5 Boxing Secrets That Only a Pro Boxer Can Teach You

5 Boxing Secrets That Only a Pro Boxer Can Teach You

In boxing, you can’t just learn everything by rehearsing by yourself. Neither can you learn it from a textbook until you never get under the supervision of an experienced person? Experience will always be the greatest teacher. The lessons you will learn from YouTube are lavish in comparison to the lessons you learn in the ring.

However, sometimes, you need that external push, a push from an outside power to kick start the activity. Although, you can’t learn anything by yourself. Always rely on your coach and your seniors.

As a matter of fact, never judge seniority on the basis of how old the other person is. There are a lot of people out there, who acquired more knowledge yet are still young. Experience never counts with the numbers you have spent in this world, it counts on the basis of how many years you have spent in practicing a discipline.

Some of the boxing teachers and coaches out there are young but their experience and proficiency level is Pro.

Nevertheless, never stop relying on your coach and seniors, there is always something that remains unlearned.

Boxing was meant to be adaptive; it was never meant to be a solo game. You’ll be surprised at the amazing things you can acquire if you truly begin to listen. Those who have been caught in the fire inside the ring have a lot to tell, and there is so much you can learn from them. They can teach you tricks and techniques that can instantly make you a better fighter.

Below is the list of a few weapons and tactics that have been advised by Elite Sports Pro Boxers to boxers, who want to become unbeatable in the ring.

So, here are the boxing secrets that only a pro boxer can teach you:

1. The Piston Jab

Although it is not the most important punch in boxing, it can dictate the pace of the fight. Moreover, the jab can control the distance, and set up the all-important power shots.

However, the power of the jab can be intensified by adding absolute power and proper technique. Only a pro boxer’s jab has much more to it than the obvious. It should be thrown with speed, power, and can be executed at any given moment – to firing like a piston on all cylinders.

A jab that contains all these mentioned characteristics, often known as “The Piston Jab.” Such a jab contains the ability to stop an opponent in his tracks in any sequence. 

The piston jab can counter the straight, the hook, and any punch in between. This jab is effective enough and has the power to stop an opponent from closing the distance and coming forward, and it can also shock an opponent who is moving backward.

What’s the secret behind it? There are two ingredients for landing a successful piston jab: appropriate speed and perfect timing. First, you need to anticipate what your opponent is trying to do, and at the same time, execute the jab with enough speed to connect swimmingly.

Some professionals like to throw this jab with a fast, snapping motion so opponents could not see it coming. Add a piston jab in your arsenal, so that you can interrupt any opponent, no matter what their plan of attack is.

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1.1. Do boxers’ gloves lessen the power in their punches?

Both yes and no. When a boxer throws a punch, a number of complicated forces collide. The glove spreads out the forces rather than mitigating them, protecting both boxers from the consequence of power being concentrated in a smaller area (the fist's surface).

1.2. How can a Boxer Boost Stamina to Give More Hard punches?

For two or three minutes, move around the bag, punching it and dodging fake punches. To mimic a fight, you can throw punch combos and then move. Because the heavy bag is considerably huger and more difficult to move than an opponent, your punching stamina will quickly improve.

2. Ambiguous Footwork

Footwork is an amazing skill to utilize in the ring. If you are confident in your punching skills and you know how to blend them in combinations, tables can turn out on you as well, so be mindful of that. Your footwork allows you to not only keep yourself standing throughout the fight, but also to move around the ring to make the attacks of your opponent unsuccessful.

However, the ability to move in and out of range quickly and weave around without losing control and balance is a prerequisite in elite levels of fighting. But pro boxers just do it so effectively and masterly, without their opponent even realizing that they are.

It’s hard to match the proficiency level of a pro boxer. Certainly, they are capable of performing unexpected hits without even letting their opponent know. Usually, pro boxers use deceptive techniques like distance. You feel like they are out of range but suddenly…boom… you get hit without even seeing a punch coming. That technique is called telegraphing the movement that only a pro boxer is capable of doing. 

Professional boxers never allow their opponent to anticipate their moves. It’s hard to track a pro boxer speedily moving around the ring and suddenly he gets within the perfect range and throws a powerful hit. Moreover, he could be in close quarters, and at the very moment you throw your punch, he vanishes. It was hard to notice him moving him either in or out, which he just did effortlessly.

The secret is having that smooth footwork that doesn’t allow your opponent to track your traces and movements. Keep yourself calm and relaxed, move fluidly, almost as if you are gliding across the ring. Opponents will try to notice your movement, but they can’t.

3. Hit the Body, the Head Will Fall

Boxing is an Elite Sport and at the elite level, your bodywork plays a major role in a fight. Well, it is another aspect of this game that separates the professionals from the amateurs.

A beginner always tries to target the head first and also focuses only on a few targets which severely limits potential scoring and damaged areas. Pro boxers invest in bodywork early to break down the main supportive course and open up the head in the later rounds.

Boxing Shots can really slow down and weaken the rival over the course of a fight. When you tag an opponent's body, you take away their legs and ability to move. You eventually induce the glove guard to lower, allowing you to land headshots.

Pro boxers attain the skill and technique to land precise body shots in critical damage areas and without getting countered. They are capable of throwing a shot to the ribs and such powerful though unexpected shots that the opponent doesn’t see coming really suck the wind out of their sails.

4. Make Them Miss, make them pay

Bobbing, weaving, ducking under, and slipping to the left and right, are all the basics. There is a lot that you need to learn. Learning dodging and skipping techniques are the initiative level. At the pro level, boxers know how to bait their opponents into throwing certain punches combinations, make them miss wide, and then hit them with a hard throw.

However, achieving this level of proficiency necessitates a significant amount of practice. To know how to set your opponent up to miss poorly, you'll need a lot of sparring time and expertise. Pro boxers are masters at predicting where particular blows will land.

The inside hook is baited by, for example, digging your head into your opponent's chest. Your opponent will throw the overhang over the top if you extend your lead arm out to paw with the jab. In short, professionals can predict which punches an opponent will throw from a certain stance, then skilfully escape that punch and respond with a counter.

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5. Fire in the Phonebooth

In the collection of boxing secrets that only a pro boxer can teach you, fire in the phonebooth comes in last. Phone Booth is a technique usually adopted by the pro boxer to make their fighting arsenal complete.

However, a phonebook means to fight in close quarters by staying close to your opponent. This is sort of an inside fight which is fondly referred to as the “Phonebooth.”

There are a variety of reasons why pro boxers love fighting inside the phone booth. Firstly, they are comfortable in there, having hours of practice and training in the clinch, and know-how to defend against attacks from that specific range. Secondly, they use clinch situations to manage energy levels and stamina across a 12-round fight.

Years of training and practice develop comfortability in every fighting position, essentially at a close distance. Pro boxers develop a deep understanding of punching rhythms and how to move in accordance with what opponents are showing them.r

6. Takeaway

Boxing fundamentals are not enough to become a pro boxer. Above are the points and skills discussed used by pro boxers to get unbeatable and winners always. Though they have done years of practice to achieve this level of skills. Keep practicing and keep learning new things by adopting them from your coach and seniors. Be the best of yourself.

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