How to Stay Consistent With Your Martial Arts Training During the Holidays

How to Stay Consistent With Your Martial Arts Training During the Holidays

Holidays are an essential part of your life that includes different plans such as hanging out with friends and family or visiting different places to enjoy life. If you are also planning a vacation and worried about losing your consistency in Martial Arts training then this article is extremely beneficial for you. After reading this, you will be familiar with all the key aspects that will assist you in knowing how you can stay on track with your Martial Arts training even on your holidays. New Year is at the door and you need to follow a few basic rules to maintain consistency over your upcoming holiday. So let's dive into the top ways to stay consistent for training and ultimately achieving the Martial Arts goals.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the fundamentals.”

(E. James Rohn)

1. Identify your Main Goals

To continue your Martial Arts journey flawlessly, you should first identify your goals why you are training and what will you get after that. After identifying your main target and your desired outcomes, you will surely focus on your training even on your tough days or any kind of vacation. Ultimately you will find out all the solutions to stay consistent on your martial arts journey during your holidays.

2. Effective Planning of Your Sparring Schedule

Always remember that consistency is more important than perfection and martial arts is all about maintaining discipline and consistency. The first and foremost step that you should take is to plan your Martial Arts training schedule. If you are unable to go to the gym or any training institute then you can also get trained at home. It's not necessary to take your workouts to a high level, you have to follow your gym routine. Even by sitting at home and following the proper routine, you can achieve your fitness goals via solo training.

Various legendary fighters in history sparred at home at some time and trained themselves including Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson. To acquire your martial arts goals, you should train daily so try to make a plan of training one to two times per day. For instance, if you are training on Monday and then you miss three or four days, and again you start training on that day, you will feel like you are in your first class. This inconsistency of training will not assist you in regularly learning fighting skills with a focused mind.

3. Training with Related Persons

99 percent of people usually spend their holidays away from their homes. So in that case, it’s very difficult to train under the supervision of professional instructors. But that’s not the problem at all as you can also train with your close friends or family members. Simply look around and you will surely find the person with whom you will easily train even on your vacation. You just need to make up your mind in the presence of your training partner. Try to reach out to your buddies or your fellow martial artists so you will not only enjoy with them but also train with them on your holidays.

4. Say GoodBye to your Stress

On holidays, your routine will be changed as it will include traveling or parting. If you have a plan for the future to participate in some great activities then maybe you will take some stress after moving away from your daily healthy routine. In that case, you will have to stay relaxed as your mental well-being is extremely important just like your physical health. Don’t cry over your missed days as you first need to learn that martial arts involves facing new challenges and then overcoming them smartly. So instead of getting worried, think about the solutions that how you can stay consistent over your martial arts training during and even after the holidays.

5. Healthy Eating

There are a lot of people who start eating junk or unhealthy food during their holidays. But if you want to stay in your healthy phase even during or even after the holidays then you should also focus on a healthy diet. Your New Year resolution should focus on all the solutions to stay consistent with your Martial Arts training and goals. Always make sure to avoid unhealthy or processed food. Instead, of eating fatty snacks, rely on a low-fat diet and especially fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and active. Enjoy your vacation but without alcohol or any carbonated beverages. Try to hydrate your body all the time and avoid all the unhealthy drinks. Make the proper diet schedule to avoid weight management issues.

6. Reduce Your Workout Time

If you are on vacation and busy all day to enjoy with your all friends and family and you are not getting enough time for your martial arts training then you can decrease your workout duration. Instead of spending hours, you can also follow the 20-minute high-intensity interval training session.

7. An Ideal Day Routine on Holiday

If you are out of the station on your vacation and you are striving for consistency in Martial Arts training then follow the below-mentioned routine:

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Do a little bit of exercise for a few minutes
  • Eat a light and healthy breakfast
  • Spend your day with your family or friends and enjoy
  • In the evening, return to the hotel and have some healthy power snacks
  • Do some yoga, Tai Chi, HIIT, or any other exercise based on your feasibility
  • Check and respond to your work emails
  • Have a healthy dinner and move towards your bed early.

8. Concluding Remarks

To achieve the Martial Arts goals, you should also stay the same motivated person even on your holidays. By following a few basic above-mentioned principles, it's extremely easy for you to stay consistent by developing an efficient training approach. Figure out your main goals, make a training plan, train with your friends, eat healthy, and avoid stress. What you need to do is embrace this mentioned principle to embark on your successful Martial Arts training career.

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Kody Steele - Energetic BJJ & MMA Fighter
Kody Steele - Energetic BJJ & MMA Fighter

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