HIIT and MMA, How Are They Beneficial?

HIIT and MMA, How Are They Beneficial?

1. Introduction


High-Intensity Interval Training as the name implies is the most effective and intense workout. HIIT sessions are effective at every level and can increase the performance of the novice and the expert fighter at the same time.

In addition to it, HIIT can show the visible and desired results in a shorter duration. The fighter can do the workouts according to the specified goal. HIIT is a training protocol that is an anaerobic exercise and increases the recovery process. It is a mixture of intense and entertaining exercises. High-intensity Interval training sessions can be taken as per the desired goals.

Mixed martial arts is a sport with high intensity and impulsive actions, it also requires the activeness of mind and body simultaneously. For that purpose, HIIT provides support to the psychological requirements.

High-intensity interval Training workouts are highly beneficial for the sports of high-impulse actions. 

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval Training (HIIT) is a workout session that provides variations in high and low-intensity training. The fighters of mixed martial arts can get the maximum benefits with the incorporation of HIIT into their routine. The best part is that it encompasses the workouts that are no longer than half an hour.

The exercises can be turned into HIIT simply by changing the intensity of workouts. In addition, to it HIIT workouts are a great way to level up the performance of an athlete. High-intensity interval Training helps in the physical as well as mental endorsement. The most significant part is that HIIT workouts can be adjusted as per the desires of the MMA athlete.

HIIT is not a new method of training, it has been used since 1930, and it is used by incorporating the high intensity with the low-intensity workouts. It provides the benefit of increasing muscular health and cardiovascular performance. HIIT gives the benefit of improving the performance and increases the aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

3. Reasons Why MMA Fighters Need HIIT

The MMA fighters are not required to include more time in the training session, they can easily incorporate the HIIT into their routine. Down below is the list of the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training:

  • The fighter can get the required result in a relatively shorter duration.
  • HIIT is the most effective workout session in the fighter’s training regime.
  • It is the perfect tool kit to enhance the performance of an athlete
  • HIIT can provide muscular strength and increase mental endurance.
  • It is not a complicated workout.
  • It is an incorporation of high-intensity and low-intensity workouts.
  • HIIT can provide countless benefits including health recovery, built muscles, cardiovascular health, and overall heart health.
  • HIIT is an easy fit for the beginners and for the expert MMA fighters.
  • It provides a hundred percent results in a short time.
  • High-intensity interval training workouts reduce the risk of injury.
Reasons Why MMA Fighters Need HIIT

4. Benefits of HIIT for MMA Fighters

Benefits of HIIT for MMA Fighters

High-intensity interval training workouts provide the best benefits to MMA fighters. In less time the fighter can improve the metabolic system, build muscle tissues, and burn calories. Moreover, it helps to increase the blood pressure and also improves the blood sugar.

HIIT has one of the biggest edge that it can provide the maximum benefits in less time. As the fighter of mixed martial arts faces multiple challenges in the sport,

In this article, we will explore the top seven benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is the most significant part of the MMA workout regime. HIIT is used by multiple fighters around the globe.

This part will reveal the benefits of the High-Intensity Interval Training, which is performed by the MMA fighters. 

4.1. The Most Effective Workout

High-intensity Interval Training workouts involve the incorporation of high as well as low-intensity training sessions. HIIT programs include low-intensity sessions that help the fighter overcome the recovery period, which is also considered essential for the fighter to develop muscle mass as well as mental endurance.

HIIT is an excellent way to boost the overall mechanism of an individual. It comes up with innumerable benefits that include cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and mental endurance and it also helps to burn fat that is embedded within the body. 

4.2. It Burns the Fat (Burns Calories)

The incorporation of high-intensity interval training can help to tune up the whole body of an athlete. HIIT can burn the extra calories in the body and maintain the weight of a fighter. That is why they have competed in the same weight category for years.

HIIT is an effective method for weight management, it helps the fighter by providing innumerable benefits in less duration. 

