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Dereck Chisora Will Bring ‘War’ On Saturday Fight with Joseph Parker

Dereck Chisora Will Bring ‘War’ On Saturday Fight with Joseph Parker

Dereck Chisora intends to bring “War” this Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England to entertain his fans from a rematch with Joseph Parker.

The former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker (29-2, 21 KOs) has given Chisora a second chance after his first loss by a 12-round split decision last May.

Dereck believes he should have lost, but the judges recognized how tired Chisora was and how Parker with his combination punching landed the better shots.

Dereck Chisora said to Matchroom Boxing about what Joseph said after their fight last May, “I don’t think they wanted to give me the rematch. They were just talking from guys that were in the ring and then said straightaway, ‘I want a rematch.”

“If I were him, I wouldn’t have taken the rematch. I’d have moved on,” said Dereck.

Parker was most likely lured by the prospect of a nice payday in a fight that he believed he could win. Parker would have been anticipated to take on a more dangerous opponent if he had progressed.

Even if the money had been better for Parker against a different opponent, a loss would not have been good for him.

“I was 100% sure I won the fight, but I don’t know,” said Dereck. “Different judges score it differently. I don’t know what they’re scoring it for now. Are we scoring for pressure fighter and making the fight happen? What are we scoring for?”

“You can always tell a fight which ones want to fight. He might tell himself he wants to fight, but the truth is, he doesn’t want to be there. Even old school fight says, ‘Stay away from southpaws.’

Chisora brought 'War' he faced Parker last time, but his stamina failed him miserably. Chisora appeared to have only trained hard enough to fight for three rounds at a time.

Parker's former WBO heavyweight champion allowed him to take control of the battle and edge Chisora on the scorecards after Chisora wilted in the opening quarter.

“My ambition in the ring is to give the fans what they want. Give my paymasters what they want.” “They want to see war. It’s going to be like Dillian Whyte’s first fight in Manchester. That’s what I’m bringing,” said Chisora.

“Joseph Parker is a rat. He needs to get ready. We know exactly what he’s going to do. He will try and ride the storm for six rounds and then come on after that.”

“I’m chasing happiness of me training and fighting other fighters,” said Dereck. “I think every fight is important. The ones you lose and the ones you win.”

Chisora added, “In life, they say, ‘If you lose this fight, you go. You know how long I’ve heard that. Ten times I’ve lost fights, and I’m always coming back with ideas.”

Chisora should take the fight to Parker, who is 29 years old and has little chance of winning a boxing match. Parker is bigger and has better boxing skills.

Parker's game is built around outboxing his opponents, even though he scores a lot of knockouts.

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