Paul Schreiner - Master of BJJ Coaching

Paul Schreiner - Master of BJJ Coaching

1. Paul Schreiner’s Details

Name Paul Schreiner
Nickname N/A
Born California, USA
Date of Birth 15th December 1977
Nationality American
Last Fight IBJJF Masters World Championship 2012
Weight  82.3 kg/181.5 lbs
Height  N/A
Weight Class Middle
College/University High School-New Zealand
Career Coach/Prolific
Earnings Not public
Net Worth N/A
Favorite Play Technique Well-Rounded
Foundational Style Half Guard Passing
Rank Black belt
Awarded by Claudio Franca
Head Coach Claudio Franca
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Francisco Mansor -> Claudio França -> Paul Schreiner 
Team/Association  Alliance

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2.Paul Schreiner’s Biography

“Developing expert knowledge or expert ability is your own process of discovery and taking ownership for your learning.”

(Paul Schreiner)

Paul Schreiner is a BJJ coach and a black belt which was awarded by Claudio Franca in 2007. Although he started his career in BJJ as a hobby, it became his passion and profession. Currently, he is associated with Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York. Till now, he has provided mentorship to hundreds of passionate athletes to pursue their fighting careers in BJJ.

2.1. Paul Schreiner’s account of Early Life and Amateur Fighting

Childhood Memories

Paul Schreiner’s childhood was full of adventurous sports along with experiences of wilderness, travelling, surfing, and fishing. As his father was an archaeologist, he explored many new places. He was also obsessed with water sports like surfing and fishing from a very young age. As his grandfather was into surfboard making and surfing, this sport was not new to him.

School Education

He attended a higher secondary school in New Zealand. After school, he used to run on the school track to keep himself fit and engaged, thus he was picked up by the coach of his school rugby team. Even though he was not able to represent his school team due to a residency visa issue, he played for the local clubs during his stay. Shortly after high school, he went to Australia and then returned to California.

Teenage Sports Activities

In his teenage years, he returned to California, where most teenagers were confused about their careers. He also had many options to opt for as he already had a passion for fishing and surfing. He wanted to resume wrestling training upon his return but a knee injury prevented him.

He could not grapple so he took a job . There, he met a blue belt who piqued his interest in BJJ. As soon as Schreiner recovered from his injury, he decided to try out BJJ. In 1996, he joined a local gym owned by Claudio Franca to take his BJJ lessons. At this gym, Schreiner trained under Garth Taylor, a legendary BJJ black belt.

 Scheiner who always positively correlates his past sports activities of surfing, fishing, and martial arts with learning quickly the art of BJJ tactics. He learned a lot of great techniques for wrestling from his coach, Jamie Walker who used to motivate him to be a man on a mission, every time. This is the time when Paul also understands the philosophy behind self-defence and how physical and mental strength is important for all these training sessions.

BJJ as a Hobby to Passion

Paul started learning about BJJ at the age of 19 when he did not have much idea about it. In the beginning, he took it just as a hobby but he was fortunate enough to get the mentorship of great teachers like Dave Camarillo, Joao Rangel, Rilion Gracie, Roberto Gordo, Claudio, and Jake Shields, Diaz brothers, and Taylor.

All teachers taught him to be patient, a better communicator, connector, to maintain in balance relations and connect with his soul with help of meditation. Gradually, he learned the principles of a virtuous game by using his excellent memory . This is how he became a professional coach at Marcelo Garcia Academy in NY later in his life.

2.2. Paul Schreiner’s Pro BJJ Combat

Paul Schreiner started his professional training in BJJ in 1997. But unluckily he got a knee injury during BJJ after seven months. He already injured his other knee during a rugby match in NZ. His coaches advised him to rest for a few months.

During the 2000s, his coaches Garth and BJ Penn were passionately engaged to compete in the World Competition going to be held at Rio de Janerio. Penn won that competition, thus motivating him with their actions and convictions to return back to the mats.

 With the engagement with top competitors in Brazil for the competition, he enhanced his knowledge and understanding of BJJ which ignited his passion greatly for BJJ. Since then, his hard work has paid off in spite of the endless pain of injuries.

Promotion to Black Belt

Schreiner earned all belts from Claudio França and Garth Taylor, this included his black belt which was granted in December 2007.

Struggling Career with Injuries/infections

Schreiner’s both knees suffered injuries during different sports during his teenage years which halted him from becoming an active fighter. The ACL issues in his knee also got severely damaged. This also leads to problems like severe joint pain, arthritis, and muscular detachment.

