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We know that martial arts is a definite life changer that will transform you physically & psychologically, so we provide you with the proper gear to help that process of a new, better lifestyle. Our mission is to offer the best martial arts wholesale gear so that you can have the best martial arts experiences no matter the skill level,whether youre amatuer, professional, or just do it for pure fun. We will always make absolutely certain that what you order is what you get, every single item we offer has been delicately crafted to offer the user the best functioning experience.

Safety always comes before anything so you can trust that our gear will offer unmatched protection for you and your opponent during even the most intense training sessions, spars, and/or tournaments. When you're buying martial arts gear, you’re not just buying an outfit, you’re buying a functioning uniform, a piece of necessary equipment So when purchasing one, you have to make sure its quality especially since you're going to be spending a lot of time in it rolling, kicking, grappling, bleeding, and sweating. It’s going to be your exoskin so choose wisely. As a martial arts gear supplier, we focus on your wants & needs and offer products that are at such a high standard it gives the illusion that it has been specifically tailored for you. EliteSports has the athlete in mind and we know that everyone is different and we’ve been on top of our game since day 1. At EliteSports, we’ve got your back and treat you as if we were in the same dojo. 

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Here at EliteSports, we’re all family, and we’ve crafted top-notch martial arts equipment that will withstand the test of time and day-to-day use. Our vast selection of wholesale protective combat gear includes bjj gear, boxing gear, mma gear, muay thai gear, wrestling gear, and much more at an unrivaled price. We are your most reliable source for all things wholesale martial arts without any requirement of minimum orders. On our website, you will find the best wholesale martial arts gear for various arts such as Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, MMA, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and an abundance of more accessories. Whether you are looking for wholesale uniforms, belts, guards, bags, or MMA accessories, we have exactly what you need for whatever martial art that you are currently engaged in. Whether you are an instructor, student, or just a devout martial arts enthusiast, we’ve got what you need to reap the most out of your training sessions. Gain a competitive advantage and become the best warrior you can be by choosing the best training gear from EliteSports wholesale

Wholesale BJJ Gis, Rash Guards, Shorts, Boxing/ Muay Thai/ MMA Gloves & More Martial Arts Supplies & Equipment

EliteSports is your one-stop-shop for everything martial arts wholesale, we as Wholesale bjj gi supplier strive to make acquiring martial arts gear the most fun & convenient it can possibly be. We make sure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their options and always try our hardest to exceed your expectations. We have wholesale gear for everyone whether it's for children, women, or men, academies or training centers. All of our gear has been carefully crafted to fit various shapes, weights, heights, and sizes so that everybody no matter who they are can enjoy the best combat effective gear. We’ve constructed all of our gear out of the highest quality fabrics & materials to deliver unmatched protection and longevity. Our commitment to quality & functionality can be seen on all of our products upon sight and is undoubtedly felt while performing in them. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be combating in the best gear. Martial arts gear that has been specifically designed to outlast the rest. You’ll be introduced to a variety of color and design options depending on the gear you’re looking for. We know that everyone has different personalities & preferences so we’ve given you the best quality prints and stitching. Be the best, wear the best, wear EliteSports.