Former UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

Former UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

The MMA and UFC champ Demetrious ‘’Mighty Mouse’’ Johnson has earned his black belt in Brazilain jiu-jitsu . Professors Yan McCane and Bibiano Fernandes promoted him after impressive grappling finishes in jiu-jitsu history. This promotion came after the prolonged and remarkable MMA journey and his conversion to the Gi jiu-jitsu competition.

Mighty Mouse has announced through his Instagram account:

“Amazing day of training!! Thank you to Professor @bibianofernandes & professor @yanmccane for presenting me with my black belt promotion today!! It was extremely special also having my two coaches from the start of my MMA career there as well @skiddssteve @mmawizard

Everyone I’ve shared mat time with from @grplclub and @flashacademymartialarts also showed up to support.

I’m honored and looking forward to continuing my journey as a martial artist while also competing as a black belt!”

Johnson put a significant milestone in the grappling journey and solidified his position. John promotion to the black belt has been long awaited. His exceptional grappling expertise, prowess, and accolades in the Ultimate Fighting Championship helped him to reach the top rank. He has appeared as the most distinguished MMA fighter in history, as he has achieved various titles without being a black belt. As a defending champion, Johnson set the record for taking the most title defenses in the promotion history. The former UFC flyweight champion comes with an incredible 11 wins. In 2009, Johnson commenced his career as a bantamweight competitor, because the flyweight division was unavailable.

Demetrious Johnson demonstrated his power on multiple platforms, in the MMA octagon and also in the UFC. In the quarterfinals of the Pan America Championship Johnson has showcased his exceptional skills as he squares off against a 6 feet 3 inches tall, who is a massive opponent of 248 pounds. He achieved a significant victory and set a milestone in jiu-jitsu history.

He won via decisive choke his opponent shared kind views about Mighty Mouse:

He’s a beast, man.

Keeping that dude still is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He’s rough.

However, it was a perplexing condition as the contenders with limited grappling credentials achieved a noble rank of black belt. Why ‘’Mighty Mouse’’ had yet to receive the highest honor? Johnson sheds light on his professor's ideology, he reveals that every instructor has a different philosophy, and he reveals that his instructor wants Johnson to reach at an exceptionally high rank before conferring the prestigious rank of black belt. 

“Every Professor is different, right? You know, my Professor believes that a belt is given when a person has reached that level right, and he thinks that my ceiling is to be able to. When I become a black belt he wants to make sure I’m a nasty black belt,”

Johnson added more words:

“Because he’s like there’s still so much knowledge for you to learn before you get your black belt and he goes, ‘Yeah, of course I can give you a black belt, but that’s just me giving it to you.’ But I’d rather be a solid strong black belt. It’s like, you know, he wants people to look at me as like, ‘Yeah, this guy, he’s a legit black belt.”

Demetrious Johnson has dedicated countless hours to upgrading his jiu-jitsu skill set. He demonstrated unshakeable dedication through his tremendous accomplishments. Mighty Mouse is ongoing towards the ever-evolving path to mark his name as a top contender in BJJ.

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