Flavio Almeida - Top BJJ Black Belt Coach

Flavio Almeida - Top BJJ Black Belt Coach

1. Flavio Almeida’s Details

Flavio Almeida’s Details

Full Name Flavio Alves de Almeida
Nickname Cachorrinho
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Birth 1979
Height N/A
Weight Absolute
Weight Division Peso Pesado (94kg / 207lbs)
Foundational Style N/A
Rank 4th Degree Black Belt
Head Coach Carlos Gracie Junior
Favorite Position/Technique N/A
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Flavio Almeida
Team Association Gracie Barra

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2. Flavio Almeida’s Biography

Flavio Almeida is a 4th-degree black belt under the very well-known Master Carlos Gracie Junior, who is also the founder of the legendary Gracie Barra Academy.

Almeida, during his training journey, has had the honor of being taught by many legendary Jiu-Jitsu instructors. After being trained for years, Almeida, in his late 90s, earned a very reputed image in the sport.

Almeida, after losing to Margarida, decided to pause his Jiu-Jitsu career and planned to continue his degree. He then spent the next five years studying and working in business. In 2006, he returned to the USA and opened his academy affiliated with Gracie Barra in California.

2.1. Flavio Almeida "Cachorrinho"

Almeida is being called by the name of “Cachorrinho” which means small dog. The name was given to him by his elder brother Ricardo Almeida who is known as “Cachorrao” which means big dog.

2.2. Flavio Almeida’s Early Life

Flavio Almeida is the brother of UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida. He was born in 1979, in Brazil. Almeida’s family lineage lies in Portuguese and German. He started his early career through karate, but this interest of his stayed for a while, and then he joined his first Jiu-Jitsu academy.

2.3. Flavio Almeida’s BJJ Training

Almeida was 12 years old when he started training in Jiu-Jitsu. He decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and joined the same academy he was training. Almeida’s family appreciates his decision as his, grandfather was a great fan of Helio Gracie and used to follow his fight in the late 1930s and 1950s.

2.4. Flavio Almeida’s Coach

Almeida had the honor of being taught under many legendary and well-known Jiu-Jitsu coaches like Renzo Gracie, Marcio Feitosa, and Carlos Gracie Junior.

Under the guidance of such tremendous coaches, Almeida’s career took a great jump and he became a known fighter in no time.

2.5. Flavio Almeida’s Black Belt

In the late 90s, Falvio was reputed as one of the top BJJ fighters by winning on two occasions in the lower belt ranks blue and brown.

Almeida after a long journey of dedication, sacrifice, and physical training was promoted to black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Junior.

He also had two bronze medals as a black belt in the world championship.

2.6. Flavio Almeida’s Black Belt Winning Article

After reaching the rank of black belt, Almeida decided to write an article on his journey to motivate students and new learners here’s a part of what he wrote:

I had no idea Jiu-Jitsu was eventually going to become a path of enlightenment, allowing me to get to know myself better and develop not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

There is more to Jiu-Jitsu than the physical aspects of practice!” I remind students often. If we pay attention and allow Jiu-Jitsu to make a difference in our lives by applying what we learned on the mats to daily life, we open ourselves up to an exciting path of personal growth that helps us make large steps to improve on what matters to us.

2.7. Flavio Almeida’s Own Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Almeida after losing the fight with Margarida paused Jiu-Jitsu and continued his studies. He spent five years being a student studying and working in business but he didn't get along with that either and decided to quit his job and in 2006, went to New Jersey and started teaching in his brother’s academy.

After a few years of teaching there, he went to California and opened his academy affiliated with Gracie Barra.

2.8. Flavio Almeida’s as an Instructor.

Flavio Almeida is a positive and encouraging teacher towards his students. He says that teaching is his passion and he loves teaching students all that he has gained from his instructors as a student. He says that he wants to pass on his knowledge and skills to his students and wants to bring the amazing impact of Jiu-Jitsu to as many students as possible.

