Belal Muhammad to Put a Stop to the Borz Train

Belal Muhammad to Put a Stop to the Borz Train

Belal Muhammad, having beaten Stephen Thompson via decision on December 18th told the press that he was going to stop Khamzat Chimaev because apparently, he’s way bigger than any ranked opponent.

Belal said, “Do I think Khamzat Chimaev is this terminator because of those four wins? No. Do I think that he’s this pay-per-view start because of those four wins? No. But the UFC does. If they think that, then I’m the one that’s going to have to put a stop to it.”

Admitting that whether right or wrong, hype inevitably trumps accomplishments in the fight business, the fighter made his statements public:

“To me, rankings don’t mean anything. It’s about hype,” Muhammad Belal said. “It’s about who the UFC wants to push and who’s that guy? Who’s that [Conor] McGregor now? Who’s that next big star? As we saw last year with [Jorge] Masvidal, where it’s like, you don’t have to be No. 2 to get the title shot. You don’t have to be No. 1 to get the title shot.

“It’s about who’s getting that push right now in that right moment. Right now in that right moment, [with] Khamzat, you get the most hype from beating a guy like him than anybody [else] honestly.”

Khamzat Chimaev, who has called out active as well as retired MMA veterans, has resorted to online trash talks with Muhammad Belal on Twitter:

Tweets from Khamzat Chimaev:

Tweets from Muhammad Belal:

As the Twitter war rages on, the UFC will have to book a fight between the two fighters in order to finally decide whether the Borz train will venture onto the title fight, or will Belal finally get his shot.

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