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Robert Whittaker Will Forever Live On as Robert The Reaper

Robert Whittaker Will Forever Live On as Robert The Reaper

Apart from the UFC 4, it seems that an MMA athlete has managed to cross over to the gaming world by landing themselves in one of the most globally well-known games none other than The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim. And the MMA athlete to do it is none other than Robert Whittaker, who appears as Robert the Reaper, a fully-voiced companion in a Skyrim mod made by the renowned Bethesda modder Virginia “Steelfeathers” Smith

Skyrim, a massive open-world adventure that entails dangerous quests that often take players through an interactive and dangerous world filled with mighty dragons and other mythical beasts. Whittaker, who has a record of 23-5 in his professional MMA career including a 14-3 record in the UFC, says that this ‘might be my greatest achievement’.

Here’s Whittaker meeting his NPC for the first time:

Robert Whittaker is set to fight Israel Adesanya in yet another rematch, following his two losses to the reigning champion, Israel Adesanya who managed to land himself in not a game, but the famous fighting-based anime Baki Hanma.

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