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Dana White’s Steroid Accusation Against Jake Falls Flat

Dana White’s Steroid Accusation Against Jake Falls Flat

The accusations made by Dana White against Jake Paul for using steroids have been proved false as the Youtuber-turned-boxer tested negative for banned substances yet again last Wednesday. Dana’s allegations came in a series of heated back and forth between the two promoters that saw Jake Paul making an accusation against Dana for using cocaine whereas the latter claimed steroids use to be the only possible explanation for him to look the way he does and fight the way he fights. The accusation was made public again when Dana was asked how he thought the fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley went.

So far, both famous fight industry personalities are at a war of words with most of the victories going towards Jake as he challenged Dana White to change the UFC contract to allow for better fighter pay as well as health benefits for retired fighters in exchange for which Jake vowed to retire.

Since Dana also joined the bandwagon of people spreading rumors about Jake fixing his fights by contractually banning his opponents from knocking him out, Jake posted this on Twitter calling him out on his logic:

“Dana White claimed my fights are fixed and THEN claimed I’m on steroids… So I’m on steroids to win fights that are already fixed for me to win? Sounds logical…”

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