TB-500 and Its Benefits on Muscle Gains

TB-500 and Its Benefits on Muscle Gains

TB-500 is a synthetically manufactured copy of a protein called Thymosin Beta-4. Similar to the original protein, TB-500 has also been shown to have numerous health benefits and healing properties. It is particularly beneficial for bodybuilders looking for ways to maximize their results.

Animal racers have often used TB-500 to ensure that their animals perform better and recover from injuries more quickly. The benefits of this compound can also be similarly extended to human beings but it is essential to understand its pros and cons before engaging with it.

Mentioned below is a detailed description of all the significant information that you need to know about TB-500 to decide if it’s a good fit for you or not:

1. What is TB-500?

TB-500 is an artificial copy of a naturally occurring protein within human and animal bodies called thymosin peptide. This supplement is not easily accessible since it is mostly used in research studies based on horses or in veterinary clinics.

After being discovered in the mid-60s, researchers at the Albert Einstein College experimented on TB-500 and its various implications to get a better understanding of its impacts on the immune system of vertebrate animals. After seeing the impressive healing properties of this supplement the same researchers began to manufacture it and they are now the biggest producers of TB-500.

TB-500 is not readily available as prescription medication yet but it has often been used to help horses recover from injuries faster and make their bodies stronger to prevent any injuries happening again. The use of this product by him nowadays is as legitimate as its use in animals. Even though it has been reported that the usage of this supplement in humans for medicinal purposes dates back to as early as 1974, most people are using it experimentally nowadays.

2. What are its effects?

The impacts of thymosin beta are a lot similar to the function growth hormone plays in the human and animal bodies. However, it should not be confused with steroids since it differs from it in several ways. TB-500 causes the following effects:

  • Increases strength and muscle mass
  • Helps injured tissue recover faster
  • Increases endurance
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Helps reduce inflammation and pain
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Strengthens the immune system

There is evidence that TB-500 might have also helped people in managing a serious medical condition called athlete’s heart that causes damage to the heart muscles.

TB-500 is commonly known as thymosin beta-4 even though the two compounds are not entirely identical to each other. Thymosin beta-4 is a naturally occurring organic compound found in humans and animals, while TB-500 is synthetically manufactured in laboratories which makes it a lot easier to access.

There is more information available out there about the effects of TB-500 in animals since it is used for them more often than for humans. Some of the recorded benefits of TB-500 have been mentioned below:

  • Decreases the healing time of wounds
  • Reduces scar formation and pain
  • Improves diabetic symptoms in canines
  • Promotes formation of healthier blood cells
  • Helps reduce and resolve tissue inflammation
  • Boosts stamina and endurance

3. How does it work?

TB-500 is responsible for upregulating the cellular proteins involved in tissue building and repair processes. In this way, it not only increases the production of these hormones but also makes the body more sensitive and responsive to them.

Among all the hormones involved in this pathway, actin has the most important role in them. It augments the growth and reproduction of cellular tissue. In this way, the muscles do not just increase in mass and strength, but also can replace particular tissue with healthy new celcanaster.

Actin aids in forming new blood vessels and increasing positive inflammation, both of which are important to increase the access of immune cells to the injured tissue. Due to its particular molecular structure, TB-500 can travel through the body easily until it reaches the injured tissue where it is meant to act.  

4. What is the recommended dosage?

In the first month of using this drug, you should limit your dosage to 4 to 10mg twice a week till your body becomes accustomed to it. After that, you can reduce the amount to 2 to 5mg once a week for a couple of weeks and then only take it once a month following this period.

However, you need to keep in mind that there is not a lot of data available on the usage and effects of TB-500 in humans. Most of the information is provided by people who experimented with it. Therefore, there is no legitimate medical recommendation about the dosage and safety of the drug.

5. How to consume it for the best results?

This drug comes in a powder form so you will need to mix it with bacteriostatic water. Fill a needle with BAC water and squirt a few milliliters of it into the TB-500 bottle. Aiming towards the edge of the bottle will help the contents to mix more thoroughly. Carefully measure the quantity of powder and water you are mixing so that you can calculate the concentration of TB-500 that you need. Suck it out with the syringe afterward and inject it into a muscle, into a vein, or just under the skin according to your preference.

6. What are the side effects?

All the research done on TB-500 has prompted different results, therefore it is difficult to know if the compound has any consistent side effects associated with its regular usage. For instance, some studies suggest that it can help manage colon cancer while others claim that it can cause cancer. The latter hypothesis was backed up by the evidence that there is a higher concentration of thymosin in people with cancer as compared to those who do not.

7. Where to buy it from?

TB-500 is not readily available in theaters but is sold online as thymosin beta-4 under the category of ‘research chemicals’ with a label advising against its consumption by humans.

8. Conclusion

TB-500 is a synthetically produced version of a naturally occurring peptide that is responsible for treating and healing tissue injuries in animal and human bodies. There is less research done on its possible effects in humans as compared to that in animals, but growing evidence suggests that the compound could also prove to have beneficial impacts on human bodies.

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