Beatriz “Bia” Mesquita Announces Move To American Top Team

Beatriz “Bia” Mesquita Announces Move To American Top Team

Beatriz ‘Bia’ Mesquita is the prime example of women empowerment in the world of Jiu-Jitsu as she is considered a top-ranked   BJJ competitor.  She has recently announced her move to the American Top Team (ATT)  in Florida,  which is one of the most successful MMA gyms in the world. She will be training with the head coach Parrumpaatt; however, Kyla Harrison and other trainers may also help with her transition to MMA. Kayla Harrison is categorized among the incredible female fighters who are currently trained at American Top Team. Bia Mesquita has already established a successful career based on the culmination of years of dedication, vigorous training, and overcoming tough challenges. Her decision to join the American Top Team demonstrates her willingness to take on new challenges that will help her establish herself as one of the most revered female martial arts practitioners.  She earned the title of  'Lady GOAT of Jiu-Jitsu’ by showcasing exceptional grappling skills at the most prestigious BJJ competitions.

She has been contributing to the legacy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In 2012, she was the first to stand at the podium in the 64 kg weight and won the 10X IBJJF World Championship. She was also rewarded with the winning title of absolute division twice. In 2022, she got recognition through the IBJJF Hall of Fame. Needless to say, her continuous accomplishments have helped her reach unimaginable heights of success and fame in her BJJ career. Due to her extraordinary capabilities, she was also registered in the 2021 Guinness Book.

Mesquita announced that she had signed an agreement with First Round Management to transition to MMA. Bia Mesquita posted the following statement about her move to the American Top Team on her official Instagram post while actually saying,

"I'm very happy to share with you all that I have the next step in my professional life. I will be now training at @americantopteam in Florida with coach @parrumpaatt 😁🏆 I’m ready to go next level and so far in this first week of training, I had a great time and warm welcome. Can’t wait for this new beginning and everything coming up. 🙏🏻"

Photo credit: @biamesquitajj

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