He had gone through painful knee surgery in his 20s. As ACL tissues and replacement surgery took time to heal and repair, he was infected with another deadly infection “staph” which damaged his femur. In the 2000s, the medical sciences did not advance so much to help him with a flawless knee replacement. He has undergone 17 surgeries that were beyond the tolerance level of any person.

With a staph bacterial infection, he lost almost 20 kgs in just two weeks which was quite alarming and life-threatening. At one point during this difficult phase of life, he was not able to move his knee or bend it easily. He continued his training focusing more on leg moves and transitions.

Despite his health deteriorations, he was successful in getting a black belt which showed his high level of resilience, consistency, passion, and hard work. He had to compete in fights with improper functioning of the knee in the first few years of black belt, he also went through some more surgeries with a transplant of the femur bone to enhance his bone and muscles ‘flexibility. 

2.3. Paul Schreiner’s BJJ Instructor Ship

In 2004, Marcelo Garcia met Schreiner at a BJJ-related workshop and they became good friends as they shared the same nature. Then Garcia had a long discussion regarding his coaching career in 2007. Then he invited him to be part of his training squad as a trainer at his gym in New York in 2010. Schreiner settled in NYC in 2010.

Meanwhile, he also gets the good news of becoming an active member of the BJJ talent pool. He also has good experience in coaching and teaching at BJJ programs organised by Apple offices in Cupertino, American Kickboxing Academy with Dave Camarillo, and setting up a Kaijin MMA academy in SA as a co-founder.

The Philosophy Behind Jiu-Jitsu

According to Paul Schreiner, BJJ is a blend of both Arts and Science. Its training is not about learning and memorising the transitions and moves of BJJ for a few months. But, it is about the lifelong journey with the coach, learner, and game. Being a coach, it is important to develop a connection with your trainee, explaining all the needs of coaching, taking the charge to do the moves, and connecting it with the strengths.

Art of teaching

Paul Schreiner always thanked his coach Marcelo for teaching him the value and art of mentorship. A teacher is always an inspiration and role model for his students. He should only preach to his students what he himself practises. The training is about indulging your heart and soul in it.

Schreiner learned the concept of Self belief from Garcia as it is the duty of a teacher to boost the confidence and self-esteem of students so they learn the techniques easily. Moreover, Schreiner also learned to promote focus and concentration in his classes by keeping distractions at bay.

All the world witnessed that Paul gradually enhanced his communication skills to interact and teach the students effectively. His teaching style was totally diverse and friendly as he had plentiful experiences in wrestling, martial arts, and BJJ. He used different teaching methods for each level of students including kids, students, professional athletes, and women. He had also mentored the corporate sector.

So, he believed that BJJ is a gift of art covering all aspects of life like physical/mental health, physical fitness, and stress management. He took the responsibility for how his students’ progressed with each technique, he always motivated them to discover their personalities and skills. So, there must always be a fire burning in the heart of everyone to move forward in life with just one passion in mind .

Experience with Marcelo Academy

The academy had a positive role in the career development of Schreiner who became one of most reliable coaches of all time. The academy always endeavoured to achieve excellence. The coaches at the academy never compromised on the techniques and tactics of games. So, Paul is honoured to be part of such a team that is not only good in practical knowledge but also teaches the ways of strategic fighting. He always loved the idea learned from Marcelo that BJJ was not about killing the opponent but holding him was more important.

3. Championships and Accomplishments

National Championship

  • New York Open Championship

International Championship

  • IBJFF Masters World Championship
  • IBJJF Masters World Championship
  • ADCC Trials Finalist

Records /Medals

  • IBJJF Masters World Champion 2012
  • IBJJF World Champion--2006
  • ADCC Trials Finalist
  • New York Open Champion

Year Event Medal
2012 IBJJF Masters World Championship 1 Silver Medal
2006 IBJJF World Championship 1 Bronze Medal

3.1. Paul Schreiner’s Main Achievements

  • He won the New York Open Championship once.

3.2. Paul Schreiner’s Main Achievements (Belts)


Year Event Belt Position
2012 IBJJF Masters World Championship Black 2nd


Year Event Belt Position
2006 IBJJF World Championship Brown 3rd

4. Video Links

Very Different BJJ Half Guard Sweep by Paul Schreiner

The Second BJJ Guard. Great Method To Escape From Side Control by Paul Schreiner

Paul Schreiner: Layers Of Half Guard Defense

Folding to Half by Paul Schreiner

From The Pistol Grip 2 on 1 To The Tripod Sweep by Paul Schreiner

Marcelo Garcia Rolling Paul Schreiner March 2014

Photo credit: @paulschreinerjj

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