Grappling Competitor Bites His Opponent During a Smother at ADCC UK

Grappling Competitor Bites His Opponent During a Smother at ADCC UK

Recently, a shocking ADCC tournament in the UK made waves due to unexpected move of one athlete, and amazing spectators. The entire bout was thrilling but an unpredicted point came when one BJJ fighter resorted to biting after his rival attempted a face-smothering move. The video of this grappling bout is circulating on the internet, becoming viral and a  major reason for debate among the entire BJJ community. Some people are criticizing this move, while fans of the grappler support him, and argue that face coverings may be permitted according to specific competition’s ruleset.

It is evident from the match video that the athlete wearing the yellow outfit initially attempted the rear naked choke technique and then executed a debatable tactic by smothering his competitor's face. Due to this move, the fighter in a gray outfit bit his competitor’s hand which was covering his face. The athlete in the yellow outfit immediately screamed after seeing the intense bite mark on his hand. The referee of that tournament also recognized this as an illegal act since biting is strictly forbidden according to the predefined rules of jiu-jitsu. Any harmful behavior including biting or any other move that can pose a serious threat or injury is considered unfair, and the person performing these acts has to face the penalty or disqualification from the competition. There is a continued discussion in the BJJ community regarding the rules and regulations of the sport. People are concerned about considering this action to do some preventive measures for any such illegal actions in the future.

Photo Credit: @bjjee

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