Most Important Physical Attributes To Work On For BJJ

Most Important Physical Attributes To Work On For BJJ

BJJ is a martial art that deals in people of all body shapes and sizes. The concept of leverage is implemented heavily in this style and one of the key factors in determining where leverage is are ones physical attributes

In this detailed blog post, we will go over the most crucial attributes that can make a difference in training and competition.

1. Height

This is a big one. Being much larger than an opponent can give a you drastic advantage in your guard. Long, legs can be used in a guard that is truly tough to pass. When you are trapped in a guard of a long legged opponent, it can be a major pain in the butt to escape. If someone who is very tall knows how to utilize their body, they can control the distance well and find many advantageous positions.

2. Strength and Build

Some believe that size and strength don’t matter, but when two skill levels are matched in jiu jitsu, strength and build play a major factor. To put it simply, when you build up your strength behind already technical abilities than you are much more likely to maintain good control and submissions.

3. Cardio

Many fighters make the lazy mistake of thinking they can simply power their way through any opponent. When two fighters are equal in strength and technique you can expect this match to get dragged into deep waters when only those with a powerful heat and vascular system can prevail. It can be the difference between gassing out and giving up an easy submission or pushing farther and gassing your opponent out.

4. Flexibility

The benefits of flexibility in BJJ are many. Keeping your limbs loose makes for one insane guard and ups your transitions. Being a flexible guy or girl can let you do amazing things in Jiu Jitsu. Think of the ability to catch unorthodox submissions. Consider how you maintain guard, and how much of that involves flexing.

These 4 physical attributes that matter in Jiu Jitsu can make a world of difference on the mat, but remember, technique will always be king.

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