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Benjamin Lopez jr


Full Name Benjamin Lopez jr
Nick Name The Tooth
Class Lightweight
Weight 135 lbs
Rank Blue Belt
Height 5'4"
Association Colorado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu West


Born in Chicago Illinois, Raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Was a troublemaker in my teen years. Was always athletic but never did any recreational sports. Grew up watching fighting on TV such as boxing and MMA. In my later 20s I got into being active and working out.I saw a friend of mine in a video where she choked girl out in a jiu-jitsu tournament. From that moment on I was intrigued. I looked up the nearest training facility in my area which happened to be team Curran in crystal lake Illinois. They are the reason I started training so hard. From my first day there I started attending three classes a day. I wanted to be at a high level from the very start. I moved out to Colorado almost two years ago. for the first seven months I could not train due to financial issues but I still went to the gym and tried to practice what I already knew.

Luckily I stumbled upon the institution I'm at today which is Colorado Brazilian jiu-jitsu west and stapleton. I couldn't have landed in a better spot. So many different but like minded people with such passion not only in jiu-jitsu but in the aspect of being a good role model for others! all egos aside with us! Today I am still training super hard to get to where I want to be. There is a long journey ahead and I fully embrace the struggle!

Q&A Session Between Benjamin Lopez jr and Elite Sports

Question: What are your goals for this year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years?

Answer:: My goals for this year is to be a boxing match to test myself in actually combat and to get another gold medal in BJJ. 3 years from now I have a goal to be a little more recognized in my industry. 5 years from now I hope I can make a living from doing what I love doing which is teaching self-defense and showing the world what beautiful chaos combat sports has to offer!

Question: What inspires you about BJJ? MMA?

Answer:: The will it takes to compete in the highest level. You can not Fake your way to the top in these sports.

Question: Who inspires you, past or present? Why do they inspire you?

Answer:: I get inspiration from all the men and women in martial art. the fact that they’re willing to dedicate their lives to something so demanding.

Question: What do you think it takes to be a champion in your sports?

Answer:: To be a champion takes more than one attribute. skills are very essential but I think it takes determination and the will to push yourself day in and day out! It takes the ability to judge yourself and be very self-critical. lastly it takes the ability to ask for help! one cannot do it by themselves! Team work!

Question: How long have you been training?

Answer:: I've been training for about a year and a half

Question: Any major accomplishments you’ve been able to achieve in that time?

Answer:: I've medaled in all but one of my 5 jiu-jitsu tournaments I've competed in. Last one being gold.

Question: How often do you train?

Answer:: I train every day for at least three hours a day.

Question: Do you have a go-to finishing move?

Answer:: My go to move would probably be the guillotine!

Question: How does a beginner will prepare for the competition? Any advice for beginners?

Answer:: Just perfecet your techniques and train hard to get mentally strong.

Question: What sort of gear do you usually keep in your gym bag before hitting the gym? Do you have different items for specific days?

Answer:: I personally keep jiu-jitsu Gi, set of rash guard top and bottom. knee supports mouth guard. sport shorts boxing gloves jump rope MMA gloves shin guards bandages sports cream. all the essentials!