Emerald City Invitational 4: Taking Shape, Keith Krikorian, Josh Cisneros, and Gianni Grippo announced

Emerald City Invitational 4: Taking Shape, Keith Krikorian, Josh Cisneros, and Gianni Grippo announced

2021 proved to be a successful year for the Emerald City Invitational. Oliver Taza was a shining star by winning the 185 lb. tournament defended against Nick Ronan via submission in OT (inverted triangle).

The Emerald City Invitational has a plan to level up to reach the new limits of ratings, and Keith Krikorian, Josh Cisneros, and Gianni Grippo are announced as the first Emerald City Invitational 4 competitors in the 155 lb division to take the belt.

March 12 (Saturday) is the announced date by the promotions for the Grand Emerald City Invitational Tournament, which will be featured in an 8-man Grand Prix tournament for the $10,000 first-place prize.

The current Emerald City Invitational 145 lb champion, Gianni Grippo, is the first competitor the promotion has announced to take the 155 lb title challenge. If he succeeds, he’ll be known as the promotion’s first-ever double champion. So far, Grippo has been nothing short of impressive in his performances, but the most memorable one was against Ellis Karadag; in which he ripped his significant heel hook.

Keith Krikorian is another competitor announced by promotions for Emerald City Invitational 4, who has had a BJJ black belt since the end of 2020. He's coming off a successful 2021 season, in which he won a High Rollerz tournament, earned the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Featherweight world champion title, and lost his ADCC North American East Coast Trials final match against Cole Abate.

And finally, Josh Cisneros, the third competitor announced by the promotions for the Emerald City Invitational 4. He is a BJJ black belt from California, a 2020 Pan-Ams (gi) light featherweight division champion, and also a 2021 Pan-Ams (no-gi) featherweight division silver medal winner.

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