GF Team Jiu-Jitsu Schools Legacy And History

GF Team Jiu-Jitsu Schools Legacy And History

1. GF Team

GF Team is one of the top Jiu-Jitu schools that is well known for producing big names in BJJ. The mission of GF Team is to educate its student not only in grappling but also empower them with basic skills of life like problem-solving, technical thinking, discipline, respect, determination, and work in stressful situations. 

1.1. GF Team Lineage

Luis França Jiu Jitsu -> Academia FADDA -> Monir Salomao -> GFTeam

1.2. GF Team Board

Julio Cesar Pereira (Director), Bianca Pereira (Director), Vinicius Marinho (Secretary)

1.3. GF Team Main Achievements

  • Brazilian Teams Champion x 4
  • Rio Open Team Champion x 1
  • State Champion (Rio) x 1

2. Founder of GF Team

GF Team came into being in the form of Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu in 1993. Professor Gama Filho, director of Universidade Gama Filho, started this project at his university. Both Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim started coaching at the academy.

After coaching for some time, they handed over this project to the strong hands of Julio Cesar, who worked for the growth of the Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu. Gama Filho and Pulo Jardim supported the team financially by giving funds to the project.

After the death of Gama Filho, Julio Cesar changed Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu to Grappling Fight Team (GF Team) and was considered the founder of the GF Team. The co-founders who also worked with Julio Cesar for the growth of the GF Team are Marcus Bello and Alexandre Barauna. 

3. History of GF Team

3.1. Universidade Gama Filho

The foundation of the GF Team was laid at the University of Gama Filho. This university is situated in Rio de Janeiro. This institute is well known in Brazil for its courses in physical education. This university also has strong sports teams.  

3.2. Efforts of Coach Fernando Guimaraes

Fernando Guimaraes is a postgraduate student and coach at Universidade Gama Filho. He was Black Belt in BJJ under Carlos Gracie. He tried to take Jiu-Jitsu at school in 1978. But his request was strongly rejected by the sports board at the university.

The University sports board was strongly in favor of Judo. He did his efforts for BJJ again thrice in 1988, 1990, and 1992. His efforts proved fruitful in 1993 when the director of the University took notice and supported Jiu-Jitu at University.       

3.3. Gama Filho, a Back Support to Jiu-Jitsu School at University

Professor Pedro Gama Filho who was the director of Universidade Gama Filho supported the BJJ school at the university. He himself was the BJJ and Judo Black Belt. Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim were the first coaches of Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu school. Gama Filho not only served the Jiu-Jitsu school as a coach but also gave financial support.  

3.4. Jiu-Jitsu School Handed Over to Julio Cesar and His Partners 

After coaching for a short time at school, Gama Filho and Paulo Jardim gave the responsibilities of school to Master Julio Cesar, Marcus Bello, and Alexandre Barauna. Julio Cesar and his co-workers took the academy to its top position. While Pedro Gama Filho supported the academy financially. He gave funds and sponsorships to Gma Filho Academy.  

3.5. Gama Filho School Shifted to Campus Piedade of UGF

Soon, the Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu school grew rapidly and became one of the top Jiu-Jitsu schools in Brazil. Due to the exponential growth of the school, the Jiu-Jitsu school had to be transferred to another campus of UGF at Peidade. This decision was made to provide the school with the best facilities.   

3.6. Other Branches of Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu

The popularity and growth of Gama Filho were increasing with time. Marcus Bello also started to launch new branches of the academy in different cities. He launched two branches of Gama Filho academy. Aracaju and Bairro Vila da Penha became the next locations of Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu schools. 

3.7. Death of Pedro Gama Filho, a Great Lose to School

In 2004, Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu school suffered a great loss with the death of Pedro Gama Filho. After the death of this legendary person, Gama Filho school had to leave the University. They also lack sponsorship from the university. Gama Filho School was now shifted to Bairro do Meier. 

3.8. Start of Grappling Fight Team

In 2007, when some of the students from this school appeared in MMA, the university forced the school to change its name. As university did not want to have any link with MMA. So, in 2007, Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu school was changed into Grappling Fight Team (GF Team).    

4. GF Team Head Quater

GF Team headquarter is situated in Bairro do Meier, Rio de Janeiro. The head coach of GFTeam Meier is Professor Julio Cesar. 

5. GF Team Affiliations

GF Team is spread all over the world with 250 representative teachers, and 30 academies on five continents of the world. Their affiliated academies are in Brazil, Australia, Germany, Turkey, England, France, and the big cities of the USA.  

Here are the details of some GF Team branches, their location, and their coaches.

5.1. GF Team Affiliates In Brazil

Location Coach
Rio de Janeiro Julio Cesar Pereira
Sergipe Laus Rocha and Adriano Adriano
Espirito Santo Thiago Nassur
Minas Gerais Shonny Carvalho
Pernambuco, Ceaa and Paraiba Emerson Martins e Renato Castro
Bahia Evandro Nascimento
Aperibe, RJ Prof. Daniel Seixas

5.2. GF Team Affiliates outside the Brazil

GF Team Affiliates in USA

Location Coach
Califórnia Marcelo Carvalho
Texas Igor Santos
Nova Iorque Roger Danton
Ohio Vitor Henrique
Boston Marcelo

GF Team Affiliates other than USA

Location Coach
Perth (Australia) Prof. Luis Fabio Andrade “Coringa”
Chile Alvaro Bobadilla
London (England) Gabriel Rainho
Ludwigshafen and Ketsch (Germany) Patrick Talmon and Gabriel Rainho
Munich (Germany) Gabriel Rainho and Rodrigo Pereira
Istanbul (Turkey) Igor Silva and Ertan Balaban
Paris (France) Matias Jardim and Gabriel Rainho

6. Head Coches and Instructos at GF Team

GF Team is now became a big BJJ team that has produced various world champions. Currently, 250 representatives are coaching in GF Team academies all over the world. The trio which laid the base of the GF Team is still working to expand the project. Let's have a look at their achievements.

