How to Set Up a Cryangle Choke from Guard In BJJ?

How to Set Up a Cryangle Choke from Guard In BJJ?

1. Introduction

The art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling sport with a fundamental base of submissions and takedowns. The sport of jiu-jitsu focuses on taking the dominant position and control over the opponent. It might include several variations in the submission techniques, that involve the use of chokes, and joint locks.

In jiu-jitsu, a variation of the chokes can be applied to submit the opponent. Chokes are the methods that help to take control over the opponent by blocking the airflow or blood passage. These chokes can be applied with multiple methods that target maintaining the pressure on the opponent's neck.

The chokes can be applied from various positions, including the placement from the front or backside. The fighter can target the headlock, take back control, and employ the chokes from the different sides. The survey shows that there are almost 32 chokes in BJJ without variations. Each of the strangles can be executed from multiple positions. 

2. Triangle Choke vs Cryangle Choke

The triangle choke is the submission technique used to submit the opponent. The triangle choke is used in mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu. It is a choke that is applied from the open guard position. In this submission method, the fighters target the head of the opponent by placing it between the legs. It exerts extreme pressure on the neck area and even restricts the blood flow. That is why it is considered the most effective submission method leading to victory.

Most of the fighters know the triangle choke, the most essential tool in the BJJ arsenal. But few of them know about the cryangle choke, a variation of the triangle choke. It is an unpopular phenomenon, in which a fighter is locked inside the legs choke while applying the triangle choke.

The technique of the cryangle choke is very weird. It is not commonly used on the mats or in a cage. It is a relatively unique method of submission, that is rarely seen in a bout or in mixed martial arts. 

Triangle Choke vs Cryangle Choke
Photo Credit: @gbjj
Triangle Choke vs Cryangle Choke
Photo Credit: @bjjafter40

3. Cryangle Choke and Its Origin

Triangle choke originated from the martial art of Judo, which involves the use of the legs to submit to the opponent. The fighter locks the head and puts pressure on the shoulders, the intense pain becomes unbearable.

Every choke in BJJ has multiple variations; the triangle choke can be executed with the reverse submission method, which is named a “ Reverse Triangle Choke.” Every choke of the jiu-jitsu can be applied from the different positions. Later, a new variation of the triangle choke evolved by the fighters, which is very similar to the basic triangle choke. This is often called a leg triangle choke.

The title “Cryangle Choke” is given to it because it is an odd submission method. The submission method of cryangle choke involves the use of legs that target the control of the head or neck. It seems to be very odd, but at the same time, its application is not easy. 

4. Ways Setting Up a Cryangle Choke

Ways Setting Up a Cryangle Choke

Cryangle choke is a submission method that very resembles the triangle choke. It is also known as the leg in triangle method is also known as the weird method of submission.

There are two ways of setting up the submission method of Cryangle Choke; every submission method in Brazilian jiu-jitsu has various application techniques.

Entering or applying the submission method of the Cryangle choke is from the two methods that are:

From the top position guard position or

From the bottom position of a closed guard 

Ways Setting Up a Cryangle Choke
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4.1. Top Guard to Cryangle Choke

The first position to enter in a cryangle choke is from the upper of the top position of the guard. The fighter is required to take the position of the half guard and the opponent is at the side of the legs, he might take control over the leg.

The fighter needs to escape from the opponent’s control and use the legs as an entanglement to capture the head inside the legs choke. The grappler is required to target the head, there should be firm control over the head or neck with the help of the leg lock. It is not an easy task as it seems to be. In the cryangle choke, the fighter can put one arm of the opponent in the hook so that it will become more difficult to escape from the choke.

In the end, the fighter needs to finish the submission by going back to the mount position. You need to lock the head of the opponent with the triangle and get control over the head of the opponent. 

4.2. Bottom Position to Cryangle Choke

Another entry from which the cryangle choke is applied is from the bottom position. The entry for the execution of the cryangle choke is a closed guard position. It is indicated that the fighter has to approach when the opponent is stepping in the closed guard position or standing on his knees.

The opponent will try to escape from the guard, in this position the fighter needs to hold the grip tightly and try to make them unstable so that they will lose their balance. The next move is to disrupt the position of the opponent by letting them keep their legs on the mat.

The final step for the submission is that you need to target the head, arms, or legs of the opponent and set a cryangle choke with your legs. Make sure to put complete pressure on the neck area that will choke the opponent's arteries, and they will surely go for a tap. 

5. FAQs

5.1. Why is Cryangle Choke, not a popular submission method?

The submission method of the cryangle choke can be easily applied by a fighter who has long legs. It is not an easy method to choke a person with the help of the legs.

Just like the other submission methods like Bow and Arrow, Darce choke, and Ezekiel choke, it is quite different from the other techniques. This is one of the big reasons why Cryangle Choke is an unpopular submission method in jiu-jitsu and in mixed martial arts. 

5.2. Why does Cryangle Choke have difficult entries?

The first method is from the top position which is from the guard position, and the second is from the bottom position or the closed guard method.

A cryangle choke is a variation of the triangle choke, it offers fewer entries for submission. The fighter can take control of the opponent with only two entries. The submission method of the cryangle choke seems to be very odd and its application is also very strange.

In addition, targeting the head or neck with the choke of the legs is not an easy task. If the opponent has broad shoulders there will be difficulty in the application of the cryangle choke. The major difficulty is to aim not only at the head but also need to hold the leg and the shoulders so that there will be less chance for the opponent to escape.

6. Final Words

It is not a common submission method, and most of the fighters are not familiar with the cryangle choke method. The position of its application is quite weird which is why it is known as the cryangle choke.

Finishing the cryangle choke submission is not an easy task, the result might not be the same. That is why it is not a popular submission method, it has a low percentage. Note that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the most popular martial art that is taking the shape of a sport. The fighters kept on adding new tricks and methods, cryangle choke is also a new edition in the submission techniques of BJJ.

Photo Credit: @watchbjj

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