Wellington “Megaton” Dias - BJJ Coral Belt

Wellington “Megaton” Dias - BJJ Coral Belt

1. Wellington “Megaton” Dias’s Details

Wellington “Megaton” Dias’s Details
Name Wellington Leal Dias Santos
Nickname Megaton
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Age 55
Date of Birth 10/2/1967
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
70 kg (154 lbs)
Weight Division Super Featherweight
Last Weigh-in 76 kg (Lightweight)
Height N/A
Foundational Style BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
College University N/A
Rank 7th Degree Coral Belt
Head Coach Royler Gracie
Last Fight Indianapolis International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship 2023
Favorite Technique N/A
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Hélio Gracie > Royler Gracie > Wellington Dias
Team Association Gracie Humaitá
website Logo Facebook Logo Instagram Logo

2. Wellington Dias’s Biography

Wellington Leal Dias Santos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 2, 1967. He earned fame due to actively participating in grappling and his love for competition. Dias participated in 16 IBJJF World Championships.

2.1. Started Martial Arts Career in Judo

Dias started his martial arts career learning judo during childhood. He trained at Rogeério Camões’s judo academy in 1970.  Currently, Dias is a 3rd-degree black belt in Judo.  

2.2. Introduction to Royler Gracie

Dias and Royler Gracie were originally neighbors and often went surfing together. During his time at Camões’s academy, Dias became training partners with Royler. Later, Royler would become Dias’s BJJ coach.  

2.3. Started BJJ Training

While still training in judo, Royler invited Dias to come to his gym to train in jiu-jitsu. Dias accepted the invitation and joined Gracie Humaitá after getting permission from Camões. Dias fell in love with jiu-jitsu on his first day of training and decided to take up jiu-jitsu alongside judo.   

2.4. Black Belt Promotion

In 1985, Dias was promoted to black belt by his first BJJ coach, Royler Gracie, at 18 years old.

2.5. Moved to the USA

Dias actively participated in all major BJJ competitions. During his BJJ career, he often visited the USA to compete in BJJ events. Eventually, Dias decided he wanted to stay and open an academy.

Dias wanted to open his BJJ academy in Los Angeles, California. But when he visited Colorado, Dias decided he liked Colorado and chose to stay there. He lived in Colorado for two years and met his future wife, Luciana.  

2.6. Opened Team Megaton BJJ Academy

When BJJ started to become more popular in the USA, many BJJ black belts came to Los Angeles to open academies. In response, Dias decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona to start his own academy. Now, he is the owner and head coach of Team Megaton BJJ Academy.    

2.7. Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

Dias is responsible for introducing and popularizing jiu-jitsu in Phoenix for 30 years. Later, he would play a role in the formation of the Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation along with several other black belts. Dias is currently the president of the Arizona Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

2.8. Coral Belt Promotion

In March 2022, Dias was promoted to a coral belt by his old friend and BJJ coach, Royler Gracie. He shared his belt promotion with his fans through an Instagram post.

2.9. Father of Martial Arts Legend Mackenzie Dern

Dias is the father of well-known grappler and MMA fighter Mackenzie Dern. Dias trained his daughter during her early childhood.Dern became a big name in the UFC and has never been submitted in any UFC fight. She also won in major championships like the World Gi and No-Gi Championships, Pan, American National, European Open, and ADCC Championships.

2.10. Most Famous Nickname in the Martial Arts World

Dias got his nickname “Megaton” from his first judo coach, Rogério Camões. Dias often threw his training partners with lots of force like a megaton bomb, causing Camões to frequently call Camões “Megaton.” The nickname became synonymous with Dias’s identity, becoming one of the most highly-ranked nicknames in the martial arts world.    

2.11. Wellington Dias’s IBJJF Record

Dias ranked first place in the IBJJF Masters with 2164.5 points and ranked second place in the IBJJF Master Grand Slam with 1156.6 points. In the CBJJ rankings, Dias is seventh place with 180 points.

Wellington Dias’s IBJJF Record

2.12. Wellington Dias’s Family

Dias’s wife Luciana also practiced BJJ when they met in Colorado. She is currently a BJJ black belt under her husband. Their daughter, Mackenzie Dern is also a BJJ black belt under her father. Dias is also the grandfather of Moa Dern Santos, Dern’s daughter. 