6.1. Julio Cesar Pereira

Julio Cesar is the owner and head coach of the GF Team. he is a 7th-degree coral belt in BJJ. Julio Cesar is a Brazilian national coaching the headquarter of the GF Team at Rio de Janeiro. Julio Cesar is two times World Champion and 21 times state champion. His famous students involve Rodolfo Viera, Igor Silva, Ricardo Evangelista, and Vitor Henrique Oliveira.      

6.2. Alexandre Barauna

Alexandre Barauna is co-founder of the GF Team and Black Belt under Julio Cesar and Ricardo De La Riva. He is a master's in physical education and is considered the best coach on GF Team. Alexandre Barauna is the second person who played a strong role in the growth of the GF Team. He won various medals in major championships like World, Pnas, and CBJJ.   

6.3. Marcus Bello

Marcus Bello is BJJ Black Belt under Julio Cesar. He also has the honor of being Judo Black Belt. He is the third co-founder and a central person in GF Team. Marcus Bello is two times world champion, two times Brazilian National Champion, and once International Open Champion of Judo. 

7. Famous Students at GF Team

The GF Team is famous all around the world for its best competitors. Here we explain some of the champions who appeared from the GF Team.

7.1. Rodolfo Vieira

Rodolfo Vieira is one of the best competitors of his generation in the heavyweight division. He is Black Belt under Julio Cesar. Rodolfo is five times world champion, one-time ADCC champion, one-time Pns Champion, and once European Open Champion. He was runner-up in IBJJF World Championship thrice. His best record in major championships made him one of the top Black Belts of BJJ. 

7.2. Ricardo Evangelista

Ricardo Evangelista is one of the top Black Belt of the GF Team and the best ultra heavyweight competitor of his time. He received his Black Belt from Julio Cesar. He has a big list of achievements in major championships.

He won gold in Pans, European Open, UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro, UAEJJF Grand Slam, Masters European Open, Brazilian National, and Rio International Open. He also made his name in UAEJJF World Ranking Male Black Belt Adult. He was in second place in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 and in 5th place in 2018-2019 according to UAEJJF Ranking.  

7.3. Mayassa Bastos

Mayssa Bastos is one of the top Black Belt athletes under Julio Cesar. She represents GF Team in the International Circuit. Mayssa Bastos earned her name in the grappling world by winning the gold medal in various BJJ championships.

She is two times world champion, two times NoGi world Champion, three times NoGi pans champion, CBJJ Brazilian Champion, Two Times American Champion, AJP Abu Dhabi Champion, IBJJF European Open, Asian Open, four times AJP Grand Slam champion and once WNO Champion. 

7.4. Amanda Nogueira

Amanda Canuto is Black Belt under Julio Cesar who is three times world champion. She also earns her name in the list of top competitors by winning various BJJ tournaments. She appears on the horizon of the BJJ world not only in his Black Belt career but also was a great competitor in her colored belt career.

7.5. Denilson Pimenta

Denilson Pimenta is one of the best featherweight competitors of his generation and received his Black Belt under Julio Cesar. He was Rio Open Champion and European Open Champion in 2009. He was wold NoGi silver Medalist in 2008 and the World Cup Bronze medalist in 2009.

7.6. Thamires Aquino

Thamires Aquino is one of GF's top competitors. She received her Black Belt under Professor Julio Cesar. She represents GF Team in the international grappling circuit and has earned fame and honor for herself, her coach, and her academy. She won major championships including IBJJF World Championship, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, and UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. 

7.7. Jaime Canuto

Jaime Canuto represents GF Team in the grappling circuit and was promoted to Black Belt by Renato Veras. Renato Veras is a well-known coach of the GF Team and a student of Julio Cesar. He is IBJJF World and Pan champion in his Brown Belt division. He became a well-known competitor of his generation when he defeated Clark Gracie in the 2014 World Championship.

8. FAQs

What is the previous name of the GF Team?

The previous name of the GF Team was Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu School.

Who changed the name of the GF Team? And Why?

In 2007, when some of the students of Gama Filho Jiu-Jitsu joined MMA, Gama Filho University forced the Jiu-Jitsu school to change their name as they did not want to have any association with MMA. in 2007, Julio Cesar changed Gama Filfho Jiu-Jitsu School into GF Team.

In which university, the foundations of the GF Team lied?

In 1993, the foundation of the GF Team was laid in Universidade Gama Filho. 

9. Conclusion

GF Team is a well-known organization now after the long struggle of Julio Cesar and his co-workers. GF Team produced a great number of top competitors who are earning their place in top competitors. These are the efforts of Professor Julio Cesar and other coaches that GF Team which has its foundation in a University, now has a lot of branches all around the world.  

Photo Credit: @gfteam.joondalup

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