighting.

Giles started his Jiu Jitsu practice with his coach Tyrone Crosse, he advanced him from a white to purple belt. Unfortunately, due to an acute knee injury, Giles had a break from training. Upon his return, the local BJJ academy shifted to a new instructor, John Simon. He promoted Lachlan Giles to brown and black belt in 2012. 

In one of Giles's interviews, he said about his life lessons from BJJ:

‘’Learning wrestling is like learning mathematics, if you just keep trying and keep practicing and do it the right way you can kind of learn the process but it requires a little more explosiveness and physical attributes in learning wrestling’’.

2.2. Lachlan Giles’s Coaching Career

Giles started coaching at Renegade MMA in 2013. Quickly progressing as an instructor, he concentrated on coaching at Absolute MMA, a Melbourne City Center (CBD) gym under head coach Thiago Stefanutti. Thiago quickly substantially impacted Lachlan Giles’s BJJ game, awarding him a black belt. Afterward, showing his talents as a jiu-jitsu coach at CBD, they invited Giles to be the instructor when the Absolute MMA association opened a second branch in St Kilda (2014)—an offer accepted by Giles.

He worked with numerous successful grapplers from the St Kilda location, including high-profile athletes such as Livia Gluchowska and Craig Jones.

2.3. Lachlan Giles- An Intellectual Athlete

Giles is an intelligent man. Besides his modest and humble nature, he also holds a PhD in physiotherapy, which he completed in 2016, and has four peer-reviewed publications that focus on patellofemoral pain. As an intellectual athlete, Giles effectively conveys his knowledge clearly and comprehensively. He is one of the top coaches and teachers of the modern era.

2.4. Lachlan Giles’s Top Achievements

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Bronze Medalist (2017), 3-time ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials Champion, and IBJJF World Championship No-Gi Bronze Medalist. In 2014, he achieved a remarkable accomplishment by sweeping the black belt division at Australia’s prestigious Pan Pacific Championships, winning four gold medals. At this time, Giles’s most outstanding performances were the Kinektic Invitational, where he single-handedly swept the entire opposing team, securing victories through four heel hooks and one armbar, and the 2019 ADCC World Championships. His extraordinary performance shows how much he is prepared for it. He said:

“To win a BJJ fight not only do your skills matter, but there are a bunch of other factors that help you win the fight. Like you should know your strategy, how powerful and fit you are, and how aggressively you play but within the rules’’.

2.5. Lachlan Giles’s Best Fight of All Time

In the 2019 Kinektic Invitational 1 tournament, Giles swept his opponent team, submitting five opponents single-handedly. His first match was against Marcelo Garcia. He used a leg drag pass as a transition and finished the game with an inside heel lock. After that, he defeated three more opponent fighters, Will Weed, Chris Lytle, and Ricco Rodriguez, with the same technique. He submitted one of the opponents, Joe Riggs, with an armbar. This outstanding fight won him a gold medal.

2.6. Lachlan Giles- Accused of Using Steroids

In the 2019 ADCC World Championship, Gordan Ryan submitted Lachlan Giles and won a silver medal. In 2020, Giles posted on Instagram saying, “Those who have won medals while using PEDs should relinquish any accomplishments,” to which Ryan accused him of using steroids. Later on, Giles decided to shut Ryan with a bet. He said:

“My 500k vs your 5k, any time between now and ADCC 2021. You can tell me to get tested and I will go to ASADA to get tested as fast as possible. You pay for the test, and If I come back positive you get 500k.”

To date, Ryan hasn’t responded to the challenge.

2.7. Lachlan Giles’s Professional Record

BJJ athlete, physiotherapy Ph.D., ADCC open weight bronze medalist, and a head coach of Absolute MMA, Giles is the world’s top-class grappler with a professional record of 38 wins and 19 losses since the beginning of his career as a black belt BJJ.

