8 Weeks Running Plan for Weight Loss

8 Weeks Running Plan for Weight Loss

1. Where to Start?

Clickbaits like “Drop 10 pounds in a month” or “Get back into your favorite pair of jeans” are all over the internet. But are you confused about how you are going to lose weight and don't know where to begin?

1.1. Take A Long-Term View Of The Situation

  • It is a huge step to want to lose weight, to improve your lifestyle, and get on a healthier diet. Start by making a promise to yourself. Include running and healthy eating both a part of your weight-loss plan to keep it off for longer.
  • Many people find it difficult to stick to that plan so they sign a contract as it gets convenient to stay committed. This contract can include information such as how much weight you want to lose, the changes you will make to develop healthy eating habits and schedule for regular physical activity.

1.2. Set Realistic Goals

  • Set realistic goals if you want to lose 50 pounds and keep it off. A safe and sustainable weight loss rate is half pound to 2 pounds every week. Setting unrealistic goals such as losing twenty-pounds in 2 weeks might leave you angry and disappointed.
  • Tiny changes made on a daily basis can add up to visible results in the long run. Smart realistic goals can be achieved easily. You will feel good about your success and be motivated to keep going if you achieve your short term targets step by step.

1.3. Expect Setbacks

  • Being realistic also includes expecting setbacks. It doesn’t mean you lose motivation and go back to the old habits. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle will not just help you feel better from the outside but you will feel much healthier, happier, and stress free. According to a health psychologist Kelly McGonigal “When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid - these are all the brain chemicals associated with feeling happy,feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling less anxiety, stress and even less physical pain”.

1.4. Take Professional And Social Help

  • Find relatives or friends who are willing to support your weight-loss goals. Making lifestyle adjustments can be made easier when you have someone around with whom you can communicate for support. Possibly, you have coworkers or neighbors who may have similar goals and you can work together to exchange healthy recipes and schedule group running 
  • Trying a rigorous eating diet or another detox that an Instagram guru is promoting is not a good idea at this point. These diets are masquerading; they are effective in the short-term but ineffective in the long run.
  • Long term weight loss is about making gradual progress to your habits that you can easily maintain over time. People who are successful in losing weight usually start with the help of healthcare professionals to achieve their goals.

1.5. Measure Your Food Intake

According to a study of the National Weight Control Registry, there are a few things that people who have success losing weight have in common. For starters, they weigh themselves once a week. They engage in regular physical activity of different intensities(cross training), with walking HIIT being the most popular form of exercise. They limit their calorie consumption, avoid high-fat foods, and keep an eye on their portion sizes. Their meals, on the other hand, are extremely diverse in terms of what they include. They also keep track of calories.

  • Cut back on sugar.
  • Consume a small portion of carbohydrates.
  • Take an adequate amount of protein.
    • An average male needs 56 to 91 grams per day.
    • An average female needs 46-75 grams per day.
  • Eat low carb green vegetables.
  • Consume healthy fats.
    • Monounsaturated fat.
    • Polyunsaturated fat.

2. 8 Weeks Running Weight Loss Plan

2.1. Get Going

A healthy balanced diet and exercising both are essential for weight loss. HIIT running helps lose the most calories. If you remain sedentary and then begin to move, you will begin to burn calories, which will result in a calorie deficit in your diet. Find an exercise that you enjoy that might help you maintain your weight loss. You're not sure where to begin? Get out of your car and start walking. Create short, achievable objectives, such as 15 minutes per day, and work your way up to a total of 30 minutes per day. If you are currently walking 2,000 steps each day, do not attempt to walk 10,000 steps per day. Start with 2,000-3,000 steps per day and gradually increase the amount every couple of weeks.

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