Submission of Gorden Ryan & All Results of Fight to Win 220 Austin, Texas

Submission of Gorden Ryan & All Results of Fight to Win 220 Austin, Texas

1. Event Summary

Event Summary
Photo Credit: @gordonlovesjiujitsu

Fight 2 Win 220 concluded on February 4th, 2023 featuring the main fight between Oliver Taza and Ben Eddy and a mind-boggling event about the submission of the No-Gi king Gorden Rayan. The historic event was held in the hometown of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu in Austin, Texas. Oliver Taza was representing the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu with many other emerging members of the team competing in the event. David Asare attracted the limelight after the news of him choking the No-Gi king unconscious got viral.

2. New Wave Jiu-Jitsu History

New Wave Jiu-Jitsu is reminiscent of Dahagar Death Squad (DDS) and formed after the official split of DDS. NWJJ is supervised by John Danhar, Garry Tonon, and Gorden Rayan.

New Wave Jiu-Jitsu History
Photo Credit: @flograppling

John Danaher, the head instructor of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu conducting a training session with the team.

3. Main Card Results

The second hyped match of Fight 2 Win 220 featured the emerging star of NWJJ Helena Crevar against Tatina Krawec. Helena got the submission via the most dominating fashion of RNC and proved her ambitious fighting spirit. While the main fight of the card was won by everyone’s favorite Oliver Taza as he continued his winning streak for the NWJJ by submitting (Heel hook) the famous 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Ben Eddy.

4. All the Results of Fight to Win 220

Fighter Opponent W/L/D Method
Helena Crevar  Tatina Krawec W Rear-naked Choke
Tommy Mccay Brian Williamson W Unanimous Decision
Patrick Miller Jacob Chapa W Unanimous Decision
Joe Ka Zach Mayo W Submission Via Heelhook
JR Caballero Freddy Marquez W Submission Via Heelhook
Justice Bibbs Marcelo Perialdo W Unanimous Decision
Lo Esparza Craig Wayne Tuckert W Unanimous Decision
Lauren Sears Rawanna Dasilva-Arce W Submission Via Armbar
James Nakashima Jorge Castaneda W Unanimous Decision
Jesse Tobar  Michael Salgado W Submission Via Choke
Jay Little Ned Johnson W Unanimous Decision
Carlos André Sean Robertson W Unanimous Decision
Davis Asare Joshua Wyland W Submission Via Heelhook
Brian Bowman  Alexander Mendez W Unanimous Decision
Colin Carr Yanis Belhaj W Submission Via Heelhook
Dayton Biggs Michel Alsoury W Straight-Ankle-Lock
Jimmy Zhen Frankie Lopez W Unanimous Decision
Colton Lewis  Fernando Hernandez Jr W Submission Via RNC
Reese LaFever  Roman Corona W Submission
Joshua Palmisano Chris Ardoin W Submission Via Choke
Matt Cornett Ricomania Tarbert W Submission Via Leg-Lock
Anthony Salvatore Jon Nelson-Griffith W Unanimous Decision
Jackson Glass Ryu Figueroa W Submission Via Heelhook
Evan Kotzur Angel Medina W Submission Via RNC
Blakely Bailey Zoe Barnhardt W Submission
Yanis Belha Moises Cavazos W Unanimous Decision
William Renken Victor Partidas W Submission
Crystal Robertson Gia Terese W Submission Via Leg-Lock
Colin Tracy Mario Servin W Unanimous Decision
Enzo Anotvoni  Vincent Gibson W Submission Via Armbar
Gaige Faulkner Antonio Enciso W Submission Via Armbar
Dani Gutierrez Joseph Lewis W Submission Via Guillotine
Dino Antovoni Bryce Kosanke W Unanimous Decision
Philippe Caron Michael Bannach W Unanimous Decision
Cody Mehaffey Levi Sanchez W Submission Via Armbar
Raul Ramirez Trystan Cowsert W Unanimous Decision
Gabriel Balseca Cale Mehaffey W Unanimous Decision
Fionnbharr Cross Javier Enciso W Submission
Landon Elmore Said Madrid W Submission Via Armbar
Brock Wagenaar Dean Galindo W Submission Via Armbar

Photo Credit: @mymmanews

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