Gordon Ryan provides health update: ‘I’m embarrassingly weak right now’

Gordon Ryan provides health update: ‘I’m embarrassingly weak right now’

The submission grappling champion Gordon Ryan recently updated a documentary on his health condition. He provided an update that he has been struggling with belly ache chronicles. Ryan has disclosed that he has shed almost twenty pounds. In addition, he further stated that he has been dealing with the constant nausea and vomiting which is making his condition even worse.

On the YouTube channel, Gordon Ryan filmed himself and demonstrated his workout routine after the medical break of 60 days. He has not appeared on the podium of a BJJ competition in a while. In 2022, at the Superfight Championship at ADCC Ryan won the title and since then he has managed to appear on the mat twice. Gordon Ryan placed a milestone in the history of jiu-jitsu by winning a title and a gold medal in the regular weight class.

In a recent visual update, Ryan explains his utmost feelings in the following words:

“I haven’t been able to train Jiu-Jitsu. I haven’t been able to lift. Every time I get my heart rate up and that valve relaxes and my stomach moves around, I get nauseous so I just have been completely and utterly useless… I haven’t been training, I haven’t been able to leave the house basically. You know I have good days and bad days but to go and even try to do Jiu-Jitsu, I can’t even think about it and it’s very sad.”

After several months Gordon Ryan doing first workout, he shared his feelings in the following words:

“I’m embarrassingly weak right now.
It’s pathetic.
When you’re not even able to step in a gym, that’s when you know it’s really bad.”

In the video titled “Recovering Gordon Ryan,” he revealed that he has been dealing with a serious gastrointestinal ailment. In a battle of severe stomach conditions, he endured a period of 10 to 12 days where he was not able to consume any food. He was seen attempting a light workout after the tenure of two months, in which he was bedridden due to long-term gastrointestinal issues.

He added more to express his struggles and medical complexities:

“What is it that you’re feeling something, you know? Divorces, but when you’re not even able to step on a gym, that’s when you know it’s really bad.”

Gordon Ryan's medical history shows that he has been dealing with stomach issues since 2020. He had experienced a chronic staph infection, he began using high doses of oral antibiotics that resulted in upsetting of microbiota in the intestines.

After sticking to the bed for two months, Ryan wanted to move back to normal life but health became a major obstacle for him. With his great passion, Gordon Ryan was seen to heed his progress. Along with his coach Ryan intently tracking his growth, he struggles through a moderate weightlifting session.

Closely examining Ryan, his coach John Danaher shared his views in these words:

"I can tell he’s not feeling good, and he’s getting more pale as we go.
If I increase the intensity, he will be done for the day."

He took multiple breaks and appeared exhausted, drained, and pale.

Ryan is still facing major obstacles in rehabilitation, despite employing a variety of therapy protocols. The treatment includes the use of antifungals, probiotics, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

Photo Credit: @Gordonlovesjiujitsu_

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