Did You Know That Samoa Joe Trains BJJ?

Did You Know That Samoa Joe Trains BJJ

Are you aware of the fact that a renowned American professional wrestler trains in not only Judo but also in BJJ?

Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, aka Samoa Joe, is currently registered to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He is an AEW TNT Champion. He started training in Judo at a tender age and became the California State Judo Champion but he does not hold any belt rank.

BJJ submissions and Judo throws can clearly be seen in his fights. His Judo throws are way too visible in his fight with Roman Reign at the International Championship 2017.  He has been using BJJ submissions in his ring fights for a long time.

Samoa Joe’s “Muscle Buster” consists of throws and submissions which he applied recently in the Ring of Honor Television Championship at Final Battle 2022. In an interview, Samoa Joe elaborated about using BJJ techniques in his wrestling fighting style.

“As the audience becomes more and more educated to combat forms and styles that maybe guys who were with martial arts knew about for years. You have to expand the game. (BJJ) has always been a presence in my life. That being said, I love what I do. I love professional wrestling and I love sports entertainment”

His game is filled with thrillers because one never knows when Samoa will apply his killer submissions. His fight with Rey Mysterio was entertaining and cool. Samoa submitted Rey Mysterio via Rear Naked Choke. Whenever Samoa’s aggressive fighting style and BJJ submissions are combined, the result is epic. Samoa Joe’s submission fights are the most badass ones.

Photo credit: @foxsports

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