12 Worst Foods To Avoid Before Training BJJ

12 Worst Foods To Avoid Before Training BJJ

Workout is an important part of a healthy life. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners follow a complete schedule of workouts. Sometimes, a workout leaves you tired and exhausted and you feel weak after exercise. This is because you need to take a proper diet before or after the workout.

A proper workout can only give you advantages if you follow a diet plan. Without energetic, healthy, and easily digestible food, you will highly likely to experience exhaustion after a few workouts.

1. Importance of a Healthy Diet Before a Workout

Diet is crucial when talking about the daily routine of athletes. Before you go to the mat, you should know which type of food is good for you. If you are not taking a diet that is essential and easy to digest, the chances are your body will get tired soon. Because the energy BJJ practitioners require for rolling will be provided in the digestion of food. So such type of food is not recommended before workouts.

During exercise or training, the energy requirements of the muscular parts of your body are high. Because in an active body state, your stomach ceases to do its function with maximum efficiency. While muscles are in very dynamic condition.

Soft and easily digestible food is helpful for athletes to continue their training without any stomach problems. If you have some soft and energy-rich pre-workout food, your stomach can provide your muscles with the required amount of energy.

Furthermore, athletes who have a busy and tough schedule for their muscles must take proteins and carbs in their diet. Proteins are the basic building material of the body. To perform various BJJ training techniques athletes must have strong muscles to avoid muscular injuries. And protein food is crucial for muscle building and strength.

2. Worst Food Before a BJJ Training

Some foods that are healthy during your daily routine are not good pre-workout foods. Because in stressful conditions like exercise, the stomach cannot process that food. To continue your daily routine workout and training, you should take care of your stomach. Here we will list some foods which are not good for athletes before a workout or training.  

2.1. Junk Food

Junk food is not a good idea before a workout. Fast food fills your stomach without fulfilling your energy requirements and can cause serious stomach issues. Fast food ingredients contain high fats. It will give you a sense of a heavy stomach which would be irritating during the workout.

A heavy and filled stomach cannot let you move freely during a workout or BJJ training. Furthermore, fast food did not give you energy but filled an empty stomach and you cannot move actively on the mat.

2.2. Fiber Content 

Fibrous edibles are good for the digestive system. But if you are thinking of taking fiber just before a workout, this is not a good idea. Because fibers contain zero amount of calories. Fibers can only make your digestive system work smoothly but they cannot give you the required amount of energy.

Another thing about fibers is that fibers are not easy to digest. So avoid foods having fiber because fibers are not suitable food before a heavy workout. Fruits and raw vegetables are a big source of dietary fiber.

2.3. Beans

Beans are a rich source of proteins but are also high in fiber. One cup of beans contains almost 16 grams of fiber which is a lot and equivalent to the half-day requirement of fiber.

Proteins and fibers both are good for athletes. But exactly before the workout, beans can cause heaviness in the stomach. A heavy and filled stomach cannot let an athlete perform well on the mat.

Furthermore, beans are not easily digestible. During training, they are hard on the stomach. Fiber-oriented food can cause pain and stomach ache. So keep beans containing food for post-workout. Beans are good for athletes but not before training and workouts.

2.4. Sugary Snack

Sweets are a rich source of instant energy. Sugary snacks give you a boost of energy if you take some half an hour before the workout. But too much sugar or a sugary diet can cause complications during your training.

It can make you lazy and dull during your training. So avoid taking candies, cookies, and sugary snacks before going to the gym.  

2.5. Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous include arugula, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, and broccoli. These vegetables are healthy. These vegetables are rich in potent and anti-cancer properties. But just before a workout, these vegetables can cause bloating problems.

Cruciferous veggies are rich in raffinose content. Raffinose is a carbohydrate that is not easily digestible. Therefore, cruciferous veggies cause stomach issues as well as abdominal bloating.

Furthermore, cruciferous veggies are hard to digest. So, athletes must avoid such food before heading to the gym.

2.6. Highly Processed Meats

Meat is a big source of protein. This is a basic ingredient of a healthy diet. But highly processed meat is not healthy, especially before training and workout, no matter which amount of protein it provides. Highly processed meat contains a high amount of sodium as well as saturated fats.   

Sodium is not good for high blood pressure. During training, athletes are in a highly active state and can experience high blood pressure even if they do not have such problems in their daily routines. To maintain their heart rate and blood pressure, athletes must avoid high-sodium food before a highly dynamic activity like training.

2.7. Fruit Juices 

Fresh juices are the best sources of energy for active athletes. Fruits fulfill the fluid and crab requirements of an athlete if taken before workouts. But to take fresh juice of some fruits just before the workout is not a good idea.