3. Lachlan Giles’s Top Historic Fights

3.1. Lachlan Giles vs Kynan Duarte

In the 2019 ADCC World Championship, Lachlan Giles won a fight against Kynan Duarte using his signature technique inside heel hock. It was a 10-minute fight, but Giles submitted him 3 minutes into the match. Giles started the game with a leg lock attack, bringing down his opponent by inside heel hock.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2019 ADCC World Championship Kynan Duarte Win Inside heel hock R1 ABS

3.2. Lachlan Giles vs. Kade Ruotolo

In the 2022 ADCC World Championship, an electrifying grappling match occurred between Lachlan Giles and Kade Ruotolo. The match lasts for 10 minutes. At first, Giles practiced his leg enlargements and tried to lock Ruotolo, but unfortunately, Kade Ruotolo used the cross-side armbar technique and won the fight.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 ADCC World Championship  Kade Ruotolo Loss Armbar R1 77KG

3.3. Lachlan Giles vs. Patrick Gaudio

In the 2019 ADCC World Championship, a grappling fight was held between Lachlan Giles and Patrick Gaudio. During that 10-minute battle, Giles had an excellent grip on leg locks toward his opponent. He then uses his heel hook position to win the fight. This string of heel hooks made him win the bronze medal in the tournament.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2019 ADCC World Championship  Patrick Gaudio Win Inside heel hook 4F ABS

4. Lachlan Giles’s National and International Achievements

Year Event Medal/Position Weight/Division
2015 ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials Gold Gold Medal Icon 77KG
2015 Boa Super 8 1st Edition Silver Silver Medal Icon 70KG
2015 Boa Super 8 2nd Edition Silver Silver Medal Icon 85KG
2015 EBI 5 Bronze Bronze Medal Icon 70KG
2016 IBJJF Pan-Pacific Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon 82KG
2016 IBJJF Pan-Pacific Championship No-Gi Gold Gold Medal Icon 82KG
2017 ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials Gold Gold Medal Icon 77KG
2017 IBJJF Pan-Pacific Championship No-Gi Gold Gold Medal Icon 82KG
2017 IBJJF Pan-Pacific Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon 82KG
2017 IBJJF World Championship No-Gi Bronze Bronze Medal Icon 73KG
2018 UAEJJF Continental Pro Gold Gold Medal Icon 85KG
2018 UAEJJF Grand Slam Abu Dhabi Silver Silver Medal Icon 77KG
2019 ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials Gold Gold Medal Icon 77KG
2019 Kinektic Invitational 1 Gold Gold Medal Icon ABS
2019 ADCC World Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon ABS

5. Lachlan Giles’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

57 matches 38 wins 19 losses
By points  6 5
By advantages  3 3
By submission  25 7
By decision  3 3
By penalties  0 1
By EBI/OT 1 0

5.1. Methods of Submission W/L

Methods Wins Losses
Inside heel hook  13 0
Armbar  3 3
Outside heel hook  1 0
Triangle sheild lock 1 0
Choke from back 1 1
RNC  1 1
Crucifix armbar  3 0
Americana  1 0
Anaconda choke  1 0
Choke  0 1
Mounted X Choke  0 1

