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Effective Ways Which Muay Thai Fighters Can Improve Their Striking Game

Effective Ways Which Muay Thai Fighters Can Improve Their Striking Game

 No matter the form of martial art, striking is one of the main focus and it is mandatory because without it you as a fighter would not improve. As long as you are training, everything would seem perfect but it is when you decide to compete. Things would become clear that you need to improve your striking. If you want to gain the fruits of your martial arts training power is crucial. As you start your training, things can become slightly complicated. But don’t worry, getting from just wearing your rash guards daily to sparring and fighting in competitions is a long way. Before getting to the next step you have to practice enough the current one.

1. Discover your style

To improve your striking technique first you have to know your stance. Mostly, if you are right-handed your lead foot and jab hand is right and vice versa for left-handed ones. Some people decide to go with the complete opposite positioning. These two positioning are known as orthodox and southpaw. If you don’t know your style yet, experiment and find out which stance gives more power.

2. Learn techniques properly

The technique is the focus in martial arts, just power will not do you any good without proper technique. Actually, these two are connected, the required power in your strikes will not come until your technique is not correct. Proper technique is the base of generates power. Learning your techniques properly will not only improve your striking and generate power in the strikes but also make you avoid injury. With so much training and precise measurements taken with time the techniques, you are learning become second nature. This makes your body move on its own, thus avoid injuries. Of course, you are depending on your trainer for that. Trainers and instructors have reached the apex where they are suitable enough to teach you. Meaning, your grooming and how you will perform deeply depends on the instructor and you should choose the one that has such qualities. So, what qualities should a Muay Thai trainer have? Check the guide it will help you decide and choose the right trainer.

3. Workouts give strength

With improving and perfecting your technique there are some workouts and drills you have to do to improve your power too. Of course, not everyone is born with so much power. There are many who lack it. But the good thing is that even if you are lacking the power you can increase it with physical workouts. The workouts in martial arts are designed to improve your power, so just go with it. Train properly, learn how to use your muscles, and learn how to target those muscles with training and exercises.

To strengthen your arms pushups and pull-ups are the most common workouts while for legs squats, the high heel is cost common while there are many other exercises too. The focus of these workouts and exercises is to strengthen your muscles and then to balance them. For instance, punch power not only comes from the arms, but your legs and waist are also greatly involved in it too.

4. Breathe well

Proper breathing is often overlooked but it is the most important aspect. If you have power and technique but you run out of breath quickly, they mean nothing. Breathing through your nose always, practice it so much that it becomes a habit and exhale when striking. As breathing and striking match each other’s frequency your strikes will become powerful.

5. Speed and agility

Speed or your strikes is another factor that enhances the power of strikes hence generate power. Of course, it is something that gives you an advantage and difficult for the opponent to deal with, and speed comes with stamina.

6. Better footwork

Footwork sets up combinations for striking and strike where you need to. Moving is an important part of striking. Shuffling feet, forward and backward movement, side to side movements, attack and retreat at the same time, and pivoting are the most important of all.

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