Fruit juices are highly concentrated with fructose carbohydrates. Fructose is not an easily digestible carbohydrate. Fruit juice intake just before training or a workout can result in stomach cramps. Especially those who have fructose sensitivity or bowel syndrome should avoid fresh juice intake.

There are some exceptional juices that can easily be digested e.g. orange or tart cherry juices and are filled with vitamins and minerals.

Conclusively, we can say active athletes must avoid any type of fruit juice right before going to the gym. Juices or smoothies should be taken an hour before or after training.       

2.8. Alcohol

Alcohol is not part of a healthy diet. As hydration is one of the basic prerequisites for healthy athletes. BJJ practitioners must be focused on their hydration requirements. Because during drilling and rolling, sweating is a major problem.

Due to over-sweating, hydration problems become a challenge for BJJ practitioners. Alcohol causes dehydration and minimizes the fat oxidation rate, and does not allow the body to lose fat.

Except for dehydration and fat oxidation suppressant, alcohol also causes unconsciousness. Unconsciousness will make hurdles in your daily routine workouts and training. So alcohol is not recommended for BJJ athletes.     

2.9. Desserts

Desserts are rich in fats and oils, butter, sugars, and creams. These all things are out of the list for a healthy and energetic diet. Desserts give you fat content which is not a good and easily accessible source of energy.

Some sugars are a good source of energy before a workout. But some sugars like fructose are hard to digest and give a tough time to the stomach. So do not take sugary food before a workout to avoid any stomach ache. 

Sugar is also known for causing inflammation in some cases. So taking food which can enhance your inflammation is not a good idea.

Furthermore, desserts give you a feeling of a full stomach with the least amount of energy for heavy activities like training. Therefore, desserts are not recommended before a workout.     

2.10. Fried Foods

Fatty food is not a good source of pre-workout instant energy. Our bodies use carbohydrates for energy. So fats are converted into carbohydrates for energy requirements. Before BJJ, athletes should take glucose sources that are easily available to the body for energy requirements.

Fatty acids are not easy to digest and are weight-gaining foods. Jiu-Jitsu athletes need food that is full of energy, easy on the digestive system, and does not put on extra weight. Fatty acids are not recommended to strengthen your body as these accumulate in the body as fats and deform your body shape. 

Oily and greasy food items spend more time in your stomach. Fried foods are not easily digestible and cause a feeling of a heavy tummy. Furthermore, these foods can cause dizziness. Therefore, oily foods are not suggested as a pre-workout food.

2.11. Dairy Products

No doubt milk is a source of calcium which is very important for bone strength. But to take milk just before your workout can cause stomach problems and intestinal cramps.

Dairy products are not easily processable by the stomach. Dairy products need some time to pass through the stomach and reach your energy pathway. Furthermore, if you have lactose intolerance, it is risky for you to take dairy products or milk before training.

Lactose-intolerant persons can attain intestinal cramps if they intake milk or milky products just before the workout. So avoid milk or dairy products just before the workout. Rather you can drink water to keep you hydrated. Don't drink too much water. A lot of water also causes a heavy stomach.    

2.12. Nuts with Fatty Food

Nuts are full of fats and fibers. If you are going to add nuts in your diet just before your workout, this is the wrong choice. Nuts before a workout can cause you to be sluggish and lazy.

If you require energy during the workout, your digestive system will not be able to give you the required amount of energy. So avoid fat-rich nuts just before the workout. 

2.13. Spicy Foods

Spicy food causes extra acidity in your stomach. So if you are having some spicy food just before your workout, it can cause hyperacidity and heartburn.

Avoid spicy food for at least 24 hours before the workout. And give your digestive system a rest. So when you exercise, your stomach will not produce extra acid and cause heartburn.

3. Best Food Before BJJ Training

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of those grappling arts that needs a strong mind with proper strategies and strong muscles.

BJJ athletes must take a balanced diet to overcome all the requirements of the body of an athlete. Carlos Gracie made a complete diet plan for BJJ practitioners so that they can have the required energy without getting sick during their training or competition days. 

If you are interested to know which food is good for you as a pre-workout diet, you can visit these articles.

4. Final Words

Selection of diet just before the training session or workout is crucial for your effective workout. Fatty, oily, greasy, or milky food can cause bloating or stomach problems on the mat. Try to eat soft and easily digestible food which is easily digestible and can provide the required amount of energy.

This article is a very general explanation of the worst foods before training. Everybody has some unique habits in their body that are extremely different from others. So consult your doctor and try to follow the instructions.

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