3. Flavio Almeida’s Historic Fights

3.1. Demian Maia vs Flavio Almeida

In the start both the fighters were playing well they both were defending themselves, Flavio Almeida was trying to grapple Maia but Demian Maia won the match under weight 88kgs by armbar.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2007 ADCC Demian Maia Loss Armbar F 88kgs N/A

3.2. Eduardo Telles VS Flavio Almeida

Flavio Almeida was playing very well, he took start by capturing Telles’s leg but he was smart enough to escape himself and Eduardo Telles won the match under heavyweight from few points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2007 Pan American Eduardo Telles Loss Points F Heavyweight N/A

3.3. Fernando Margarida vs Flavio Almeida

As the match started Flavio Almeida very efficiently grabbed him by his leg Margarida tried to get himself off Almeida, but Almeida very cleverly kept him locked and won the match under heavyweight.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
1999 IBJJF World Champ. Fernando Margarida Win Leglock SF Heavyweight Tijuca Tennis Clube

4.  Flavio Almeida’s Main Achievements

4.1. Flavio Almeida’s Main Achievements (Black Belt)

Year Event Position Belt
2000 IBJJF World 3rd Place Black
2001 IBJJF World 3rd Place Black
2007 IBJJF World 3rd Place Black
2007 IBJJF Pan American 2nd Place Black
2007 ADCC Silver Medallist N/A Black
2009 IBJJF Pan American 2nd Place Black
2009 IBJJF European Open 3rd Place Black
2016 IBJJF World Masters Champion Master 2 Black
2018 IBJJF World Masters Champion N/A Black

4.2. Flavio Almeida’s Main Achievements (Colored Belts)

Year Event Position Belt
1997 IBJJF World Champion N/A Blue
1998 CBJJ Brazilian National 2nd Place Purple
1999 IBJJF World Champion N/A Brown
1999 CBJJ Brazilian National 2nd Place Brown

4.3 Flavio Almeida’s National And International Achievements

Year Event Medal Weight Division
2013 Chicago S. Open Gold Gold Medal Icon ABS
2007 NoGi Pan Am. Silver Silver Medal Icon 100Kgs
2007 World Champ. Bronze Bronze Medal Icon 94Kgs
2007 ADCC Silver Silver Medal Icon 88Kgs
2007 Pan American Bronze Bronze Medal Icon ABS
2007 Pan American Silver Silver Medal Icon 94Kgs
2000 World Champ. Bronze Bronze Medal Icon 88Kgs

5. Flavio Almeida’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Matches 13 Wins 11 Losses
By Points 08 05
By Advantage 00 00
By Submission 04 03
By Decision 01 01
By Penalty 00 02
BY DQ 00 00
Draw 0

5.1 Methods of Submission W/L

Method 4 Wins 3 Losses
RNC 02 00
Armbar 00 01
Choke from back 01 01
Triangle 01 00
Baseball choke 00 01

6. Flavio Almeida’s Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Jake Watson L Pts: 4x4, Pen JJWL AZ ABS N/A 2021
Jake Watson W Pts: 4x2 JJWL AZ ABS N/A 2021
Jake Watson L Referee Decision JJWL AZ ABS N/A 2021
Diogo Sampaio W Referee Decision F2W 37 ABS SPF 2017
Vitor Oliveira W Pts: 4x0 Chicago S. Open ABS F 2013
Pablo Popovitch L Pts: 2x0 No Gi Worlds ABS 8F 2010
Baret Yoshida W Points No Gi Worlds ABS R1 2010
Rafael Lovato W Pts: 2x0 NoGi Pan Am. Heavyweight SF 2007
Fernando Piero W RNC NoGi Pan Am. Heavyweight 4F 2007
Alexandre Ribeiro L Points World Champ. 94kgs SF 2007
Demian Maia L Armbar ADCC 88kgs F 2007
Romulo Barral W Points ADCC 88kgs SF 2007
Sauli Hellimo W Points ADCC 88kgs 4F 2007
Rick Macauley W Points ADCC 88kgs R1 2007
Tarsis Humphreys L Choke from back Pan American ABS SF 2007
Unknown W Triangle Pan American ABS 4F 2007
Eduardo Telles L Points Pan American 94kgs F 2007
Fernando Margarida L Pts: 14x0 Rickson Cup ABS GP 2000
Ricardo Miller W Choke from back Rickson Cup ABS GP 2000
Leo Dalla W Pts: 2x0 Rickson Cup ABS SPF 2000
Sasha Savko L Pen ADCC 88kgs 4F 2000
Arthur Dzyasov W RNC ADCC 88kgs R1 2000
Fernando Margarida L Points World Champ. 88kgs SF 2000
Fernando Margarida L Baseball choke World Champ. ABS R2 2000

7. Flavio Almeida’s Top Fights

Demian Maia vs Flavio Almeida ADCC 2007 Finals

Eduardo Telles VS Flavio Almeida / Pan Championship 2007

Fernando Margarida Jiu Jitsu match vs Flavio Almeida Worlds 1999 Brown Belt OLD SCHOOL BJJ MATCH

Photo Credit: @flavioalmeidagb

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