Wellington Dias’s Family

2.13. Wellington Dias’s Top Students

Aside from Dern, another famous MMA fighter who learned under Dias was Evan Dunham. Dunham is one of the top UFC fighters to have won “Fight of the Night” and “Submission of the Night.” He has also promoted various grapplers to the rank of black belt. 

2.14. Wellington Dias’s Passion for Jiu-Jitsu

Dias often said in his videos that he loves competing in jiu-jitsu, whether he wins or loses. According to Dias,

“I think, ya know, jiu-jitsu teaches you life, your life teaches you jiu-jitsu. Like I say, I love to compete. I hate to lose, but I love to compete. You can't win all the time. Like yesterday, I did a great job here in the tournament. Right? But it's not always ya know, happening like that.”

“My goal is to have fun. We have to do what we love and I love to compete. Nobody thinks about losing when they go to a tournament, but behind that, you have to have fun and want to be here. Winning or losing is a consequence.”

2.15. Wellington Dias’s Hobby

Dias is a calm and positive thinker. Due to his age, Dias cannot train in BJJ for more than four hours. He spends most of his time with his dog and riding his motorcycle in the Arizona mountains. Dias also does a cross-country motorcycle trip with friends at least once per year. 

2.16. Wellington Dias’s Fighting Style

If you ever watched Megaton while competing, you will definitely find the style of fighting of old-school Jiu-Jitsu. As Dias spending much of his time training with the Gracies, his execution of traditional basic BJJ techniques is solid and accurate. He performs best from a top position and has impeccable guard passing skills. 

3. Welling Dias's Historic Fights

3.1. Wellington "Megaton" Dias vs. Marco Carneiro

Dias faced Marco Carneiro in the 2019 IBJJF European Championship finals. Dias started the fight by trying to strangle his opponent. Within the first minute, Dias was on the ground trying to apply a full guard. But Carneiro countered and tried to grab the lapels of Dias’s gi.

Eventually, Dias managed to pin Carneiro on the ground and scored two points for this successful takedown. Later, Dias tried to fully mount Carneio, but the latter managed to break free. At this point, Dias began to showcase his core strength and strong base. He managed to control Carneiro’s movements while scoring nine points within one minute. Dias eventually submitted Carneiro via an armbar in just 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2019 IBJJF European Championship Marco Carneiro Win Armbar Final Lightweight

3.2. Wellington “Megaton” Dias vs. James McGar

Dias faced James McGar in the 2021 Austin Open semifinals. McGar started the match by pulling guard but not maintain his grip around Dias's groin. Dias responded by grappling McGar’s legs and then mounting from the side. He scored three points for passing the guard. Within the first minute, Dias scored two points for a sweep and four points for a complete mount.

Now on top, Dias completely mounted and controlled McGar. Then, he transitioned to the side until gradually taking McGar from the back. Dias then applied a collar choke. Dias submitted McGar via a collar choke within 2 minutes and 7 seconds of the first round.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 Austin Open James McGar Win Collar Choke Semifinal Absolute

3.3. Wellington “Megaton” Dias vs. Robert Marvin

Dias faced Robert Marvin in the 2021 Phoenix Open finals. Dias started the fight by applying a full guard, while Marvin took the top position. Dias tried to get out from under Marvin to take the top position. However, Marvin managed to grapple Dias’s legs and prevented his various escape attempts. Near the end of the fight, Dias still could not secure the top position, forcing him to apply a triangle choke. Dias submitted Marvin via a triangle choke within two minutes, becoming the 2021 Phoenix Open Absolute Weight Champion.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 Phoenix Open Robert Marvin Win Triangle Choke Final Absolute Weight

4. Wellington Dias’s Main Achievements

Year Events Medals
1996 IBJJF World Championship Silver Silver Medal Icon
1999 IBJJF World Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2000 IBJJF Pan American Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2001 IBJJF Pan American Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2001 IBJJF World Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2002 IBJJF Pan American Championship Silver Silver Medal Icon
2002 IBJJF World Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2003 IBJJF Pan American Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2004 IBJJF European Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2005 IBJJF European Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2006 IBJJF European Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2006 IBJJF Pan American Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2007 IBJJF European Championship Silver Silver Medal Icon
2007 IBJJF Pan American Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2008 IBJJF European Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2009 IBJJF European Championship Silver Silver Medal Icon
2010 IBJJF European Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon
2010 IBJJF European Championship Bronze Bronze Medal Icon