4.3. Keeps the Heart Healthy

HIIT can improve cardiovascular endurance, and boost energy levels. The top contenders increase their performance in less time with the use of HIIT workouts. A healthy heart can employ great benefits in the capabilities of any fighter.

The High-intensity interval training workouts make the athlete much more capable of doing the submission and throwing the punches with the takedown. HIIT provides sustenance and increases the performance of the heart.

If a fighter is tired and feels low on energy he can not perform better on the podium and cannot resist the tough punches and takedowns. HIIT increases the endurance with the high performance. 

4.4. Improves Metabolic Response

In the sports of MMA, the actions and the reactions are different and unpredictable. Most of the fighters consider that the tough athletes need only high-intensity endurance training but the reality is against it, as it might decrease the performance of the fighter.

The intensity of training sessions can increase the level of anxiety and make them much fatigued. It improves the metabolism of the fighter, which helps to boost the performance in the cage. 

4.5. Tones Up the Muscles

In the high-octane podium of mixed martial arts, the fighter needs not only muscular strength and endurance but also a better and more powerful recovery process. This matter is resolved by adding the HIIT to the daily routine.

The fighter can increase the explosive power by the HIIT so that they can distinguish their performance on the podium. It increases the strength of the muscle fiber and as the strength of the muscle is built the fighter can perform better. It builds stronger muscle with the fast twitch fibers, which is why the fighter remains explosive and can perform on the podium with the same energy level. 

4.6. Endurance Training and Oxygen

The High-intensity interval training workouts act like power explosives that provide maximum strength and power. MMA fighters added HIIT to their training regime, which creates a significant difference in their performance.

HIIT is the crucial tool kit that overpowers the capabilities of an athlete. The combination of high-intensity training and low-intensity workouts can increase the oxygen supply in the cells and yield muscular endurance. In this way, the HIIT tool kit is extremely beneficial for MMA fighters. 

4.7. Reduce Blood Sugar

High-intensity interval training is an intense exercise that has low-intensity recovery periods. The incorporation of HIIT can reduce the level of blood sugar. The increase in glucose can lead to diabetes.

Basically, high-intensity workouts make the body much more capable of regulating blood sugar levels. HIIT improves the insulin sensitivity in the body, which results in better performance in the cage. As the body responds better to insulin, there will be less chance of the risk of diabetes.

HIIT is a workout that provides better sustenance in less time. Just after two weeks of training, the metabolism of the body increases. Moreover, HIIT training in 12 weeks can bring drastic results, with a rapid reduction in blood sugar levels. In addition, the muscles get sturdy and stiff and a contender can perform better in a cage.

Studies have shown that High-intensity interval training HIIT can improve the insulin level and reduce the blood sugar level. 

4.8. Enhanced Resilience To Stress

MMA is not only a physical sport, it is a game of mind. The fighter needs firm concentration, to overcome a sturdy opponent in a bout. HIIT keeps a fighter on track to deal with the physical as well as mental pressure.

The high or low-intensity workouts, provide endurance not only to the physical being but also to build mental strength. The traits of controlling the opponent, with physical as well as mental strength. HIIT provides the unmatched resilience, that is essential for cage fights.

HIIT is a dynamic workout that provides maximum benefits to overcome deficits. High-intensity interval training sessions are the most recommended effort that improves mobility and strength. 

5. High-Intensity Interval Training For MMA

5.1. Plank Jack

Plank Jack is the core strength training that strengthens muscular endurance. It is a cardio exercise that builds up the lower and the upper body at the same time. Moreover, it burns calories, increases the strength of the body, and brings down the overall weight. 

To Perform

  • You need to stand in a position, where your hands are extended in front of you with the feet joined together.
  • The body should lie in a straight position. The pressure of the body will be maintained with the help of the hands, and the front side of the feet.
  • You are required to move your feet wide apart, with the jump, and maintain pressure while standing on a plank.
  • Jump and move your legs in or out, maintain the motion and the pressure of the workout with the hands
  • The plank jack workout can be done for a minute, do the repetition rapidly.