6. Lachlan Giles’s BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
William Dias L Adv Boa Super 8 85KG 4F 2015
Marcio Lemos W Crucifix armbar Boa Super 8 77KG 4F 2015
Leo Arruda W Referee Decision Boa Super 8 77KG SF 2015
Roberto Satoshi L Choke Boa Super 8 77KG F 2015
Gilbert Burns L Armbar ADCC 77KG R1 2015
Edwin Najmi W Pts: 4x4, Adv Boa Super 8 70KG 4F 2015
Peter Vela W Armbar Boa Super 8 70KG SF 2015
Leon Amancio L Pts: 2x0 Boa Super 8 70KG F 2015
Nathan Orchard W EBI/OT EBI 5 70KG R1 2015
Rany Yahya W Armbar EBI 5 70KG 4F 2015
Garry Tonon L Armbar EBI 5 70KG SF 2015
Renan Borges W Americana World Champ. 76KG R1 2016
JT Torres L Choke from back World Champ. 76KG R2 2016
William Dias W Choke from back Pan Pacific 82KG RR 2016
William Dias W Pts: 4x2 Pan Pacific 82KG F 2016
Francisco Iturralde L Pts: 8x4 NoGi Worlds 79KG 4F 2016
Samuel Snow W Pts: 5x0 World Champ. 82KG R1 2017
Otavio Sousa L Mounted X choke World Champ. 82KG 8F 2017
JT Torres L Pts: 2x0 ADCC 77KG E1 2017
Tyrone Coppedge W Anaconda choke Pan Pacific 82KG SF 2017
Diego Colino W Pts: 10x0 Pan Pacific 82KG F 2017
Michael Tohme W Crucifix armbar Pan Pacific ABS SF 2017
Robert Frias W RNC Pan Pacific ABS F 2017
David Garmo W Crucifix armbar NoGi Worlds 73KG R2 2017
Frederico Augusto W Pts: 6x2 NoGi Worlds 73KG 4F 2017
AJ Agazarm L Pts: 2x0 NoGi Worlds 73KG SF 2017
Raphael Mello W Pts: 4x0 Grand Slam AD 77KG 4F 2018
Julio Anjos W Pts: 2x2, Adv Grand Slam AD 77KG SF 2018
Flavio Vianna L Pts: 0x0, Adv Grand Slam AD 77KG F 2018
Renato Silva W Pts: 3x0 Continental Pro 85KG RR 2018
Burak Sarman W Pts: 2x2, Adv Continental Pro 85KG F 2018
Jake Mackenzie L Referee Decision World Pro 77KG R1 2018
Oliver Taza L Referee Decision Polaris 7 77KG SPF 2018
Rida Haisam W Inside heel hook Wu Lin Fang ABS R1 2018
Rida Haisam W Outside heel hook Wu Lin Fang ABS R2 2018
Mansher Khera L Referee Decision Polaris 8 77KG SPF 2018
Vitor Oliveira L Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds 79KG R1 2018
Bradley Hill W Inside heel hook GrappleFest 4 ABS SPF 2019
Shinji Morito W Inside heel hook ADCC Asia Trials 77KG R1 2019
Hayden Limebeer W Inside heel hook ADCC Asia Trials 77KG 4F 2019
Masahiro Iwasaki W Referee Decision ADCC Asia Trials 77KG SF 2019
O. Kassimov W Inside heel hook ADCC Asia Trials 77KG F 2019
Ross Nicholls W Referee Decision GrappleFest 5 80KG SPF 2019
Mansher Khera W Inside heel hook Kinektic 1 ABS R1 2019
Will Weed W Inside heel hook Kinektic 1 ABS R2 2019
Joe Riggs W Armbar Kinektic 1 ABS R3 2019
Chris Lyttle W Inside heel hook Kinektic 1 ABS R4 2019
Ricco Rodriguez W Inside heel hook Kinektic 1 ABS R5 2019
Lucas Lepri L Pts: 3x0 ADCC 77KG R1 2019
Kaynan Duarte W Inside heel hook ADCC ABS R1 2019
Patrick Gaudio W Inside heel hook ADCC ABS 4F 2019
Gordon Ryan L RNC ADCC ABS SF 2019
Mahamed Aly W Inside heel hook ADCC ABS 3RD 2019
Thomas Messo W Inside heel hook Australia Nat. 85KG SF 2022
Thomas Messo W Triangle Shld lock Australia Nat. 85KG F 2022
Kade Ruotolo L Armbar ADCC 77KG R1 2022
Yuri Simoes L Pts: 0x0, Pen ADCC ABS 8F 2022

7.Lachlan Giles’s Top Fights

Haisam Rida vs Lachlan Giles. Main event WLF, China

Lachlan Giles - Heel Hooks at ADCC Absolute (Control Jiu-Jitsu Submission of The Week)

The Giant Slayer | Lachlan Giles

【ADCC Asia & Oceania Trial 2019】-76.9kg ラクラン・ジャイルズ

Photo Credit: @lachlan_giles

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