5. Wellington Dias’s Professional Record Break

5.1 Wellington Dias’s Professional Record

38 Matches 18 Wins 20 Losses
By Points 4 3
By Advantages 0 0
By Submission 13 15
By Decision 0 0
By Penalties 0 0
By DQ 0 0
Others 1 4

5.2 Method of Submission

Method 12 Wins 13 Losses
Armbar 4 5
Armlock 1 0
Collar Choke 3 5
Guillotine 1 0
Kata Gatame 1 0
Triangle 2 3

6. Wellington Dias’s Fight History

Year Competition Opponent W/L Method Weight Stage
1996 IBJJF World Championship Helio Moreira L N/A Light Feather F
1997 Rickson Gracie Tournament Fabio Santos W Guillotine N/A N/A
1997 Rickson Gracie Tournament Mario Aiello W Triangle N/A N/A
2007 IBJJF Pan Championship Fredson Paixao W N/A Feather E
2008 IBJJF World Championship Mario Reis L Points Feather QF
2009 European Championship Mario Reis L Armbar Feather F
2009 World Championship Rubens Charles L Collar Choke Feather QF
2009 IBJJF Pan Championship Mario Reis L Triangle Choke Feather E
2010 European Championship Rafael Mendes L Armbar Feather SF
2010 Brazilian JiuJitsu Nationals Samir Jose Cantre L N/A Feather N/A
2011 American National Championship Cristian Lopez Villegas W Points Light N/A
2011 IBJJF Pan Championship Bruno Malfacine L Triangle Light-Feather SF
2013 IBJJF Pan Championship Renato Vieira L Points Feather E
2014 IBJJF World Masters Sami Al Jamal W Pts: 1x0 Feather F
2014 IBJJF Atlanta Open Jonathan Thomas L Collar Choke Feather F
2014 IBJJF World Championship Mario Reis L Armbar Feather E
2015 Chicago Spring João Miyao L Collar Choke Feather F
2016 IBJJF European Open Sadi Acikalin W Kata Gatame Feather N/A
2016 IBJJF European Open Tony Schneider W Armbar Feather F
2017 IBJJF British National Inder Biant W Collar Choke Feather SF
2017 European Championship Wiliam Vanni W Ambar Feather F
2017 IBJJF World Master Mario Sperry W Pts: 4x2 ABS F
2017 IBJJF Pan Championship Kelly Johnson W Armlock Feather F
2017 Long Beach Open Joshua Hinger L Footlock Medium-Heavy F
2018 IBJJF World Master Alexandre Abrahão da Silva W Collar Choke Feather SF
2019 IBJJF World Championship Renato Canuto L Armbar Light E
2019 IBJJF European Marco Carneiro W Armbar Light F
2019 IBJJF World Master Marco Barbosa L Pts: 0x2 Light SF
2020 Houston Open Tyler Scalisi W Armbar Light N/A
2020 Houston Open Alexandre Molinaro L Armbar Light SF
2020 Portland Open Amir Yafawi L N/A Medium-Heavy F
2021 Austin Open Paulo Castro W Pts: 3x0 ABS F
2021 Dallas Open Peter Molinelli W Trainagle Light SF
2021 Phoenix Open Robert Marvin W Triangle ABS F
2021 Austin Open James McGar W Collar Choke ABS SF
2022 Austin Winter Open Matheus Galvao L N/A Light SF
2022 Oklahoma City Open Alexandre Molinaro L Collar Choke Light F
2022 Houston Fall Open Daniel Sathler L Triangle Light F
2023 Indianapolis Open Michael Sheehan L Collar Choke Light F
2023  IBJJF World Championship Espen Mathiesen L Footlock N/A N/A

7. Wellington Dias’s Top Fights Links 

Wellington “Megaton” Dias v James McGar / Austin Open 2021

Wellington "Megaton" Dias vs Mario Sperry / World Master 2017

Wellington "Megaton" Dias vs Kelly Johnson / Pan Championship 2017

Wellington "Megaton" Dias VS A Silva / World Master 2018

Photos Credit: @megatondias

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