5.2. Kettle Swing

It is a workout that does not need a lot of equipment, it is a ballistic exercise that is like a board jumping. It targets the muscles of the lower part of the body. Kettlebells is a workout that is done by a kettlebell that works on the muscles of the hamstrings, shoulders, and glutes.

The kettlebell comes in various sizes that can be chosen as per the requirements. It is a double-arm swing that is a ballistic exercise.

To Perform

  • The individual has to stand, by keeping the body a little bit in a downward position.
  • Then you need to get down by bending the knees and holding the kettlebell in between
  • The next step is to move the kettlebell in the forward and backward position often known as the pendulum motion.
  • The kettlebell can be done in three variations that are dependent on the choice of an individual.
  • You can do the swing in the sport-style swing, with the one-hand movement, or with the double-arm swing.
  • You can do the workout in a swing squat style.
  • High or low up and down movement of the kettlebell can also change the momentum of the workout.

5.3. Push-Ups


Push Ups is an exercise for a beginner that helps in building the muscles of the arms and the legs. It is considered the best exercise for muscular endurance.

Push-ups are the perfect way to shape the muscles of the middle part of the body. It comes with different variations that can be adapted as per the needs of an individual. This basic workout has mutual benefits that can build sturdy muscle mass. 

To Perform

  • Lay down facing downwards, you need to maintain balance by standing on your hands and feet.
  • Keep your shoulders wide apart and also maintain the distance between your feet.
  • Place the shoulders under the chest and point your fingers forward.
  • Keep the neck, legs, and back in a straight line.
  • Now you need to move your body to the lower side by placing your elbows at 90 degrees. Hold the position for a few seconds then move back.
  • Push yourself upward with the force of the arms, then fix your arms in a straight position.
  • Maintaining the same position, do as many push-ups as you can.

5.4. Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack is a workout that has been part of many training sessions. It is also known as the side straddle hop, which involves the rapid movement of the legs and the hands.

It is a workout that the children perform and is also part of military training. It comes with a lot of benefits for the cardiovascular system. It is also performed as a warmup activity before the beginning of the workout. 

To Perform

  • You are required to stand with your feet wide apart and the arms by the sides.
  • Keep your shoulders wide apart, and move your hands upward.
  • While performing the jumping jack keep yourself relaxed and put your weight over the hips.
  • As you jump move your hands upwards and your feet should reach in the outwards direction.
  • Make sure to attain the same position as you land on the floor.
  • Repeat as many times as you need to do, make it a part of your training routine.

Jumping jacks can be performed with a variety of techniques that include holding the dumbbells with the required weight. Increasing the speed while performing the jumping jacks can also put a significant difference.

5.5. 360 Push Ups

360 Push Ups is a plyometrics workout that targets the body to shape it and provide muscular endurance.

360 Push Ups targets the main areas of the body including the shoulders, tricep, and biceps and it also shapes the muscles to form abs. It can be performed very easily to acquire the required results. 

To Perform

  • You have to take a position of the classic push of standing on a hands and legs position on the ground.
  • While doing the 360 push-ups you need to get up from the ground and spin around in a motion of 360 degrees.
  • Then when you get down to the ground, repeat the same motion.

6. Conclusion

High-Intensity Interval Training is the essential tool kit that is part of the top MMA contenders. It is a capsule that is necessary for every athlete. HIIT not only improves muscular endurance but also provides the benefits to increase the mental health of the fighter.

HIIT workouts provide the results in less time, they target the body physiologically. In addition, it increases the skill set of a MMA athlete. HIIt is a healthy regime that can be added to your workout routine, to get better results in less duration.

HIIT is the most effective training session that can ensure fitness with entertainment. As it is the famous choice for MMA fighters, in addition, it provides multiple benefits of toning the muscles, best calorie burner, and also improves the metabolic rate. HIIT also reduces the risk of injury during the training sessions and tournaments. 

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