Cesar Chavez Jr. Will Retire Without Purse If He Loses to Jake Paul

Cesar Chavez Jr. Will Retire Without Purse If He Loses to Jake Paul

The legendary boxer Julio Cesar Chavez’s son, Cesar Chavez Jr. has vowed to retire and refuse any fight money if he cannot defeat Jake Paul in the ring. Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned boxer, who recently put away Tyron Woodley via a devastating Ko punch at the beginning of the sixth round, named his top five fights included in his bucket list. One of them was Cesar Chavez Jr.

Cesar Chavez Jr., the former WBC Middleweight Champion, didn’t turn away, but rather presented himself with career-ending conditions should he fail to emerge victorious against Jake Paul. “I hope I can make a few million with Jake Paul. If he beats me, I’ll retire, I don’t get paid. I don’t want money if I don’t beat him,” claimed the former champion in an interview with TV Boxeo.

“Retirement – not interested in the money if I do not win.” Although Cesar Chavez Jr. recognizes the lucrative opportunity that the Paul brothers present, he firmly believes that Jake Paul hasn’t gone up against a real boxer yet. Even with his 5 wins against 4 opponents, Jake Paul has only managed to get in the ring with MMA veterans and retired athletes. While it’s true that his brother, Logan Paul did have a match with Floyd Mayweather, Jake still doesn’t have a notable boxer in his portfolio.

Cesar Chavez Jr., on the other hand, has a record of 61 total fights, with 34 KO wins out of a total of 53 and 6 losses. Although some might think that he isn’t quite the legend his father was, none deny the boxing great’s capability, experience and talent as a professional boxer.

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